Leo Brooks        

Leo Brooks

Perhaps more publicly famous for being the Grandfather of Jason and Mark Moran (from Underbelly / Melbourne's "Gangland Wars"), Leo Brooks was also a long-standing Doorman and general problem-solver for the Carlton Football Club.

Brooks was one of the club's most popular servants and was provided housing to a number of Carlton's more famous interstate and country recruits, such as Peter Bosustow, Brent Crosswell and 1982 premiership captain Mike Fitzpatrick.

He was made a life member of the club in 1993 for being a General Assistant at the Club for 23 years, he did anything that was asked of him, and players even boarded with him e.g. Peter Bosustow, he fed them, drank with them, etc.

The CFC Annual Report for 1993 page 8 said, "Leo works as a General Assistant at the Club, and over the past 23 years, his tireless efforts for all the players are well documented. As well, Leo has been a father figure to many players including Barry Armstrong, Mark Maclure, Mike Fitzpatrick and Peter Bosustow."

He died in 2000 and the 2000 CFC Annual Report on page 41 under Obituaries for Leo Brooks was "A Life member of the Carlton Football Club, Leo worked as a General Assistant at the Club for nearly 30 years."


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