Round 9, 1911         Carlton defeated Melbourne by 33 points at the MCG.

Round 9, 1911

Carlton 4.2 26 9.6 60 11.8 74 13.11 89
Melbourne 2.0 12 5.0 30 8.1 49 9.1 56
Venue: MCG Date: Saturday June 17, 1911
Result: Won by 33 points Umpire: Noseda Crowd: 8,745
Goalkickers: V.Gardiner 4, J.Wells 3, J.Marchbank 2, H.Matheson 2, A.Barningham 1, A.McDonald 1.
Reports: Injuries:

Game Review

Carlton would comfortably dispose of their lower ranked opponent, welcoming 2 new Blues at the same time.

This was our 15th win over Melbourne in a row, but our golden run over them would break in the next year or two.

At the end of this round Carlton were in 3rd spot on the ladder with a percentage of 132.8.


B: Dick Harris Ernie Jamieson Tommy Hughes
HB: Norman Clark Billy Payne (acting capt.) Bert Cowley
C: Harry Matheson Rod McGregor George Bruce
HF: Jack Wells Billy Dick Jim Marchbank
F: Alex Barningham Vin Gardiner Andy McDonald
Ruck: Archie Wilson Ned Bowen Martin Gotz
Coach: Fred Elliott


Debuts: Tommy Hughes, Bert Cowley
50 Carlton Games: Dick Harris
Interesting Fact: This was the second consecutive away win against this opponent at exactly the same margin, a feat we've managed 6 times in our entire VFL to AFL history.

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