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Don Rainsford with 3UZ DJs and staff.
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Don Rainsford portrait.jpg
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Burnie Football Club - 1954 Premiers.jpg
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1959 Radio station 3UZ founder & owner Oliver J. Nilsen, UZ's Programming Director and long run compere of Radio Auditions John McMahon with Don Rainsford.
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1959 June 11, 3UZ radio programmer John McMahon, Ken Hands, Oliver J. Nilsen 3UZ founder & owner, Don Rainsford, Lew Holmes.
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Don Rainsford
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1959 Don Rainsford edit Wells' cartoon
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1963 Don Rainsford 3UZ Green Guide Nov 14 Capture.JPG
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Don Rainsford interview
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Don Rainsford
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Don Rainsford 3UZ
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Don Rainsford
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