1935 Reserves

Reserves Season 1935
Coach: Jim Crowe
Captain: Jim Crowe
Vice Capt: Rex Job / Norm Le Brun
Best & Fairest: TBD
Position: 4th
Premier: Melbourne

Carlton Final List


Anderson, Arrell, Cashman, A. Clarke, J. Cooper, R. Cooper, Crisp, C. Davey, Deluca, Dougherty, Dunn, Flint, Francis, Gill, Gilby, Green, Hale, Huxtable, Johnson, Mackie, H. Maskell, Mutimer, Park, Pollock, Shea, Vallence.

New Players

G. Collard (Bendigo), William Crameri (Oakleigh), C. Denning (Oakleigh), H. Hollingshead (Seymour), Jack Hunter, 20, 6ft3ins (Tatura), R. McLean (Fawkner), R. Quinn, A. Shields, C. Stokes (Narandera), C. Turner, Vaughan, A. Williams (Carlton District), F. Finn (Ballarat) and W. Burrows (Collingwood).

Supplementary List

Hamilton, B. Treweek, D. McIntyre, K. Maskell (Camperdown), Watkins.

Referred To Seconds

Jack McIlroy, Ayers (Carlton District), H. Boschen, H. Butler and W. Cleary (Warrnambool), Tom Roberts.

Off List

T. Laskey (from Camberwell, cleared to North Melbourne), J. Sinnot (Brunswick), L. C. Oprey to Prahran.
Aarons, Bush, Carroll, Coles, Devine, Darroch, Ellis, Fitzpatrick, Fisher, Guy, Gilllis, Hiscox, Jenkins, Lunt, Moloney, Munro, McGregor, McBeth, Peate, S. Simmons, Stackpole, Sullivan, P. Wooley
J. M. Hunter cleared to Coburg, C. A. McLaren to Hawthorn, H. E. Boschen to Brunswick and J. Cashman to Yarraville, on July 03.

Final Training List For Seconds

Ballingall, Barton, Boland, Brady, George Barker, J. Crowe, R. Chitty (Charlton), Dawson, Davis, Farr, Green, Joyner?, Gillard, H. Garrick (Hawthorn District), Gathercole, Hill, Hughson, Jones, Jamieson, Job, Lyons, Lanigan, Murray, N. McDermott (East Brunswick), Mooney, Miller, O'Neill, Phillips, Quinn, Sollory, Sharp, Saunders, Taylor, Townsing, Thomas, I. Viney, A. Williams, Walker.
This list is subject to addition from the first 18 training list.

S. Vaughan to Brunswick, & N. C. Kerr to Maryborough, permits granted late June.
F. Makin from Fish Creek trained with Carlton.
T. B. Mackin transferred from Fish Creek to Carlton on July 03
V. G. Crisp transferred from Wedderburn to Carlton on July 03
Tom J. Trembath (Victorian Cricketer) transferred from Birkenhead Ramblers (SA) to Carlton July 03
H. Anderson, Charlton to Carlton July 03

Practice Matches, March 30

Carlton Seconds played Preston (no details)

Blues played Blue & Whites at Princes Park at 1.30pm
Blues team
Backs; Leahy (Howlong NSW), McIntyre, Coad
Half backs; Arrell, Conley, Westhorpe
Centres; Armstrong, Alford, Lennie
Half forwards; M. White, J. Cooper, Power
Forwards; R. Wilson, Vallence (Capt), Sheather
Followers; Warway, Barker
Rover; Poynton

Blue & White team
Backs; Harley, Hitchens/Hutchens (Portsea), Yondell
Half backs; Chettle, H. Broschen, Ayres
Centres; H. Glover (Sorrento), Saunders, Noonan
Half forwards; Mox, McDonald, McClintock
Forwards; Besford, Boland, Darley (Flinders)
Followers; Mattingley, Bradley
Rover; R. Cooper (Capt)

Players to be tried during matches; (26) Burnett, Gillard, A. Hamilton, B. Hamilton, Hill, Hint, Jenkins, Lunt, Lew Shing, Mapleston, H. Miller, Mulvaney, McGorlisk, McLaren, O'Connor, Prendergast, Price, Smith, Smyth, Splatt, Templeton, Verdon, Viney, A. Williams, Williamson, Wyles.

