1934 Reserves

Reserves Season 1934
Coach: J. Goonan
Captain: J. Goonan/R. Job
Best & Fairest: TBD
Position: 8th
Premier: Melbourne

1934 Carlton Reserves or 2nd. xv111 (Second Eighteen)

President: L. Hayes
Vice presidents: J. Newbold, C. Craig, A. Holdsworth, P. Black
Secretary: A. Walker
Treasurer: E. Overend
Committee: W. Hynson, H. Toole, H. Simmons, W. Scott

"Members of the Carlton second eighteen learnt with interest during the week that the senior committee had affirmed the principle of payment for second eighteen players."
(Age March 31 p15 1934)

The Carlton Amateurs are affiliated with the Carlton Seconds.
(A feeder club to the Reserves.)
(Star March 29 p25)

Practice Match April 02 Monday

Over 2,000 people attended the match
Backs; Lew Shing, Park, Landorf
Half backs; Bloomer, J. Green (Capt.), Churchland
Centres; Buckley, Treweek, Little
Half forwards; Lindley, McElroy, White
Forwards; Mullane, Doherty, Key/Kay
Followers; Byrne, Pollock
Rover; Bamblett
Emergency; Parkhurst

Blues & Whites
Backs; Martin, Jenkins, Wilson
Half backs; Gilbey (Capt.), Anderson, Hale
Centres; Henderson, R. Kennedy, Dunkling
Half forwards; Battani/Pattiani, Bruce Gotz*, Wilkins
Forwards; Harley, Vallence, T. Green
Followers; Tuite, Hughson,
Rover; Quartermaine
Emergency; McLaren
Umpires; O'Brien, Mahony
.* Bruce Gotz is the son of Martin Gotz bought to Carlton by president Dave Crone who has found him employment.

Two Practice Matches April 07

1.30pm and 2.45pm starts
Blues team;
Backs; Risstron, Jenkins, Wilson
Half backs; Wills, Quick (Colac), Battani
Centres; Watts, Kennedy, Odgen
Half forwards; Hooper, Parkhurst (Romsey), Wilkins
Forwards; McBeth, T. Green, T. Downs (Capt)
Followers; Langdorf, Garland
Rover; Lew Shing

Blue & White team;
Backs; Pearce, A. Martyn (Capt), McAlpine
Half backs; Ryan, Mattingley, Farr
Centres; Quartermaine, Bell, Purcell
Half forward; Lindley, Copsey, De Luca
Forwards; Whitfield, Boland, Justice
Followers; O'Brien, Tuite
Rover; Quinn
Emergencies; Williams, Condon, Caddaye

Blues team;
Backs; Street, Gill, Crowe
Half backs; Bloomer, Mackie, Gilby
Centre; Kelly, Cooper, R. Green
Half forwards; Shea, Dougherty, Crisp
Forwards; Hughson, McElroy, Jobe
Followers; Davey, Johnston (Capt),
Rover; Clarke
19th; Arrell

Blue & White team;
Backs; Vaughan, Anderson, Harley
Half backs; J. Hale, J. Cooper, Churchlands
Centre; Little (Capt), Treweek, Oprey
Half forwards; White, Gotz, S or J. Graham (Western District)
Forwards; K. Dunn, Mills, Munn
Followers; Pollock, Park
Rover; Sennitt
Herald April 06 p13

Two practice matches were held at Princes Park, April 14

Match One, 1.30pm.

Blues team;
Backs; Landork, Jenkins, Young
Half backs; L. Millis, A. Martyn (Capt.), Lamming
Centres; Quartermain, Condon, Bamblett (Devenish)
Half forwards; Wilkins, Quick (Colac), White
Forwards; Leffanue, Tom Green, Olarenshaw
Followers; Street, Graham
Rover; Jamieson (Golden Point)

Blue & White team;
Backs; R. Job, A. Pierce, Downs (Capt.)
Half backs; P. Anderson, J. Cooper, Mirabella
Centres; Phillips, Bell, Hooper
Half forwards; McBeth, Gotz, DeLuca
Forwards; R. Quinn, H. Jones, Justice
Followers; Egan, McLaren
Rover; W. Munn (Collingwood)

Match Two, 3pm.

