<img align="left" hspace="20" vspace="20" width="200" src="http://www.blueseum.org/show_image.php?id=161" /><img align="right" hspace="20" vspace="20" width="200" src="http://www.blueseum.org/show_image.php?id=395" /><b>Soapy…Sticks….Big Nick….Diesel….</b>

Just 4 of the Greats of Carlton, and incidentally, also 4 of the Great Nicknames of not just our history but that of the entire football world. Perhaps the day of the nickname has passed – at least publicly - but here at the Blueseum we’re very aware of the rich history of our Club, the players who have represented the Navy Blues and the ways and names in which the fans enjoyed their heroes.

With that in mind, we have set out to celebrate some of the great Carlton nicknames in a nickname challenge to our users. Put simply, we have put together ‘the Nickname Game’ – we’ve set up 3 Carlton teams and identified the players only by their nicknames. The 3 teams for the challenge are as follows:
- Recently Blues: Carlton players of the last 20 years
- Blue Legends: Carlton Legends
- The Blues of Old: Carlton players of yesteryear</center>

With these teams in mind, you can see that they get more difficult as you get down the list.

Follow the instructions below and see how you go!


1. Pick a Game to Play
2. Now generally, your web browser will allow you to see the underlying player name by simply going over the 'Nickname' box with your mouse. Therefore, if you really want to test yourself, before you enter your game by selecting on the links below, be prepared to move your mouse away from the screen to prevent cheating*
3. Either write down the actual player names or run through them in your mind.
4. When you are finished, either pick up your mouse and run it over the name boxes or go the Answers Page to check your answers.
5. Mark yourself out of 24 (6 on the bench).</b>

<center><b>To start the Game, select from one of the teams below: </b></center>

<center>Recently Blues: Carlton players of the last 20 years<br>
Blue Legends: Carlton Legends<br>
The Blues of Old: Carlton players of yesteryear</center>

NB * - we hope to upgrade the usability of the game in future, but at this stage, please enjoy the challenge by not running the mouse over the relevant boxes.