Blues played Blue & White team at 3.15pm
Blues team
Backs; Dunn, Gill, Gilby
Half backs; Huxtable, Francis, Hale
Centres; Green, Stokes, Turner
Half forwards; Shea, Hollingshead, Anderson
Forwards; Maloney, Shields, Pollock
Followers; Davey (Capt), Maskell
Rover; Clarke

Blue & White team
Backs; Mackie (capt), K. Heskell, Park
Half backs; W. Cleary (Warrambool), Dougherty, Chitty
Centres; Grey, Finn, Donnellan
Half forwards; Vaughan, Husten, Mutimer
Forwards; Prggott/Piggott?, Denning, B. Boschen
Followers; Collard, McLean
Rover; Crameri

Practice Matches at Princes Park, April 06

Blues v Blue & Whites at 1.30pm
Blues team
Backs; Harley, McIntyre, Besford
Half backs; Westthorpe, Conely, Treweek
Centres; M. Kelly, Quinn (Capt), Glover
Half forwards; Poynton, Dougherty, Sinnott
Forwards; Saunders, McClintock, Barker
Followers; Boschen, McElroy
Rover; Price
Best; Glover,

Blue & White team
Backs; Cleary, Kent, Coad
Half backs; A. Hamilton, Chettle, J. Joss (Mathoura)
Centres; Gray or Watkins (Bacchus Marsh) , Donnellan, Hornbuckle
Half forwards; Boland, Prendergast, A. Williams
Forwards; Sheather, Vallence (Capt), R. Wilson
Followers; Warway, Bradley
Rover; Vonton (Wesley College) or Lacky
These players will also be included, Splatt, Elford, Hunt, V. Hamilton, Clark.
Umpire; Eddy
Best; Watkins, Predergast, Joss, A. Williams

Blues v Blue & Whites at 3pm
Blues team
Backs; Dunn, Gill, Gilby
Half backs; Arrell, Francis, Hale
Centres; Green, Stokes, Turner
Half forwards; Shea, Hollingshead, Crisp
Forwards; Mahoney, De Luca, Pollock
Followers; Davey (Capt), McLean
Rover; Clarke

Blue & White team
Backs; Mackie, Maskell (Camperdown), Park
Half backs; Chjitty, J. Morrison (Cheltenham), Hutchens
Centres; Armstrong, Finn, Moss or Gray
Half forwards; Mutimer, Anderson, Vaughan
Forwards; Piggott, Denning, J. Cooper
Followers; H. Maskell, Collard
Rover; Crameri
Umpire; Britt

Night Match, April 06

Richmond and Collingwood were to meet tonight in a match at Olympic Park.
Both teams have been selected.
The VFL have to give permission before it can go ahead. Melbourne Carnivals Ltd have a standby match with Coburg and Brunswick if the League approval is not forthcoming.
The League banned the matches, however, a further meeting to discuss the matter has been arranged.

Practice Match, April 13

Carlton Seconds to play Fairfield at Fairfield Park
Fairfield one of the strongest teams in the League Sub-Districts (Age March 15 p7)

Blues v Blue & Whites at Princes Park at 2.45pm
Blues team
Backs; Collard, Gill, Park
Half backs; B. Anderson/ F. Anderson?, Francis, Treweek
Centres; Green, Stokes, Hornbuckle
Half forwards; Mutimer, J. Cooper, Hollingshead
Forwards; Quinn, Vallence, Cashman (Capt)
Followers; Boschen, Maskell
Rover; Sinnott
Best; Hollingshead, Boschen, Stokes, Collard, Davey, Crisp, Hale, Clarke, De Luca