Blues team;
Backs; Maskell, Gill, Lew Shing
Half backs; Hale, Bloomer, Gilby
Centres; Kelly, R. Cooper, Oprey
Half forwards; Shea, Doherty, Crisp
Forwards; Stan Vaughan, Vallence, R. Mills
Followers; Davey, Johnston (Capt.)
Rover; Jack Sinnott
Emergencies; Bremner (Lyonville) , Broben (Penshurst)

Blue & White team
Backs; Dunn, Park, Crowe (Capt.)
Half backs; Orrell, Parkhurst, Churchland
Centres; Ogden, Treweek, Little
Half forwards; Brennan, F. Anderson, H. Crawford
Forwards; Clarke, McElroy, Hughson
Followers; Harley, Pollock
Rover; C. Job (Ararat)

Best; R. Cooper, Shea, younger players; Stan Vaughan, Jack Sinnott, Dunn (South Australia), Maskell (formerly Geelong), Ogden, McElroy, Pollock, Gotz, Bloomer, Oprey, .
Injuries; C. Job (dislocated elbow), Jack Young (thumb)

"The committee reduced the training list by 25 to about 50 after the match, but the list will be further revised before the end of this week.

"T. Downs, who led one the teams in the first match of the day, later applied to the committee for an open clearance."
The Age reported the four League clubs are interested in recruiting Tommy Downs.
He has not given any reasons for leaving, but it seems that he realises the club has plenty of good small men, and he felt that he may be keeping a younger player out of the team.

Practice Match April 21

The match was played in heavy rain and mud. Officials and coach Dan Minogue had met before hand to discuss whether the game should go ahead.
Players to change at half time; Bremner, Oprey, Bullen, Sheeran, Harry, Munn, Quartermain
Blues team;
Backs; Dunn, Gill, De Luca
Half backs; Huxtable, Bloomer, Hale
Centre; Kelly, R, Cooper, Green
Half forwards; Shea, J. Francis, Crisp
Forwards; Vaughan, Vallence, J. Cooper
Followers; Hughson, Johnson (Capt)
Rover; Crowe
Blues 10.8.68
Goals; Vallence 6, Crisp, Johnson, Vaughan, Munn.
Best; Vallence, Crisp, Johnson, Francis, Crowe

Blue & White team
Backs; Harley, Park, Gilby (Capt)
Half backs; Mirabella, Graham, Churchlands
Centre; Purcell, Little, Ogden
Half forwards; Fisher, McElroy, Crawford
Forwards; Sinnot, Dougherty, Gotz
Followers; Pollock, Maskell
Rover; Clarke
Blue & White 4.6.30
Goals; Sinnott 2, McElroy 2
Best; McElroy, Park, Churchland, Little, Ogden, Mirabella, Harley,

Carlton Final List


Bloomer, Bullen, Churchland, Clarke, J. Cooper, R. Cooper, Crisp, Crowe, Davey, Davidson, Deluca, Dougherty, Dunn, Francis, Gilby, Gill, Gotz, R. Green, Hale, Harley, Hughson, Huxtable, C. Job, Johnson, Kelly, Little, G. Mackie, Maskell, McElroy, Mills, Odgen, Oprey, Park, Pollock, Shea, Sheeran, Jack Sinnott, Vallence, Stan Vaughan.


Condon, Crawford (Yallourn), Finn (Ballarat), Findlay (Footscray), Fisher (Beechworth), Peterson (Dalmore).

The Following Had Been Announced For The Seconds

Anderson, Boland, Buhlert, A. Crawford, Chamberlain, Copsey, Damien, Alan Egan, Elton, Fogerty, Forrest, Goonan, Graham, Guest, T. Green, Gillard, M. Hughson, Hoarey, Hooper, R. Job, S. James, Jenkins, Lunt, Lynch, Lyons, Moloney, McBeth, McDonald, L. Miller, McLaren, Quartermain, Quinn, Rowe, Roadley, Simmons, Stewart, Treweek, Whitehead, Williams.

May 05
Opening round of the season
Carlton played Hawthorn
The Blues looked winners half way throuth the final term, but a mistake let Hawthorn in for a goal. They then got on top and a shot a goal in the dying minutes just missed. Carlton's Dougherty goaled with two minutes remaining, then Hawthorn replied, the Carlton defenders withstood the onslaught and held on for a two point win.
Carlton team; (12 named)
From; Bloomer, Bullen, Conden, Dougherty, Harley, Little, Mills, Ogden, Oprey, Quartermaine, Sharpley, and Jack Sinnott
Balance of team to be selected from the Second Eighteen List.
Carlton won;
Carl. 5.4 7.8 11.15 13.19.97
Haw.1.5 4.8 9.8 14.11.95
Goals; Dougherty 5, Jack Sinnott 3, Adams 2, Quinn 2, Little
Best; Mills, Jack Sinnott, Ogden, Harley, McDonald, Dougherty
Played 1, Won 1, Lost 0, For 97, Against 95, 102.10%, Points 4

