1921 Reserves

Reserves Season 1921
Coach: TBD
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: TBD
Position: 6th
Premier: Essendon

Carlton District is the name of Carlton's reserve team and plays in the Victorian Junior Football League.

Trying out at practice;

" Clive Heatley (centre) captain of University last year, Len Chappell and J. Sutton half backs from Maryborough, J. Brain rover and wing man said to be the best player in East Gippsland comp; Eric Johnston (follower and half back) and T. Johnston (rover and forward) from Moyhu, A. Duncan (half forward and follower) and T. Scanlon (centre) both of Romsey, F. Maher (rover and forward) from Lilydale who is showing exceptional promise, Dillon (half back) from Hawthorn Diggers, F. Metcalf follower and forward from Eaglehawk, McIntyre whom stands over 6ft high, and said to be a good mark, from Goulburn Valley. McLennan, another "six-footer" from Moe, who has been recommended by J. Marchbank; Cruddon, rover, from Bunyip; Gordon Green's brother also a rover; Clyde Hill a follower from Maroopna; H. Morgan late of West Australia, Footscray and South Melbourne; Spendlove, a Geelong junior, now living in Carlton district; Sherry, a half back from Fitzroy Juniors; Soderbloom a promising rover from Brighton; and Blackman (half back and follower), Dee (half back), Bell (forward), Watson (back), all from Carlton Juniors." (Herald April 16 p5)


A. Duncan


John Downs (New South Wales), Carter (Queensland, but may rejoin)

April 09
Blues v Blue & Whites
Full sides could not be selected as a number of players had cricket committments.
Blue team; (15 named)
Johnson, Clowe, Truman, Wright, Bruce, Canet, Stephenson, Bickford, Clover, Wittman, Fisher, Downs, Martin, Hiskins, Sharp.
Blue & White team; (15 named)
Welch, Die, Blackman, Spendlove, J.Downs, Scanlon, Bromley, Godkin, Duncan, Wyne, Morgan, Waterman, Dillon, Metcalfe, Soderbloom.
Blues; -- 2.7 -- 6.13. 49
B&W; 2.4 6.8.44
Blues Goals; Fisher 2, Clover 2, Sharp, Bickford
Blue & White Goals; Morgan 4, Bromley, Godkin

April 16
Blues v Blue & Whites
Crowd; 3,000
Blues' captain Canet.
Blue & Whites' captain Daykin
Blue & Whites were mainly composed of new players.
Blues team
Backs; Ewins, Fisher, Keily
Half backs; Clowe, Greenhill, Wright
Centres; Stephenson, Canet, Blackman
Half forwards; Bickford, Clover, Wittman
Forwards; Baker, Downes, Sharp
Followers; Martin, Crone
Rover; McLatchie

Blue & White team
Backs; Dee, Lockhart, Rogers
Half backs; Chappell, Blackman, Spendlove
Centres; Cowley, Scanlon, Waterman
Half forwards; O'Meara, Thorpe, Green
Forwards; Clark, Morgan, Daykin
Followers; Wizdell, Dillon
Rover; Duncan
Blues won 17.15.117 - 5.10. 40
Blues Goals; Downes 7, Clover 5, McLatchie 3, Baker, Bickford.
Blue & White Goals; Daykin 2, Green 2, McIntyre
Best; McLatchie, Daykin, Duncan, Green, new players Dea, Spendlove, Maher, McIntyre, Dillon

April 23
Carlton v Carlton District
Carlton team (15) three names missing
Backs; Chappell, Fisher, McLennan
Half backs; Raleigh, Ewans, Clowe
Centre; Chandler, Blackman, Canet (C)
Half forwards; Daykin, McLatchie, Maher
Followers; Martin, Hiskins
Rover; McLatchie
Carlton District team (18)
Backs; Parkhill, Watson, Burgess
Half backs; Davies, McCarthy, Dee
Centre; Soderbloom, McPherson, Whannell
Half forwards; Hambridge, T. Hyde, Boyd
Forwards; Aimes, Bell (C), Ram
Followers; Hughes, Dyer
Rover; A. Hyde
Umpire; Harvey
Pickford, Green, Duncan, Crudden, Johnson were not named in team - possible missing forward line
Carlton 11.21.87 defeated Carlton District 2.4.16 (Half time Carlton 6.7 - 2.1)
Carlton Goals; McLatchie 3, Maher 3, Pickford 2, Green, Duncan, Crudden, Johnson
Carl. District Goals, T. Hyde, Bell