Blue & White team
Backs; Dunn, K. Maskell, Gilby
Half backs; Arrell, Mackie, Joss
Centres; W. O'Brien (Footscray), Piggott, Turner
Half forwards; Shea, Dougherty, Moss
Forwards; Mahoney, Denning, Pollock
Followers; Davey (Capt), McLean
Rover; Watkins
Players to tried out during the match (20) Adams, Anwyl, Armstong, Barker, Bradley, Ansell Clarke, R. Cooper, Crisp, De Luca, A. Hamilton, Finn, Hale, Ibbs, McElroy, McIntyre, Ray, Rowan, Saunders, Vaughan, Warway, A. Williams
Best; Turner, A. Hamilton, O'Brien, Moss, Joss, Denning, A. Williams, Gilby

Practice Match April 20

Despite the rain and the water-logged ground the standard of play was good.
Maybe this was due to an experimental rubber ball being used.
Blues team ;
Backs; Mackie, Gill, Park
Half backs; Hamilton, Francis, Hale
Centre; Green, Stokes, O'Brien
Half forwards; Shea, Hunter or De Luca, Crisp
Forwards; Quinn, Vallence, Pollock
Followers; Davey (Capt), McLean
Rover; R. Cooper
Best; Francis, Stokes, Davey, McLean, Park, Hunter, R. Cooper

Blue & White team;
Butler did not play.
Backs; H. Maskell, K. Maskell, Gilby
Half backs; Treweek, Anderson, Arrell
Centre; Watkins, Butler, Turner
Half forwards; J. Cooper, Hollingshead, Mutimer
Forwards; Vaughan, Shields, Denning
Followers; Cashman (Capt), Dougherty
Rover; Patterson
To be included, Dunn, Sinnott, Ayres, H. Boschen, Clary, Morrison, McElroy, McIntyre, McClintock, Burrows (Collingwood).
Best; Anderson, Watkins, Patterson (Noojee), Mutimer, J. Cooper.

Practice Match - Easter Monday April 22

Anderson, Arrel, Cashman, Clark, J. Cooper, R. Cooper, Crisp, Davey, De Luca, Dougherty, Dunn, Finn, Francis, Gill, Gilby, Green, Hale, Johnson, Mackie, H. Maskell, J. McElroy, Mutimer, Park, Pollock, Shea, Treweek, Vallence. (27)
Ayers, H. Boschen, Butler, Cleary, Pollard, Denning, Hamilton, Hollingshead, Hunter, K. Maskell, McIntyre, McLean, Quinn, Shiels, Sinnott, Stokes, Turner, Vaughan, Watkins, O'Brien, Patterson, Savage, Warway. (23)

Opening Round of the Season

April 27
Carlton played Geelong at Geelong
"All players are requested to be at the Carlton ground at 12.15pm."
Geelong easily brushed a side what was supposed to be Carlton's strongest Reserves team for a few seasons. The home team led at the first break by five goals to one. In the final term they scored ten goals to the Blues' four.
Carlton team;
Backs; H. Maskell, Jones or McIntyre, Gilby
Half backs; Arrell, G. Mackie, Treweek
Centres; McDermott, Stokes or R. Quinn, Burrows
Half forwards; Crowe, Hollingshead, Vaughan
Forwards; Denning, Shield or Hunter, Pollock
Followers; Collard or McElroy, J. Cooper
Rover; Crameri
Emergencies; Job, Boland, Chitty, Dawson
Carlton lost by 87 points; 11.12.78 - 25.15.165
Goals; Denning 4, Cooper 2, Pollock 2, Crowe 2, Collard
Best; Maskell, McDermott, J. Cooper, Gilby, Collard, Hollingshead
Carlton eleventh
Played 1, Won 0, Lost 1, For 78, Against 165, 47.27%, Points 0

