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Upcoming Milestones

The Blueseum is proud to provide a list of milestones and interesting facts that may occur in the not too distant future:


FixturePlayer / EventMilestone
Continuing... Kade Simpson Top 5 games played - closing in on SOS!
TBD Marc Murphy 100 Wins (On 99)
TBD Sam Petrevski-Seton 50 Games (On 46)
TBD Ed Curnow 150 Games (On 147)
TBD Dale Thomas 250 Games (AFL) (On 242)
TBD Jack Silvagni 50 Games (On 43)
TBD Zac Fisher 50 Games (On 38)
TBD Patrick Cripps 100 Games (On 85)
TBD Matthew Kreuzer 100 Goals (On 89)
TBD Sam Docherty 100 Games (AFL) (On 92)

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Season 2019