1907 Championship of Australia

Norwood 1.7 133.82610.117113.1290
Venue: Adelaide OvalDate: 28th September 1907
Result: Lost by 32 pointsCrowd: 12,000
Goalkickers: A. Lang 2, H. Kelly 2, M. Grace 2, G. Topping, F. Jinks 1.
Reports: NilUmpire: Tullach.

The 1907 Championship of Australia was an Australian rules football match that took place on 28 September 1907 at the Adelaide Oval in Adelaide, South Australia. It was the fourth edition of the Championship of Australia with it being the first since the 1896 edition, also in Adelaide. The championship was contested by the premiers of the VFL (Carlton) and the premiers of the SAFL (Norwood) in one match which was played in a front of a crowd of 13,000. After a slow start which featured only three goals, Norwood would go to win the match by 32 points with Leonard Chamberlain scoring five goals as Norwood won their second title. Future Premier of South Australia Lionel Hill and South Australian Attorney-General Shirley Jeffries were members of the victorious Norwood side.

The background for Championship of Australia began in 1888 as a three-game series between the VFA champions at the time (South Melbourne) and the SAFA champions in Norwood with Norwood winning the series 3–0. This would be the only Championship of Australia to be played as a series, with the following three editions (1890, 1893 and 1896) all being played as one game matches with the Victorian teams winning two of those matches. Norwood qualified through to the Championship of Australia by taking out the South Australian Football League on 21 September 1907. They defeated Port Adelaide by 28 points (8.7 to 3.9) in a crowd of 26,000 people which was a South Australian record. Bahr, E. Lewis and W.R. Miller scored two goals for Norwood. Also in the same game, Carlton qualified through to the final by defeating South Melbourne at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. In front of a crowd of over 45,000 people, Carlton would win by 5 points (6.14 to 6.9) to record their second premiership.

Match Summary
The match was 13,000 which also included the governor, George Le Hunte and his lady. After two points were scored in the opening minutes, the opening goal of the match came from C Gwynne from an assist of E Lewis. Carlton responded with goals from George Topping and Alex Lang brought the score levels at quarter time. The second quarter was a tight hustle with the balance of play being even until halftime, with Norwood being slightly ahead at the break (3 points) with scores being 3.8 to 3.5. The second half saw the home team raise their confidence in what The Argus described as a huge surprise with the first three minutes of the third quarter seeing three goals to the host side. The dominance of the Norwood centre showed with the ball only passing the centre line, three or four times for a single point after the bell for Carlton, while Norwood in response scored seven goals. After Norwood scored an early goal at the start of the last quarter, Fred Jinks delivered Carlton's first goal in two quarters, to generous cheers through the crowd. Carlton would go on to score four more goals to win the final quarter and reduce the final margin to only 32 points.

ADELAIDE, Sunday - ln the presence of about 12,000 spectators at the Adelaide Oval on Saturday Norwood, the premiers of South Australia, and Carlton, the premiers of Victoria, met to practically decide the championship of Australia. The balance of play was evenly maintained in the first half, at the end of which the home team were leading by three points. They registered 3 goals 8 behinds to 3 goals 5 behinds. Up to this stage, Norwood seemed to have played with less confidence than their rivals, consequently their efforts in the third quarter came as a huge surprise, and utterly amazed the visitors. The home team exhibited masterly system, remarkable dash, and exceptional skill in all departments. They "ran rings" around Carlton, who managed to pass the centre-line three or four times only, and notched a behind just as the bell rang. Against this, Norwood had scored 7 goals 3 behinds. Carlton made a gallant attempt in the last quarter to dispose of the heavy deficit, but the problem was too great. The final scores were Norwood, 13 goals 12 behinds: Carlton, 8 goals 10 behinds. Carlton were best represented by Jinks, Johnson, Hammond Kelly, Kennedy, Payne and Clark. The Goal kickers were Lang, Grace, Kelly and Jinks.
By: – The Argus (Melbourne Monday 30th September, 1907).

Norwood, 13-12. " Carlton, 8-10. - The Adelaide Advertiser (Monday 30th September, 1907).
Speculation had been rife in Adelaide football circles as to the result of Saturday's match; between the Carlton team, which topped the list in Victoria this season, and the Norwood’s, and the crowd of 13,000 people that assembled at the Adelaide Oval to witness the battle saw a fine exhibition of the pastime. His Excellency the Governor and Lady Le Hunte occupied the viceregal box throughout the match. The home team, clad in the familiar red and blue, were first on the arena, and were greeted with a round of cheers, while the visitors, who presented a solid appearance, followed half a minute later, dressed in blue stockings, white knickers, and blue jerseys with white yokes. The teams were as follow:
Norwood: Bahr (captain), Barnes, Chamberlain, Cowan, Gibbons, Gwynne, L. Hill, R. Hill, E. Lewis, L. Lewis, H. Miller, J. Morrison, Murphy, Newland, Padman, Stoddart, Smith, and Townsend.
Carlton: Flynn (captain), Clark, Gillespie, Beck, Gotz, Payne, Caine, Kelly, Topping, Grace, Inglemann, Lang, Hammond, Elliott, Kennedy, Jinks, Johnson, and Harris.