May 04
Carlton played Hawthorn at Princes Park
In front of a large crowd, the disciplined Blues played with dash and skill.
Carlton team;
Backs; Chitty, Jones, Crowe
Half backs; Arron/Arrell?, Mackie, Treweek
Centres; McDermott, Stokes, Vaughan
Half forwards; Crameri, Hollingshead, Hunter
Forwards; Denning, Shields, Pollock
Followers; Dunn, Collard
Rover; Dawson
Emergencies; Job, Boland, Williams
Carlton won; 14.9.93 - 9.10.64
Goals; Denning 6, Hunter 3, Cameri 2, Shields, Dawson, Hollingshead
Best; Dunn, Denning, Crowe, McDermott, Crameri, Treweek, Stokes
Played 2, Won 1, Lost 1, For 171, Against 229, 74.67%, Points 4

May 11
Carlton played Richmond at Richmond
A great game in which the Blues with a strong side, snuck in for a win.
Richmond kicked with the wind but managed only 3.3 to 4.1 in the first term. Carlton then scored 7.7 to 3.0. The Blues led by 35 points at the main break, but Richmond came back after half time and it developed into a very close game despite the amount of senior players in the Carlton team.
Carlton players, staff, and officials were entertained by the Richmond second eighteen committee after the game.
Carlton team; (24 named)
From; Arrell, Burrows, Butler, Collard, J. Cooper, Crameri, Crowe, Denning, Dunn, Hunter, Kerr, Le Brun, Mackie, K. Maskell, McIntyre, McLean, Park, Pollock, Quinn, Shields, Steigenberger, Stokes, Treweek, Wilson
Carlton won; 16.11.107 - 15.14.104
Goals; Denning 7, Shields 6, McLean, Crameri, Butler
Best; Butler, Crowe, Treweek, Collard, Denning, Quinn
Carlton fourth
Played 3, Won 2, Lost 1, For 278, Against 333, 83.48%, Points 8

May 18
Carlton played South Melbourne
A close and high class game.
Carlton team; (23 named)
From; Boland, Burrows, Butler, Cashman, Collard, J. Cooper, Crameri, Crowe, Denning, Jamieson, Jones, Kerr, Le Brun, H. Maskell, K. Maskell, McIntyre, McLean, Pollock, R. Quinn, Shields, Stokes, Treweek, Wilson
Carlton won by 3 points
Carl; 3.3 6.7 9.10 10.13.73
S.M; 4.3 5.3 9.3 11.4.70
Goals; Cashman 3, Pollock 2, Crameri, Butler, J. Cooper, Shields, Quinn
Best; Cashman, Quinn, Butler, McIntyre, Burrows, Treweek
Carlton third
Played 4, Won 3, Lost 1, For 351, Against 403, 87.09%, Points 12

May 25
Carlton played St.Kilda
The Blues got off to a brilliant start thanks to Ansell Clarke's accuracy in front of goal.
Carlton team;
Backs; K. Maskell, Park, Crowe
Half backs; Treweek, Hollingshead, McIntyre
Centres; Burrows, Quinn, Kerr
Half forwards; Le Brun, Shields, J. Cooper
Forwards; Clarke, Hunter, Mackie
Followers; Pollock, Collard
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; Crameri, Stokes, Job, Jones, Boland
Carlton won; 21.19.145 - 10.10.70
Goals; Clarke 8, Pollock 3, Le Brun 2, Cooper 2, Collard, Job, Mackie, Burrows, Boland,Treweek
Best; Quinn, Clarke, Burrows, Butler, Park, Cooper, Hollingshead
Carlton third
Played 5, Won 4, Lost 1, For 496, Against 473, 104.86%, Points 16

June 01
Carlton played North Melbourne at North Melbourne
An even, hard, and fast game up to half time, then the Blues got away to have a handy lead at the last break.
Carlton team;
Backs; McIntyre, Jones, Crowe
Half backs; Stokes, Hollingshead, Treweek
Centres; McDermott, R. Quinn, Burrows
Half forwards; McLean, J. Cooper, H. Maskell
Forwards; Clarke, Hunter, Mackie
Rover; Butler
19th man; Crameri
Emergencies; Arrell, Job, Garrick
Carlton won*(See June 26); 13.22.100 - 6.12.48
Goals; Cashman 4, Mackie 4, Clarke 3, Hunter, Lynch
Best; Mackie, McIntyre, Stokes, Burrows, Crameri, Quinn, Job
Carlton first
Played 6, Won 5, Lost 1, For 596, Against 521, 114.39%, Points 20