April 30
Carlton practice match.
Blue & White team (20)
Backs; Wright, Fisher, McLennan
Half backs; Raleigh, Johnson, Chappell, Kiely
Centre; Canet (C), W. Blackman, Chandler
Half forwards; Burke, Beasy, C. Blackman
Forwards; Sharpe, Maher, Morgan, Downs
Followers; Martin, Hiskins
Rover; Baker
Blues team (20)
Backs; Dee, Watson, Clowe
Half backs; McDonald, Greenhill, Rogers, Dillon
Centre; Stephenson, W. Green, Drain/Braine
Half forwards; Bickford, Duncan, Wittman
Forwards; Cruddon, Soderbloom, G. Green, Daykin (C)
Followers; Ewans, Boromeo
Rover; McLatchie
Umpire; Scott
Blues 13.8.86 defeated the Blue & Whites 7.14.56 (Half time Blues 5.3.33 - B&W 2.9.21)
Blues Goals; McLatchie 5, Daykin 3, Crudden 2, V. G. Green 2 Wittman
B & W Goals; Downs 2, C. Blackman, Morgan, Burke, Beasy, Martin.
Players mentioned; (16) Boromeo, Gordon Green, Beasy, Clover (DNP injured), Braine (wingman Trafalgar), McLatchie (BOG), Crudden, Daykin, Watson (fullback Carlton District), Maher (rover Lilydale), Blackman, Morgan, Down, Greenhill, Raleigh, W. Green.

Round 1

May 07
Carlton District played Richmond Juniors at Princes Park
An fairly even game throughout, Carlton's better teamwork prevailed.
Carlton won; 10.12.72 - 7.9.51
Umpire; W. J. Smith
Goals; Bell 4, Hill 4, Dyer, McPherson
Best; Toole, Dacey, Hill, Bell, Dee, Soderbloom

May 14
The Senior team had the bye. (The Age May 12 p9 said Carlton District had the bye)
According to the Ladder on June 20 Carlton had won 2 lost 6 so did the Blues play this day?

May 21
Carlton played St.Kilda at the Junction Oval St.Kilda
The Saints got off to a great start booting 6 goals straight, despite the "heavy" ground, and 6 goals was the final margin.
The Blues also kicked 4 goals before registering a behind.
Umpire; Thompson
Carlton lost; 9.9.63 - 15.9.99
Goals; Bell 5, Hughes 2, Grinblat, Ambridge
Best; the goal kickers, plus, Hyde, Dyer, Toole

May 28
Carlton played Fitzroy Juniors at Brunswick Strret
Carlton 4.10.34 defeated by Fitzroy 9.15.69
Carlton lost by 35 points
Umpire; Porteous
Goals; W. Hyde, Brown, Hill, Craig.
Best; Searle, Whannell, Soderbloom, Emmerson, Toole, Dee.

June 04
"The Carlton District-Leopold match has been postponed till August 13." (Argus June 04 p20)

June 11
Carlton v Essendon
An exciting game in which the Blues led by a few points until the final term.
Carlton lost by 15 points
Carlton 8.15.63 - 12.6.78
Goals; Inch 3, Bell 2, Hyde, Toole, Lawrie
Best; Goal scorers mentioned.

June 18
Carlton played Coburg at Coburg
Carlton lost by 2 points
Carlton 9.11.65 - 8.19.67
Goals; Wittman 3, Ince/Inch? 2, Lawler, unknown
Best; Dee, Watson, Wittman, Soderbloom

Age June 20

June 25
Carlton played Melbourne at Princes Park?
A fair number of supporters present.
The Blues were well on top in the first half. Melbourne replied in the third quarter scoring 33 points to Carlton's 2.
Carlton were too strong in the final term wining by 32 points.
Carlton 14.13.97 defeated Melbourne 9.11.65
Goals; Inch 5, Emmerson 2, Dyer 2, Chappell, Grinblat, Toole, Wittman, Bell.
Best; Searle, Emmerson (until injured), Toole, Henry, Grinblat (last quarter), Inch