The personnel of both teams, was undoubtedly strong, but the visitors were weakened, according to the captain, by the absence of Bruce, their crack wing man. Mr. Tulloch acted as umpire. Soon after 3 o'clock the ball received its-! initial bounce, and Carlton shot away with it, but Stoddart and L. Hill were in their places, and as a consequence Lewis was the medium by which Chamberlain was given an opportunity, one flag being raised, as a result. The visitors worked the ball round the wing against the wind, and some superb marking was done by them. Kelly secured at an angle, but sent the ball out. Caine got it from the throw in, but did no good with it, and Norwood's, backs sent the play to the river end. Murphy received a chance at angle from a free, but sent the ball into a scrimmage in front of goal, from which Payne received a free. This he utilised in sending the ball well up, and Jinks marking gave Caine another chance, but the ball went out. Carlton's forwards continued aggressive work, but the Norwood defence was an ideal one, the combination resulting in Chamberlain being given another chance, and a similar score was registered. Still the ball hovered about the river end. Townsend had a shot, which fell short, and, although Clark tried to break through, it was (evident something had to result from the effort, and Gwynne, with the" assistance of Lewis, caused the two flags to be raised after capturing one of his brilliant marks. Carlton collared from the bounce, the marking of their forwards, among whom were Topping, Caine, and Kelly, resulting [first in a point from Caine, and a goal from Topping. The home men took charge at the bounce, some hard work on the south-east wing by Padman and Chamberlain giving Gwynne a shot under difficulties in point of angle and distance, but he succeeded in sending the leather behind. Johnson, who has the reputation of being 1 the champion of Victoria, took a marvellous mark from the kick-off, but although his effort was seconded by several free marks which Norwood gave away, the ball, seemed hypnotised by the river goal. Gwynne snapping a point, while Gibbon $ followed suit, from a lack over his head. The play' was mainly- on the south-east wing to the conclusion of the quarter, although one, brilliant passage by Carlton enabled Lang to send the ball through, and the, quarter ended with the scores equal. The second term was fiercely contested. The visitors warmed to their work', excelling in their marking, passing with coolness, and doing their level best, but 'Norwood’s stonewall. consisting of Stoddart, Barnes, and Morrison, backed up by the half-backs, rendered abortive most of their tries. Taking the term as a whole, the red-and-blue men were un-deniably in better fettle, the fine tactics of their- wing men and forwards frequently evoking frenzied cheering from the crowd When the welcome adjournment bell rang it found the scores 3 points in favour of the South Australian premiers. The opening three minutes of the third term provoked Wild applause. Clever, lightning-like passing by Bahr. Townsend, and Chamberlain sent the flagship in the first minute. Gwynne's Performance sent the ball to Newland from the bounce, and he managed another sixer in, the second minute. Gibbons flashed into prominence in the third minute, and his work was responsible for a third goal by Townsend. Still Norwood's' star burned brightly. First Gwynne tried, with negative results, then E. Lewis essayed to score, and sent the ball out. At last Gwynne, in his characteristic way, amid intense excitement, ambled towards the leather, which he had placed. Up it sailed-and went behind. Lewis marked from the kick-off, and Townsend, receiving from him, raised the two flags. Nothing, it seemed, could stop the famous eastern team. Try as Carlton would the ball could not be carried past the centre-line after time Norwood scored, and when "lemons" came the general verdict was that the visitors would go home vanquished. Still, although the scores, 10 goals 11 behinds to 3 goals 6 behinds, were extremely disheartening experience has shown that many a match won in the last quarter. Norwood attacked from the bounce, and in the twinkling of an eye a run from Padman, and a flash like pass from Newland to Chamberlain, resulted in another goal to Norwood's credit. Jinks tried to alter the complexion of affairs, but Lewis inter-posed and afforded Townsend another opportunity, and the best use was made of it. The visitors' centres put forth a strenuous attack, and good work by Topping and Jinks resulted in the latter sending the ball through, to the accompaniment of generous cheers from the crowd. Norwood tried to restore to the game its original features but Carlton objected, and. only waiting long enough for Chamberlain to send up one flag, took the breath from the. crowd by a series of clever passes, which terminated in another goal from Lang. Yet again Norwood wrested a goal from the opponents' defence, Chamberlain being the medium this time. A feature of this coal was the peculiar way in which the ball jumped from the hands of a Carlton defender to Chamberlain. The visitors were still game, and combination and coolness resulted in another sixer from the foot of Grace. Caine and Jinks forward, seconded by Elliott and Gotz, put up as fine an exhibition of marking in the enduring few minutes as patrons of the oval had ever seen, and their efforts deserved better success than was achieved, namely, 2 points. Smith, for Norwood, who is a clean mark, and had moreover been working consistently during the afternoon, relieved in fine style at each of the kicks off, and Stoddart stood by him well, but obviously Norwood was hard pressed at this stage, and the crowd began to feel anxious when Kelly was observed to raise the two flags a minute or so after the last minor was scored. Still Carlton attacked, and, in spite of the heroic endeavours of Barnes, L. Hill, and Lewis, to get the ball out of danger, piled on another point from Lang's boot. From here to the ringing of the bell Carlton's' forwards put up most dogged fight, and although but one goal was registered, they can claim they took charge of proceedings towards the end of the day.