June 08
Carlton played Footscray
Not much separated the teams at half time. Carlton then broke away to win easily.
Carlton team;
Backs; McLean, Park, Crowe
Half backs; Stokes, Hollingshead, Treweek
Centres; McDermott, Quinn, Kerr
Half forwards; Le Brun, K. Maskell, Burrows
Forwards; Clarke, Cashman, Warway
Followers; Collard, Job
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; Vaughan, Crameri, Hunter, Garrick
Carlton won; 14.15.99 - 9.3.57
Goals; Cashman 7, Clarke 2, Butler 2, K. Maskell, Burrows, Le Brun, Stokes
Best; Cashman, Butler, Treweek, K. Maskell, Stokes, Quinn
Carlton second
Played 7, Won 6, Lost 1, For 695, Against 578, 120.24%, Points 24

June 15
Carlton played Melbourne at Princes Park
What promised to be a close game turned out to be an easy 32 point win for the Blues.
.*Cashman did not play, he was promoted to the senior team as 19th man.
Carlton team;
Backs; McIntyre, Park, Crowe
Half backs; Stokes, Hollingshead, Treweek
Centres; Burrows, R. Quinn, McDermott
Half forwards; J. Cooper, Shields, Le Brun
Forwards; Cashman*, K. Maskell, McLean
Followers; Collard, Job
Rover; Butler
19th man; Crameri
Emergencies; Arrell, Chitty, Viney
Carlton won; 14.12.96 - 8.16.64
Goals; K. Maskell 4, Le Brun 2, Crameri 2, J. Cooper 2, Collard 2, Butler, Shields
Best; Quinn, Park, Stokes, Butler, Burrows, Crameri
Carlton first
Played 8, Won 7, Lost 1, For 791, Against 642, 123.20%, Points 28

June 21 Friday
"The decision of the investigative committee on Tuesday evening, that Carlton should forfeit the points for the match against North Melbourne, has created an interesting position in the League second eighteens.
Carlton drop from absolute top of the list to second on percentages. Percentages determine the top four places on the list, Geelong, Carlton, Collingwood and Melbourne having won six matches, and being in the above order according to points scored for and against.
This makes the game between Carlton and Collingwood tomorrow hold more than the usual amount of interest that always attaches to the meeting of these clubs."

June 22
Carlton played Collingwood at Victoria Park
No match report
.*Treweek and Park did not play, they were promoted to the senior team to replace Dunn and Mackie (both injured).
Carlton team; (23 named)
From; Burrows, Butler, Cashman, Chitty, Collard, Crameri, Crowe, Denning, Doherty, Hollingshead, Jackson, Job, Lanigan, K. Maskell, McDermott, McIntyre, McLean, Park*, Quinn, Shields, Stokes, Treweek*, Viney
Carlton lost by 46 points.
Carl; 2.3 3.5 4.6 8.7.55
Coll; 3.6 7.6 9.10 15.11.101
Goals; not available
Best; not available
Carlton second
Played 9, Won 7, Lost 2, For 846, Against 743, 113.86%, Points 28

June 26 Wednesday
"At a meeting of the permit and umpire committee of the V.F.L. seconds held at Harrison House last night, notice of appeal was given by Carlton seconds against a decision of the tribunal in awarding points for the match between Carlton and North Melbourne seconds to the latter team.
Carlton won the match, but North Melbourne successfully protested on the grounds that Carlton had played an ineligible player.
The appeal was forwarded to the Victorian Football League, the appeal body." (The Age)

