1946 Reserves

Reserves Season 1946
Coach: TBD
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: Fred Hale
Position: 6th
Premier: Richmond

Carlton Final List


Alexander, Baxter, Beauvais, Bennett, Boys, Chitty, Clapton, Deacon, Hands, A. Hanton, H. Hanton, Harris, Hinds, Hopper, Jones, McInnes, R. McLean, Mooring, Price, Rose, Sanger, Turner, Way, Williams, Wines.

Returned From Service

Cameron, Conley, Dillon, Grieve, Henfry, Howell, K. McLean, Sleith.

New Players

Garby (Cohuna), Miller (Moree), O'Sullivan (Heathcote), Sleith

To Be Included When Available

Brown, Clarke, Baird, Fitzgibbons, Savage, Spence, Eldridge, Davies (suffering from malaria), Bailey and Cooper (both awaiting clearances from W.A.)

Supplementary List

R. Green, Power, Westcott, Stan Comber, Moss, Sheehan, Considine, Brew, Medley, Andrew, Andrews, Shaw, Teasdale, A. Green, Brady.


B. Kenny, J. Hoare, D. Mason (all to Northcote), F. K. Smith (Williamstown).

April 20
Carlton played South Melbourne at Princes Park
Carlton won by 78 points
Carl; 4.3 11.6 16.11 24.18.162
S.M; 4.4 5.7 9.10 12.12.84
Goals; Harris 6, Turner 4, Price 3, unknown

April 27
Carlton played Melbourne
Carlton lost by 43 points
Carl; 1.3 4.12 4.15 5.20.50
Melb; 3.4 5.7 8.9 13.15.93

May 4th
CARLTON: From Andrew. Brew, Brady. Comber, Clapton. Considine. Davies Dakis, Dillon, Oreen. Greenshields. Hanton Holt, Moss, Malcolm, Rose. Sheehan, Scott. Stodgell

May 11th
CARLTON From Beauvais Brady Brew, Cully Comber Clapton Dillon Davies Dakis Greenshields Green Hopper Hams Holt Hanton Moss Mcinnes Stodgell Sheehan Scott Spence Westcott

May 18
Carlton played North Melbourne
Carlton team; (19 named)
Boys, Brew, Beauvais, Culty, Stan Comber, Clapton, Duclose, Greenshields, Hanton, Holt, Harris, Hooper, Medley, Scott, Spence, Sillitoe, Shand, Stodgell, Westcott.
Carlton won; 14.14.98 - 8.14.62
Goals; ---
Best; ---

May 25
Carlton played St.Kilda
Carlton won; 19.14.128 - 8.17.65
Carlton third;
Played 6, Won 4, Lost 2, For 598, Against 434, 137.78%, Points 16

June 01
Carlton played Richmond on the Albert Ground
Carlton lost; 12.8.80 - 11.17.83

June 13
Carlton V Sth Melbourne
CARLTON from Atkinson Anderson, Bennett Balley Baird Brown Cliitty Cooper Fitzgibbon Francis Oneil Grieve Knight Morgan Mcinnes Mooring Mcintyre Price Stodgell Sanger Schmidt Wrout

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