First quarter - Norwood 1 goal 7 behinds. Carlton, 2 goals 1 behind.

Second quarter - Norwood, 3 goals 8 behinds. Carlton. 3 goals 5 behinds.

Third quarter - Norwood. 10 goals 11 behinds. Carlton. 3 goals 6 behinds.

Final Quarter - Norwood. 13 goals 12 behinds. Carlton, 8 goals 10 behinds.

Norwood: L. Chamberlain (5), R. Townsend (4), P. Newland (2), C. Gwynne and E. Lewis (1 each).
Carlton: A. Lang. H. Kelly, M. Grace (2 each), G. Topping and F. Jinks (1 each).

"Yes," said the Norwood captain (Mr. A. Bahr), who was experiencing the pleasure of a rub-down in the Norwood club's dressing-room at the conclusion of the game, in my opinion the best team won. They’re a fine lot of fellows, the Norwood’s, he added, glancing round the room with a twinkle in his eye at the noisy naked men, who were under the trainers' care "and when in form would play any team in the world. Of course, it was the lead in the third quarter which lifted us out of danger, and from its conclusion the result was assured. McGibbon’s played excellently, and Gwynne, Snowy Lewis, and Chamberlain did most useful work." Mr. Flynn, the Carlton captain, said: "They played a lot faster than my men, and I admit they had the best of the game by a long chalk. Was the result contrary to my expectations? Well, yes, we did expect to win, although, having met them before, he expected a list game. Somehow, I think the result would have been different had Bruce, our wing man, been with us; but there they’ve won and abundantly, deserve it. Elliott, I think, did the best work for us in the ruck." Mr. Tulloch said "Norwood was undoubtedly the better team, and I must say I like their system of football. However, some allowance must be made in the fact that the Carltons have been doing some knocking about lately." "Who played the best game in your estimation?" asked the reporter. "That fellow Gwynne, with the long arms and legs, easily," was the reply of the terrific. Messrs. N. Abrams and A. Metheven, vice-presidents of the visiting club, with Mr. C. A. Coulson, of the committee, were present at the match; and were unanimous in admitting that the better team had won.

The Carltons were the guests of the Norwood Club at the National Park on Sunday. An excellent luncheon was served, and the chairman of the committee the premier club of Australia (Mr. C. Hobbs occupied the chair. The secretary of the local club (Mr. J. J. Woods proposed the health of the visitors, and alluded to the friendly relations that had existed between the Carltons and the Norwood’s for half a century. The manager of the Carlton team (Mr. J. Worrall) and the captain (Mr. J. Flynn), in response, acknowledged that their men were beaten by the better team on Saturday, and they highly praised the red-and-blues for their brilliancy in every department of the game. Senator Story submitted "The South Australian Football League." to which the secretary (Mr. R. F. C. Sullivan replied. Mr. Worrall gave "The Norwood club. and the Chairman and Messrs. W. Griffiths, and A. J. Gray-son responded. The last-mentioned stated that much of the success of the team was due to the pains which Mr. Hugo Leschen had taken in massaging the players and rendering them more fit to meet such doughty opponents in the champions of Victoria. The health of the patron of the club (Sir Edwin Smith) and, the president (Mr. J. Shaw), who are absent from the State, and the chairman were drunk with enthusiasm.

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