June 29
Carlton played Essendon
A even game up until half time, then the Blues powered away.
Job (Carlton) and Churchlands (Essendon) reported by Field Umpire Teague for fighting.
Carlton team;
Backs; Cleary, McIntyre, Crowe
Half backs; Stokes, Hollingshead, Arrell
Centres; Mcdermott, Quinn, Burrows
Half forwards; Mc Lean, Maskell, Shields
Forwards; Dougherty, Denning, Finn
Followers; Collard, Job
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; Murray, Viney, Chitty, Lanigan?
Umpire; Teague
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.3 5.6 11.9 19.12.126
Ess. 2.3 4.4 5.6 6.9.45
Goals; Denning 8, Dougherty 4, Finn 3, Shields 2, Maskell, Collard
Best; McDermott, Denning, Arrell, Burrows, Stokes, Butler, McLean
Carlton fourth
Played 10, Won 7*, Lost 3, For 972, Against 788, 123.35%, Points 28*
.*Carlton deducted 4 points for playing an ineligible player against North Melbourne, June 1.
North awarded the 4 points, see June 26

July 06
Carlton played Fitzroy at Fitzroy
Carlton were too good in the air and ran out easy winners.
Carlton team;
Backs; McLean, McIntyre, Crowe
Half backs; Stokes, Hollingshead, Cleary or Treweek
Centres; Burrows, Quinn, McDermott
Half forwards; Arrell, Maskell, J. Cooper
Forwards; Le Brun, Denning, Finn
Followers; Collard, Doherty
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; Shields, Murray, Trembath, Mooney, Ayers
Carlton won; 16.13.109 - 10.6.66
Goals; Denning 7, Dougherty 2, Cooper 2, Maskell 2, Butler, Le Brun, McLean
Best; Stokes, McIntyre, McLean, Le Brun, Burrows, Butler
Carlton third
Played 11, Won 8, Lost 3, For 1081, Against 854, 126.58%, Points 32

July 11

Carlton and North Seconds - Dispute About Match

Carlton had won the June 01 match by 52 points, but the League awarded the match to North Melbourne because Carlton had played Cashman a senior player. The rule at the time stated that a senior player could not play in the Seconds if the senior team was playing on the same day.
To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article11746960

July 13
Carlton played Geelong at Princes Park
Geelong were too good on the day with many Carlton players down.
The Blues did manage to kick five goals straight in the final quarter.
Carlton team;
Backs; Job, McIntyre, Quinn
Half backs; Stokes, Hollingshead, Cleary or Shields
Centres; McDermott, Arrell, Burrows
Half forwards; Finn, J. Cooper, Maskell
Forwards; Crameri, Denning, Dougherty
Followers; Collard, McLean
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; Boland, Mooney, Viney, Murray, Ayres
Carlton lost by 46 points
Carl: 2.0 3.2 4.4 9.4.58
Geel; 4.4 6.7 11.17 14.20.104
Goals; Denning 7, Butler, Collard
Best; McIntyre, Denning, Butler, McDermott, Quinn, Cleary
Injury: Job (ankle) replaced by Shields
Carlton fourth
Played 12, Won 8, Lost 4, For 1139, Against 958, 118.89%, Points 32

July 20
Carlton played Hawthorn at Glenferrie
The Blues made best use of the muddy ground in the first quarter to lead by 3.3 at the first break, and they held the lead throughout the match to win by 3 goals.
Carlton team;
Backs; Cleary, McIntyre, Mooney
Half backs; Stokes, Hollingshead, Treweek
Centres; McDermott, Quinn, Burrows
Half forwards; Arrell, J. Cooper, A. Williams
Forwards; G. Crisp, Shields, Doherty
Followers; Collard, McLean
Rover; Le Brun
Emergencies; Maskell, Viney, Murray, Myers
Umpire; Shaw
Carlton won bt 18 points
Carl; 4.2 8.4 9.6 10.13.73
Haw; 0.5 2.9 6.12 7.13. 55
Goals; Collard 2, Shields 2, Le Brun, Doherty, Collard, Vicery/Viney?, Ayers, unknown
Best; Treweek, McDermott, Hollingshead, Collard, Le Brun, McLean
Carlton third
Played 13, Won 9, Lost 4, For 1212, Against 1013, 119.64%, Points 36

July 27
Split round, Carlton did not play.