May 12
Carlton played South Melbourne at South Melbourne
South had established a good lead by half time.
The Blues tried valiantly in the second half but could not make up the leeway.
Carlton team; (21 named)
From; Adams, Bloomer, Bullen, Churchland, Condon, Dougherty, Harley, Jenkins, R. Job, Little, Lynch, McElroy, McDonald, McLaren, Ogden, Oprey, Quartermaine, Sharpley, Jack Sinnott, Treweek, Stan Vaughan.
Emergencies; Hughson, Mills, Stewart, Quinn, Forrest.
Bullen did not play.
Carlton lost; 8.12.60 - 12.23.95
Best; Lynch, Harley, Ogden, Job.
Goals; McElroy 2, Little 2, Doherty, Quartermaine, Jack Sinnott, Churchland.
Played 2, Won 1, Lost 1, For 157, Against 190, 82.63%, Points 4

May 19
Carlton played Richmond
A high standard game, after having a three goal lead five minutes before the final bell, the Blues hung on to win by seven points,
Carlton team;
Backs; Davidson, Jenkins, Stan Vaughan
Half backs; Condon, Dougherty, Churchland
Centres; Oprey, Little, Ogden
Half forwards; Quartermaine, Sharpely, Fisher
Forwards; L. Hughson, McElroy, Jack Sinnott
Followers; Bullen, Harley
Rover; C. Job
Emergencies; Lynch, McDonald, Stewart, Quinn, Forrest, Boland
Carlton won; 14.12.96 - 12.17.89
Goals; McElroy 4, Jack Sinnott 3, Sharpely 2, Davidson 2, Stewart, Quartermaine, Ogden
Best; Stewart, Jack Sinnott, Dougherty, Churchland
Played 3, Won 2, Lost 1, For 253, Against 279, 90.68%, Points 8

May 26
Carlton played Geelong at Geelong
Players met at the Collins Street entrance of Spencer Street (Southern Cross) Station, no later than 12.15pm
Geelong out scored the Blues by 6 goals to 2 goals in the first term and was never troubled throughout the match.
Carlton team; (23 named)
From; Bloomer, Bowland, Churchlands, Condon, Davidson, Dougherty, Fisher, Forrest, Hughson, Jenkins, C. Job, R. Job, Lunt, Lynch, Mills, L. McBeth, McDonald, McLaren, Quartermaine, Stewart, Treweek, Stan Vaughan, White
Carlton lost; 12.5.77 - 24.16.160
Goals; Boland 5, White 2, Stewart 2, Stan Vaughan, McDonald, C. Job
Best; Dougherty, Jenkin, Boland, C. Job, Vaughan
Played 4, Won 2, Lost 2, For 330, Against 439, 75.17%, Points 8

June 05 Monday, King's Birthday Holiday
Carlton played Fitzroy at Princes Park
The Roys won the game in the first quarter when they led by 6 goals.
Carlton team; (25 named)
From; Boland, Churchlands, Condon, Crowe, Davidson, Dougherty, Fisher, Gillard, L. Hughson, Jenkins, C. Job, R. Job, Lynch, Mills, McBeth, McDonald, McElroy, Ogden, Oprey, Park, Quartermaine, Stewart, Treweek, Stan Vaughan, White
Carlton lost; 13.14.92 - 15.11.101
Goals; Boland 6, Jack Sinnott 3, McElroy, Oprey, Hughson, C. Job
Best; Boland, Quartermaine, Crowe, White, Hughson
Played 5, Won 2, Lost 3, For 422, Against 540, 78.15%, Points 8

June 09
Carlton played North Melbourne
A even game where North wasted their opportunities in the third quarter.
Carlton team; (24 named)
From; Boland, Churchland, Condon, Crowe, Davidson, Elton, Finn, Jenkins, C. Job, R. Job, Little, Lynch, Mackie, Mills, McDonald, McElroy, McLaren, Oprey, Quartermaine, Jack Sinnott, Stewart, Treweek, Stan Vaughan, White
Carlton won; 13.9.87 - 8.16.64
Goals; Boland 5, Jack Sinnott 3, Treweek, Elton, Crowe
Best; Little (BOG), Job, Crowe, White, Condon
Carlton sixth
Played 6, Won 3, Lost 3, For 509, Against 604, 84.27%, Points 12