July 02
Carlton played Collingwood at Victoria Park
Carlton lost by 30 points
Carlton 4.9.33 - 7.21.63

July 09
Carlton played Richmond at the Punt Road Oval
Murphy scored the Blues' first goal.
The Blues had the better of the the third term and led for the the first time.
Three quick goals to Richmond in the final term decided the result.
Carlton lost by 11 points
Carl; 1.1 ?.? -- 6.10.46
Rich; 1.6 3.? -- 7.15.57
Goals; Murphy 2, Wittman 2, Brown, Hyde
Best; Murphy, Soderbloom, Dee, Hyde, Wittman, Chappell, Emmerson..

July 16
Bye split round

July 23
Carlton played St.Kilda at Princes Park
An exciting game with Carlton's better team work showing out.
Carlton won by 43 points
Carlton 10.23.83 - 5.10.40
Goals; Bell 4, Hill 2, Chappell, Oak, Murphy, Brown.
Best; Soderbloom and Whannell (wing), Henry (back), Chappell (roving), Toole (ruck)

July 30
Only one match played Essendon and Collingwood

August 08
Carlton played Fitzroy at Princes Park
Watson and Inch are expected to return and Fisher from Richmond seniors.
A large attendance as State games were on this weekend.
A good exhibition of wet weather football.
The Carlton defence proved too strong for the 'Roys especially in the first half .
Umpire; Shands
Half time Carlton 2.7.19 - 0.3.3
Carlton won by 6 points
Carlton 3.10.28 - 2.10.22
Best; Searle back (BOG), Grinblat centre, Hill, Bell, Dee, Davies, Toole

August 13
Carlton District played Leopold at Princes Park
Whannell expected to play.
Umpire; Shand
Half time; 4.6.30 - 2.6.18
Carlton won by 41 points,
Carlton 12.12.84 - 6.7.43
Goals; Inch 7, rest unknown
Best; Inch, Hill, Grinblat/Grinblot (BOG), Soderbloom, Hyde, Oak, Bell, Davis, Tuck

August 20
Carlton again played Leopold, this time on the Lake Oval
After half time the play became rough with a Leopold player being carried off unconscious.
Half time; Carlton 0.9.9 - 5.3.33
Carlton won by 20 points
Carlton 8.13.61 - 6.5.41
Goals; Inch 4, Hyde, Chapple, Dyer, Murphy
Position of clubs;
1. Collingwood 48 points, Essendon and Fitzroy 34pts, Coburg and Richmond 28pts, 6. Carlton 24pts, 7. St. Kilda 16pts, 8. Melbourne 8pts, 9. Leopold 4pts.

August 27
Carlton played Essendon on the E.M.C.C.
Umpire; Dicker
Carlton lost by 14 points
Carlton 6.7.43 - 7.15.57
Goals; Inch 3, Hill 2, unknown
Best; Davis, Emmerson, Henry, Garvin, Hill

September 03
Carlton played Coburg
Crowd; 1,000
Toward the end of the first quarter two players came to blows. Trainers and umpires rushed in, a Coburg trainer copped a blow on the chin from a Carlton player and fell to the ground.
The crowd then invaded the ground and play was delayed for several minutes.
"Carlton dominated the game (the first half) mainly through the brilliant high marking of Murphy and the dash of Dee on the backline."
Coburg evened up matters after half time and scored the winning point late in the final quarter.
Carlton lost by 1 point
Carlton 7.5.47 - 6.12.48
Goals; Inch 4 unknown
Best; Inch, Davis, Hyde, Murphy, Dee

September 10
Carlton played Melbourne
Carlton won by 10 points
Carl, 12. 7.79
Melb 10.9.69

September 17
Final home & away match.
Carlton played Collingwood
Carlton lost by 4 points
Carlton 7.6.48 - 6.16.52
Goals; Bell 3, Soderbloom, Ewins, Heley, Dyer
Best; Henry, Emmerson,

The Blues finished sixth on the ladder.
Carlton; Played 16, Won 7, Lost 9, Points 28

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