August 3
No matches

August 10
A full round of matches.
Carlton played South Melbourne at South Melbourne
The Blues played a weakened South team and won easily. Injury forced the Southerners to play with 17 men after half time.
The Blues had scored 5.5 to 1.1 at quarter time, and at half time the scores were Carlton 7.8 to South's 3.6
All of Carlton's team played well.
Carlton team;
Backs; Cleary, McIntyre, Crowe
Half backs; Stokes, Hollingshead, Treweek
Centres; McDermott, Quinn, Burrows
Half forward; McLean, J. Cooper, G. Crisp
Forwards; Le Brun, Denning, Dougherty
Followers; Collard, Job
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; Crameri, Finn, Ayers, Shields, Trembath, Viney
Carlton won; 21.12.138 - 8.11.59
Goals; Denning 7, Dougherty 3, Le Brun 3, Butler 2, McLean 2, Crisp 2, Crowe, Cooper
Best; Denning, Hollingshead, Quinn, Crowe, Butler, McDermott
Carlton fourth
Played 14, Won 10, Lost 4, For 1350, Against 1072, 125.93%, Points 40

August 17
Carlton played Richmond at Princes Park
The Blues were not headed throughout the game, and the defeat keeps the Tigers out of the four.
Hollingshead and McLean (injured) did not play
Carlton team;
Backs; Cleary, McIntyre, Crowe
Half backs; Stokes, Hollingshead, Treweek
Centres; Burrows, Quinn, McDermott
Half forwards; G. Crisp, J. Cooper, F. Anderson
Forwards; Le Brun, Denning, Dougherty
Followers; McLean, Collard
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; Crameri, Ayers, Finn, Viney
Carlton won; 12.13.85 - 7.12.54
Goals; Denning 4, G. Crisp 3, Ayers 2, Butler, Anderson, Quinn
Best; Anderson, Quinn, Butler (till hurt), McDermott, Crisp, Ayers, Collard.
Carlton third
Played 15, Won 11, Lost 4, For 1435, Against 1126, 127.44%, Points 44

August 24
Carlton played St.Kilda at St.Kilda
The Saints surprised the Blues with their pace and field kicking, but the Blues manged to lead at every change. Le Brun was instrumental in the final term for the victory.
Carlton team;
Backs; Cleary, McIntyre, Trembath
Half backs; Stokes, Hollingshead, Treweek
Centres; Burrows, Quinn, De Luca
Half forwards; Dougherty, J. Cooper, G. Crisp
Forwards; Crowe, Denning, Mutimer
Followers; Collard, Ayers
Rover; Le Brun
Emergencies; Meredith, Finn, Williams, Viney, Chitty
Carlton won; 16.15.111 - 14.10.94
Goals; Le Brun 4, Maskell 4, Denning 3, Trembath, Finn, Quinn, Williams, Crisp
Best; Le Brun, Quinn, Ayers, Williams, McIntyre, Burrows
Carlton third
Played 16, Won 12, Lost 4, For 1546, Against 1220, 126.72%, Points 48

August 31
Carlton played North Melbourne at Princes Park
The Blues with the aid of the wind led at the first break and maintained the lead throughout in a one sided match.
Carlton team;
Backs; Cleary, McIntyre, Crowe
Half backs; Ayers, Hollingshead, Treweek
Centres; Burrows, Quinn, McDermott
Half forwards; Crisp, J. Cooper, Dougherty
Forwards; Garrick, Denning, Finn
Followers; Collard, Job
Rover; Le Brun
Emergencies; Maskell, Williams, Viney, Davies
Carlton won; 15.18.108 - 9.6.60
Goals; Denning 9, Crisp, Dougherty, J. Cooper, Ayers, Finn, Garrick
Best; Denning, J. Cooper, McDermott, Le Brun, Quinn, Treweek, Burrows
Carlton third
Played 17, Won 13, Lost 4, For 1654, Against 1280, 129.21%, Points 52

