1944 Reserves

Reserves Season 1944
Coach: TBD
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: Bert Butler
Position: 5tg
Premier: Fitzroy


Jack W. Carroll centre half forward (Williamstown), R. W. Taylor (Hummock S.A.), J. M. Coles (Black Rock)

Other players who impressed in trial games were;

Lloyd Tweddle, half-back, Murchison,
Jack Reilly, the WA centre half-forward, who knows the game and was impressive;
Jim Clapton, of Merri Juniors, a clever rover who kicks excellently;
Jack Mulcahy, from Coburg Sons of Soldiers, a centre who delivered the ball splendidly;
H. Turner, the Carlton cricketer, who played with the seconds last season, and who should play in the first game as a rover;
A. Bridson, a district half-back who has been playing with Essendon Stars; and
G. Woodman (RAAF), a tenacious back player.
Harold McDonald (Nagambie) played with Carlton Reserves in seasons 1944 and 1945. His father Herb played District Cricket with Melbourne (Weekly Times January 29 p36)

Round 1
6th May, 1944
Carlton Vs South Melbourne at Princes Park
CARLTON: From Alexander, Blackmore, Beauvais, Camm, Green, Hopper, Harbour, Jessop, Clapton, Matcott Shannon. Reilly. Tweddle, Harris. Williams, Gregory. Wines, Way, Wilson. O'Shea.
Carlton won by 24 points
Carl; 1.4 3.7 -- 16.17.113
SM; 2.2 6.5 -- 13.11.89

Round 2
13th May, 1944
Carlton Vs Hawthorn at Hawthorn
CARLTON: From Alexander, Blackmore, Butler, Beauvais, Clark, Clapton, Camm, Green, Harbour, Harris, Jessop. Matcott, Mulcahy, Mason, McDonald, McCann, O'Shea, Riley, Spence, Shannon, Tudor, Tweddle, Wines. Wilson, Williams.
Umpire; Jamieson
Carlton lost by 5 points
Carl; 4.3 8.9 11.11 16.14.110
Haw; 2.4 7.10 12.13 17.13.115

Round 3
20th May, 1944
Carlton Vs Melbourne
Carlton team from: Butler, Marden, McDonald, Clapton, Wines, Jessop, Shannon, Reilly, Harbour, Beauvais, Matcott, Williams, Green. Mulcahy, Spence, McCann, Blackmore, Harris, Camm, Alexander. Woodman, Greet, Wilson, Tweddle.

Round 4
27th May, 1944
Carlton v Essendon at Windy Hill
Backs: Atkinson, Chitty, McLean
Half-back: Sanger, Anderson, Clark.
Centres: Hines, Brown, Fitzgibbon.
Half-forwards: Way, Wrout, Green.
Forwards: Price, Savage, Tudor.
Followers: Bennett, Tuohy
Rover: Mooring.
Emergencies: Mcinnes, Spence, Wines, Tweddle.

Round 5
3rd June, 1944
Carlton Vs Melbourne
CARLTON: From Jessop, Green: Harris, Glasscott, Williams, Mulcahy, Bridson, Tweddle, Alexander, Greet, Carrol, Blackmore McCann, Beauvais, Camm, Jorgenson, Claptan, Marden, Matcott, Greenshields, Woodman, McDonald. Butler.

Round 6
10th June, 1944
Carlton Vs Geelong
Carlton team from: Alexander, Boys, Butler, Blackmore, Brldson, Clapton Connly, Green, Glascott, Green, Harbour, Harris, Jessop, Jorgenson, McCann, Mulcahy, Marden, McDonald, Spence, Tweddle, Turner, Wilson, Way, Williams Woodman.

Round 7
17th June, 1944
Carlton Vs St Kilda
CARLTON: From: Williams. Greenshields, Harbour, Blackmore, Beauvais, Mulcahy, McDonald, Tweddle, Jessop, Jorgenson, Clapton, Turner, Way, Harris, Connly, Marden, Green, Glasscott, Greet. Alexander. Woodman.

Round 8
24th June, 1944
Carlton Vs Collingwood
Carlton team from: From Greet, Woodman. Glascott, Porter, McDonald. Greenshields, Williams, Conley, Spence, Way, Harris, Green, Turner, Jessop, Jorgensen, Clapton, Boys, Mulcahy, Beauvls, Blackmore, Tweddle

Round 9
1st July, 1944
North Melbourne Vs Carlton
CARLTON: From Spence, Williams, Porter, Alexander, Woodman, Mulcahy, Glasscott, Greet, Harris, Turner, Jessop, Jorgensen, Clapton, McDonald, Baxter, Butler, Blackmore, Green, Mason, Greenshields

Round 11
15th July, 1944
Carlton Vs Footscray

Backs: Atkinson, Chitty, McLean.
Half-backs: Sanger, Savage, Clark,
Centres: Brown, Mccann, Williams.
Half forwards: Butler, Wrout. Green.
Forwards: Price, Lucas. McInnes.
Followers: Howell, Bennett.
Rover: Mooting.
Emergencies: Wilson, Alexander, Jack Conley, Marden, Tuohy, Tweddle. Way.

Round 12
22nd July, 1944
Played at Old Scotch Oval
Stn Melb, 17-10.112, d Carlton, 11-15.81

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