Round 19, 1969         Carlton lost to Richmond by 29 points at Princes Park

Round 19, 1969

Venue: Princes ParkDate: Saturday August 23, 1969
Result: Lose by 29 pointsUmpire: JolleyCrowd: 27,657
Goalkickers: Crosswell 6, Jesaulenko 5, Walls 3, Jones 1, Nicoll 1, Quirk 1, Jackson 1, Crane 1 & Nicholls 1.
Reports: Injuries: I.Nicoll (bruised knee)

Game Review

Furture Carlton player Bill Barrot swung the game when he was moved away from Ian Robertson in the centre to full forward and against Wes Lofts scored 8 goals. He would do it again later in the season - in the Grand Final no less.

Injuries may have played a part, with Syd Jackson replacing Ian Nicoll with a bruised knee at half time. But Barrot's burst would break this game and the Tigers would be triumphant.

Record Score

At the time, this match set a new record for the highest combined score between these two sides. But a little over two years later, it was surpassed by the 1972 Grand Final, which produced a whopping total of 327 points.


B: 13 Bert Thornley 20 Wes Lofts (vc) 30 Vin Waite
HB: 21 Barry Gill 11 John Goold 3 Kevin Hall
C: 6 Garry Crane 34 Ian Robertson 32 Bryan Quirk
HF: 4 Bruce Doull 42 Robert Walls 17 Brent Crosswell
F: 28 Peter Jones 25 Alex Jesaulenko 23 Ian Nicoll
Ruck: 2 John Nicholls (c) 1 Serge Silvagni 10 Adrian Gallagher
Res: 5 Syd Jackson 47 Neil Chandler
Coach: Ron Barassi


100 Games: Adrian Gallagher

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