September 07
Final round of the season
Carlton played Footscray at Footscray
A close game where Blues held on for a win.
Carlton team; (21 named)
From; Ayers, Burrows, Cleary, Crameri, G. Crisp, Crowe, Davis, Dougherty, Finn, Hollingshead, Garrick, Job, Le Brun, Maskell, McDermott, McIntyre, Park, Quinn, Shields, Viney, Williams
Carlton won; 8.11.59 - 8.8.56
Goals; Le Brun 2, Williams, Quinn, Crameri, Crisp, Park, Crowe
Best; Park, Le Brun, Quinn, Burrows, McDermott, Viney
Carlton finished third
Played 18, Won 14, Lost 4, For 1713, Against 1336, 128.21%, Points 56

Major Goal Kickers*

Clen Denning 61, Jack Cashman 14, Ansell Clarke 11, Arch Shields 11
.*June 22 details not available

Reserves First Semi Final

September 14
Carlton played Melbourne on the M.C.G. at 12.15pm
The speedy Blues started well but poor kicking for goal let them down. Jimmy Crowe turned many Melbourne attacks in the second quarter, but the Blues were 14 points down at the main break. Rain marred the match in the third term, and Carlton wasted their opportunites with short passing in front of goal. In the final quarter after a goal to Ayers the Blues rallied and hit the front by 2 points.
With minutes remaining Melbourne's 'Bluey' Truscott* scored the winning goal.
Carlton team;
Backs; W. Cleary, D. McIntyre, J. Crowe (capt)
Half backs; C. Stokes, G. Dougherty, B. Treweek
Centres; W. Burrows, R. Quinn, N. McDermott
Half forwards; W. Crameri, J. Cooper, H. Hollingshead
Forwards; N. Le Brun (vice capt), C. Denning, F. Ayers
Followers; G. Collard, R. McLean
Rover; H. Butler
Emergencies; G. Crisp, I. Viney, F. Finn, A. Williams
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.5 4.8 5.13 9.16.70
Melb. 4.0 7.4 9.6 11.8.74
Goals; Denning 3, Ayers 2, Hollingshead, Quinn, Cooper, Collard
Best; McIntyre, McLean, Crowe, Dougherty, McDermott, Butler
  • Squadron Leader Keith 'Bluey' Truscott DFC and bar, became a two time Melbourne premiership player and WW2 RAAF fighter ace who was tragically killed in a flying accident. He became a flying ace in the European Theatre. In the South West Pacific his squadron of Kittyhawks (Curtiss P40's) played a pivotal role in the 1942 Australian victory - The Battle of Milne Bay. This action in close co-operation with the Australian Army on the eastern tip of New Guinea was the first defeat of invading Japanese ground forces in the Pacific War.

September 21
Carton Reserves visited Shepparton
Most of the party arrived by charabanc* on Friday and stayed at Goulburn Valley Hotel.
The group are visiting the cannery and witnessing a semi final match in the afternoon. A dance has been arranged for the evening. The players may give a a kicking demonstration at half time if arrangements can be made.
President: C. Craig
Vice President: J. Black, A. Holdsworth, J. Newbold,
Secretary: A. Walker
Committee: W. Lynch, Hynson, W. Scott, Harry Toole
Trainers: Gillard, Harrison, Harvey
Players: Ayers, Norm Le Brun, George Collard, Cramen, Crisp, Jim Crowe (C&C), C. Denning, Dougherty, Glover, Job (VC), Jurrows, Quinn, Clarrie Stokes, Viney, Williams
(Shepparton Advertiser 21 & 23)
.* Charabanc is a type of bus, a cross between a motor car and and a bus,
Goulburn Valley Stock & Property Sept 25

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