June 16
No matches
VFL Reserves vs VFA at the M.C.G.
Crowd; 18,000
VFL 21.17. 143 defeated VFA 17.8.110
Umpire; Blackburn
Carlton representatives; Kelly (wing), Johnson (ruck)
Goals; Kelly 2

June 23
Carlton played St.Kilda at Princes Park
The Blues wasted many opportunties of gaining a lead in the first quarter.
St.Kilda led at half time by three goals. The Blues reshuffled the team and led at the last break, but could not sustain the effort in the last quarter, going down by four points.
Carlton team; (24 named)
From; Boland, Churchlands, Condon, Dineen, Doherty, Elton, Finn, Gannon, Gilby, Gillard, L. Hughson, Jenkins, R. Job, Lunt, Lynch, Mills, McBeth, McElroy, Quartermaine, Park, Pollock, Treweek, Viney, White
Carlton lost; by 4 points.
Carl; 2.5 5.8 10.15 11.18.84
St.K; 1.3 8.6 10.7 13.10.88
Goals; Boland 4, McBeth 3, Park 2, McElroy, Lunt
Best; Quartermaine, Park, Gilby, McElroy, Job, McBeth, Lunt
Carlton seventh
Played 7, Won 3, Lost 4, For 593, Against 692, 85.69%, Points 12

June 30
Carlton played Melbourne on the M.C.G.
A close, high standard game that was played in front of a large crowd.
"Carlton's rugged and dashing play often had Melbourne defending but better cohesion among the Melbourne forwards won the game."
Carlton team;
Backs; Gannon, R. Job, Crowe
Half backs; Condon, Dougherty, Arrell
Centres; M. Kelly, Francis, Lunt
Half forwards; Boland, Mutimer, White
Forwards; Quartermaine, F. Anderson, McElroy
Followers; Maskell, Park
Rover; Finn
Emergencies; McBeth, Treweek, Viney, Quinn, Lynch, Elton
Carlton lost by 4 points
Carl; 4.3 8.4 11.8 14.12.96
Melb; 4.4 9.8 11.10 15.12.102
Goals; Anderson 5, Mutimer 3, Gannon 2, Crowe, Park, Quartermaine, Boland
Best; Francis, Gannon, Crowe, Maskell, Treweek, Mutimer
Carlton eighth
Played 8, Won 3, Lost 5, For 689, Against 794, 86.77%, Points 12

July 07
Carlton played Footscray at Princes Park
Once again Carlton wasted it's opportunities in the first term.
Footscray was just a little stronger for the remainder of the match and won by two points.
Carlton team;
Backs; Maskell or Drummond, Park, Crowe
Half backs; Treweek, Dougherty, Condon
Centres; Lunt, Arrell, M. Kelly
Half forwards; Spurr, McElroy, White
Forwards; Boland, F. Anderson, Quartermaine
Followers; Bullen, Stewart
Rover; Finn
Emergencies; R. Job, Gillard, McBeth, Viney, Quinn, Lynch
Carlton lost; 12.8.80 - 11.16.82
Goals; Anderson 4, Boland 4, Quartermaine 2, Kelly, Dougherty
Best; Treweek, Crowe, Park, Condon, Anderson, Arrell, Finn
Carlton tenth
Played 9, Won 3, Lost 6, For 769, Against 876, 87.78%, Points 12

July 13 Friday

Payments To Players - Special Fees for Seconds at Carlton

"In these days when some of the League club committee are at their wits' end to pay even £1 ($2) per match to their senior players, it is interesting to find the Carlton senior committee agreeing to pay players of the Carlton seconds 10/ ($1) a match, with renumeration for the emergencies.
In addition the senior committee last night decided that the emergencies named for the second eighteen match should be paid 5/ (50c) each. Any senior player connected with the first eighteen who is emergency to the senior side is paid £1 10/ ($3), besides the ordinary training fee of £1.
Second eighteen players receive 10/ per match, and if promoted to the senior side secure £3 ($6) per match.
There is thus plenty of incentive to players to join up with such sides as Carlton, and the old argument comes up that gate receipts should be pooled if the weaker clubs are to be able to pay their way and build up powerful sides." (The Argus)

