1895 Reserves

Last season the VJFA was 20 clubs. This season the number of clubs have been reduced.
The clubs which have been removed from the Association are;
Ascot Vale, South Yarra, Carlton Juniors, North Williamstown, North Melbourne Juniors, University and Camberwell. (University and Camberwell have disbanded)
These clubs have formed the Victorian First Rate Junior Football Association.

There is a problem with the VFA rules which state that there can be only one junior association (VJFA) registered with 15 miles of the G.P.O.

“It cannot be denied the the V.J.F.A. had an unpleasant task before them in having to do what they did, and one regretable feature of it was that the clubs put off had no opportunity of joining any other junior associations, owing to it being so late in the day when they were cut adrift from the V.J.F.A.

They have formed another junior association, styled the Melbourne First Rates, and have applied to the V.F.A. for registration. The matter has not been settled, however.” (Sportsman April 30 p6)

April 06
Carlton Juniors v Collingwood at Victoria Park
Carlton Juniors lost 2.5 – 4.11
Goals; O'Cock, Henry Dunn

April 13
No details

April 20
Carlton Juniors (23) v Footscray at Footscray Cricket ground

April 27
Carlton Juniors v Carlton at the Brunswick Cricket ground
Carlton Juniors team; (23 named Saturday's Herald)
A. Dunne (capt), Twomey, Moyes, Dillon, Cameron, Dhorman, Miller, Miller, Sigmont, Mouncey, Rawlings, O'Cock, Barclay, Hastings, Finley, Curtis, Armstrong, H. Dunn, Capies, Burns, Wilson, Mills, Morris/Norris?.
Match drawn, Carlton Juniors, 4.8 – 4.7 (Behinds noted, but did not count until 1897)
Juns; 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 4.8
Carl; 1.1, 2.3, 4.6, 4.7
Goals; Dhorman, Norris, unknown

May 03
Carlton Juniors v Carlton on the Carlton Cricket Ground (The Triangle)
Carlton (VFA) had the bye.

Most of Saturday nights' late editions of The Herald for 1895 on Trove have not been reproduced, so junior games details are not available. It seems that the First Rate Juniors competition may not have got off the ground.
Carlton Juniors are not mentioned.

We are not sure if Carlton took another team under their wing for this season.
Royal Park Crescent who played this year in the Suburban Juniors would be Carlton's “reserve” team next year.
Some late editions of the Herald are on Trove, mainly July and August, no mention of the Carlton Juniors.
Perhaps the SLV may have the earlier ones

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