July 14
Carlton played Collingwood
An hard, even game throughout, but the Woods finished with the four premiership points.
Carlton team;
Backs; Gannon, Jenkins, Arrell
Half backs; Condon, DeLuca, Treweek
Centres; Kelly, Hughson, M. Gillard
Half forwards; White, McElroy, Quinn
Forwards; Boland, Anderson, McBeth
Followers; Bullen, Dougherty
Rover; Finn
Emergencies; R. Job, Quartermain, Lunt, Elton
Carlton lost; 9.14.68 - 11.9.75
Goals; Boland 2, White 2, Finn, Gannon, McBeth, Arrell, McElroy
Best; Finn, Dougherty, Treweek, McBeth, McElroy, Boland, Crowe
Carlton tenth
Played 10, Won 3, Lost 7, For 837, Against 951, 88.01%, Points 12

July 21
Carlton played Essendon at Windy Hill
The Blues kicked accurately and had a good lead at half time.
Essendon came back strongly and Carlton held on for a 6 point victory.
Carlton team;
Backs; Gannon, Jenkins, Arrell
Half backs; Treweek, DeLuca, Condon
Centres; Joe Kelly, M. Hughson, Finn
Half forwards; Quinn, Mutimer, Gillard
Forwards; Hoarey, Boland, McElroy
Followers; Dougherty, Davidson
Rover; McBeth
Emergencies; R. Job, Quartermain, Lunt, White
Carlton won; 15.10.100 - 14.10.94
Goals; McElroy 4, Boland 3, Quinn 3, Hoarey 2, Dougherty 2, Kelly
Best; Treweek, Gillard, McElroy, Doherty, DeLuca
Carlton tenth
Played 11, Won 4, Lost 7, For 937, Against 1045, 89.66%, Points 16

July 28
Carlton played Hawthorn at Glenferrie
The game was going along as expected when Carlton got out to an 8 goal lead.
However, in the final term Hawthorn fought back, and managed to get within 10 points.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Backs; McLean, Spurr, R. Job
Half backs; J.Crowe, Treweek, Gannon
Centres; Arrell, Gillard, Finn
Half forwards; M.Kelly, Quinn, Vallance
Forwards; Roland, McElroy, Dougherty
Followers; Condon, McBeth
Rover; Quartermain
Emergencies; Lunt, White, Stewart, Lynch
From; Arrell, Boland, Condon, J. Crowe, Dougherty, Finn, Gannon, Gillard, R. Job, M. Kelly, Lunt, Lynch, McBeth, McElroy, McLean, Quartermain, Quinn, Spurr, Stewart, Treweek, Vallence, White
Carlton won; 14.9.93 - 10.16.76
Goals; no details
Best; McElroy, Dougherty, McBeth, Condon, Crowe, Gillard
Carlton eighth
Played 12, Won 5, Lost 7, For 1030, Against 1121, 91.88%, Points 20

August 04
Carlton played South Melbourne at Princes Park
South led for most of the game and at half time Blues had scored only 1.11. At the last break South held a 21 point lead. But Carlton made some positional changes and came from behind kicking 4.10 to 1.0 to win a thrilling match by 7 points.
Carlton team;
Backs; McLean, R. Job, Crowe
Half backs; Treweek, Arrell, Quinn
Centres; Gillard, Condon, M. Kelly
Half forwards; Lunt, McElroy, Viney
Forwards; McBeth, Boland, Dougherty
Followers; Pollock, Gannon
Rover; Simm
Emergencies; White, Quartermain, Stewart, Lynch
Carlton won; 7.25.67 - 8.12.60
Goals; Boland 3, Lunt 2, Crowe, White
Best; McElroy, Crowe, Arrell, Treweek, Quinn, Boland
Carlton seventh
Played 13, Won 6, Lost 7, For 1097, Against 1181, 92.88%, Points 24

August 11
No matches
Senior State match Victoria vs South Australia

August 18
Carlton played Richmond
A close game throughout, the Blues were led by J. Goonan who has not played for a considerable time.
Carlton team;
Backs; McLaren, Job, Crowe
Half backs; Gannon, Arrell or Dougherty, Quinn
Centres; Gillard, Conden, M. Kelly
Half forwards; Lunt, Stewart, Viney
Forwards; M. Price, Boland, Smith
Followers; McLean, Davidson
Rover; Finn
Emergencies; White, McBeth, Quartermain, Ettar/Elton, Lynch
Carlton lost; 10.9.69 - 10.18.78
Goals; Boland 6, Goonan, Finn, McLaren, Dougherty
Best; Quinn, Crowe, Gill, Dougherty, Price
Carlton eighth
Played 14, Won 6, Lost 8, For 1166, Against 1259, 92.61%, Points 24

August 25
Carlton played Geelong at Princes Park
Geelong were too experienced for the young Blues.
Carlton team;
Backs; McLaren, Gill, McDonald
Half backs; Viney, Gannon, Condon
Centres; Gillard, Quinn, M. Kelly
Half forwards; Lunt, Vallence, Guest
Forwards; McBeth, Boland, White
Followers; Stewart, Job
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Lynch, Quartermain, Elton, Simmons
Carlton lost; 7.10.52 - 11.13.79
Goals; Gillard 3, Boland 3, White
Best; Quinn (BOG), Gill, Boland, Kelly, Price, Viney, Condon
Carlton eighth
Played 15, Won 6, Lost 9, For 1168, Against 1338, 87.29%, Points 24

September 01
Carlton played Fitzroy at Fitzroy
An interesting game for three quarters.
Hazel sustained a leg injury and was replaced in the first quarter.
Carlton team;
Backs; Hazel, Job, Simmons
Half backs; Treweek, Gannon or Dougherty, Condon
Centres; Fogarty, Turner, M. Kelly
Half forwards; Gillard, Vallence, Viney
Forwards; White, Boland, Quartermaine
Followers; McElroy, McLean
Rover; Finn
Emergencies; Elton, Lunt, McLaren, McDonald
Carlton lost; 7.10.52 - 17.12.114
Goals; Boland 5, Quartermaine, White
Best; Gillard, Viney, McLean, Quinn, McElroy, M. Kelly
Carlton eighth
Played 16, Won 6, Lost 10, For 1220, Against 1452, 84.02%, Points 24

September 08
Carlton played North Melbourne at Princes Park
The Blues' forwards accuracy gave Carlton the advantage early in the game and won by 21 points.
Carlton team;
Backs; Dunn, Park, Crowe,
Half backs; Savage, Dougherty, Treweek
Centres: Fogarty, Quinn, M. Kelly
Half forwards; Gillard, Vallence, White
Forwards; Hoarey, Boland, Job or Gannon
Followers; McElroy, McLean
Rover; Viney
Emergencies; Condon, Simmons, Quartermain, McLaren
Carlton won; 10.9.69 - 6.12.48
Goals; Boland 4, Viney 2, McElroy, Gillard, White, Job
Best; McElroy, McLean, Kelly, Quinn, Boland, Park, Crowe
Carlton eighth
Played 17, Won 7, Lost 10, For 1289, Against 1500, 85.93%, Points 28

September 15
Final round for the season
Carlton played St.Kilda at the Junction Oval.
A sensational walk off!
"Twelve minutes after play commenced in the match between St.Kilda and Carlton, with the scores 1.0 to 0.2 in favor of Carlton, owing to the very heavy rain W. Cubbins, captain of St.Kilda, took his men off the ground. He was followed off by the umpires and then by the Carlton players. After a lot of argument Cubbins refused to take his men back. R. Job, the Carlton captain again took his men on to the field. Umpire Hayes then bounced the ball, and White kicked another goal for Carlton, and all players then left the field, with the scores Carlton 2.0, St.Kilda 0.1" (The Age)
St.Kilda score typo error? see below
Carlton team; (27 named)
From; Arrell, Boland, Clarke, Crowe, Dougherty, Dunn, Gannon, Gillard, Jenkins, Job, Jones, M. Kelly, Lynch, Lunt, McDonald, McLaren, Murray, Price, Quartermain, Quigley, Quinn, Savage, Simmons, Stewart, Thompson, Viney, White
Goals; unknown, White
Carlton eighth
According to the Football Record, Carlton were awarded the game.
The Record's ladder has Carlton with 8 Wins and 32 Points. (The Football Record did not publish For/Against/% for the Reserves Competition)
Played 18, Won 8, Lost 10, For 1313, Against 1501, 87.47%, Points 32

Trove; Sporting Globe Sept 15 p3

October 01 Monday
The Age (p6) says, "officials and players of the Carlton Second Eighteen Football Club visited Bendigo on the week end, and were entertained by the mayor of Eaglehawk, Cr. J. H. Beggs and welcomed by the president of the Bendigo League, Cr. T. R. Davies."

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