1962 Reserves

Reserves Season 1962
Coach: TBD
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: John Reilly
Position: 9th
Premier: Footscray
Leading Goalkicker: Leo Brereton 25 goals (5th in the competition)



G. Alderson, G. Anderson, W. Arch, W. Arthur, P. Barry, J. Bennetti, L. Brereton, B. Bryant, B. Buckley, J. Carroll, T. Carroll, I. Collins, G. Collis, B. Cox, M. Cross, R. Crowe, G. Donaldson, J. Heathcote, B. Holcombe, J. James, M. Kick, W. Lofts, J. Mickleson, A. Murphy, J. Nicholls, D. Rogers, M. Sankey, S. Silvagni, V. Varlamos, B. Williams, J. Williams.


A. Cameron (Port Melbourne), P. Christie (Yea), R. Crockett (Trafalgar), P. Falconer (Geelong), J. Gill (Casterton), J. Goold (Healesville), K. Greenwood (South Bendigo), T. Kitson (Red Cliffs), B. McMaster-Smith (Fitzroy), J. Miller (Garfield), H. Ogilvie (Ararat), J. Reilly (South Fremantle), R. Ringholt (Thirds), C. Stewart (Reserves), J. Wright (Turvey Park).


D. Andrews (Thirds), N. Cranden (Millgrove), A. Goulopoulos (Reserves), R. Henderson (Thirds), L. Leyden (Thirds), M. McKinlay (Thirds), R. O'Halloran (Thirds), A. Parker (Thirds), A. Peters (Frankston), W. Pemberton (Thirds), J. Sullivan (Thirds).


M. Boyd (South Bendigo), R. Stephens (Red Cliffs)


B. Comben (Maddingley), G. Ferry (Mitcham), D. McCulloch (Glen Thompson), G. Gilchrist (Retired), C. Pavlou (Retired), D. Nicholls (Oakleigh), J. Shanahan, M. Miers.
(Age April 16)

Round 1: 21st April 1962

Geelong 7.22.64
Carlton 8.15.63

Result: Lost by 1 Point.

Goalkickers: Dave Rogers 3, Bruce Williams 2, last 3 goalkickers unknown.

Best: John Benetti, Bruce Williams, Dave Rogers, Henry Ogilvie, Malcolm MacKinley, Andrew Goulopoulos.

Round 2: 28th April 1962

Richmond 16.10.106
Carlton 10.12.72

Result: Lost by 34 Points.



Round 3: 5th May 1962

Carlton 8.14.62
Nth Melb. 7.15.57

Result: Won by 5 Points.

Goalkickers: Bill Arthur 2, last 6 goalkickers unknown.

Best: Bruce McMaster-Smith, Bruce Williams, Henry Ogilvie, Graeme Anderson, Ron Carruthers, Jim Carroll.

Round 4: 12th May 1962

Carlton team;
Backs; Carroll, Anderson, J. Williams
Half backs; Collins, Ogilvie, MacKinley
Centres; Carruthers, Goold, McMaster-Smith
Half forwards; Kitson, Goulopoulos, Stephens
Forwards; Pemberton, Arthur, Heathcote
Followers; Reilly, Rogers
Rover; B. Williams
Reserves; Steart/Stewart?, Christie
Emergencies; Ringholt, Alderson, Andrews, Parker, Sullivan, O'Halloran, Crunden

Carlton 11.18.84
Hawthorn 9.11.65

Result: Won by 19 Points.

Goalkickers: John Heathcote 4, Bob Stephens 2, Henry Ogilvie 2, Peter Christie 1, Tom Kitson 1, Andrew Goulopoulos 1.

Best: Bob Stephens, John Heathcote, Malcolm MacKinley, Bruce McMaster-Smith, Tom Kitson, Henry Ogilvie.

Round 5: 19th May 1962

Essendon 9.19.73
Carlton 9.17.71

Result: Lost by 2 Points.

Goalkickers: John Williams 2, Brian Holcombe 2, Bill Arthur 2, Dave Rogers 1, Bill Arch 1, Cliff Stewart 1.

Best: Bill Arch, John Benetti, Cliff Stewart, John Williams, Malcolm MacKinley, John Reilly.

Round 6: 26th May 1962
Carlton team;
Backs; Crunden, Barry, J. Williams
Half backs; Varlamos, Lofts, MacKinley
Centres; Parker, Goold, Stewart
Half forwards; Kitson, Pemberton, Goulopoulos
Forwards; Holcombe, J. Miller, Brereton
Followers; Reilly, Rogers
Rover; Heathcote
Reserves; Arthur, Christie
Emergencies; O'Halloran, Ringholt, Sullivan, Andrews

Collingwood 10.12.72
Carlton 9.05.59

Result: Lost by 13 Points.

Goalkickers: Bill Arthur 3, Tom Kitson 2, Leo Brereton 2, Wes Lofts 1, Brian Holcombe 1.

Best: Malcolm MacKinley, John Williams, John Reilly, Tom Kitson, M.Crunden, Cliff Stewart.

Round 7: 4th June 1962

Melbourne 10.26.86
Carlton 4.10.34

Result: Lost by 52 Points.

Goalkickers: Bill Arthur 2, Dave Rogers 2.

Best: Tom Kitson, John Reilly, Ken Greenwood, Cliff Stewart, Brian Holcombe, Malcolm MacKinley.

Round 9: 23rd June 1962

Footscray 14.17.101
Carlton 4.16.40

Result: Lost by 61 Points.

Goalkickers: Dave Rogers 1, John Goold 1, Brian Holcombe 1, Laurie Leyden 1.

Best: John Reilly, Henry Ogilvie, Malcolm MacKinley, Bob Stephens, Cliff Stewart, Brian Holcombe.

Round 10: 30th June 1962

Carlton 17.19.121
Fitzroy 11.26.92

Result: Won by 29 Points.

Goalkickers: McQuane 4, Bill Pemberton 4, Dave Rogers 2, Bob Stephens 2, Leo Brereton 2, Laurie Leyden 1, John Heathcote 1, Brian Henderson 1.

Best: John Heathcote, Bob Stephens, Brian Holcombe, McQuane, John Goold, Leo Brereton.

Round 11: 7th July 1962

Carlton 12.13.85
Sth Melb. 11.15.81

Result: Won by 4 Points.

Goalkickers: Leo Brereton 5, John Goold 3, Bill Pemberton 2, Brian Holcombe 1, Martin Cross 1.

Best: Leo Brereton, John Goold, Bob O'Halloran, Brian Holcombe, Martin Cross, Malcolm MacKinley.

Round 12: 14th July 1962

Geelong 9.11.65
Carlton 4.05.29

Result: Lost by 36 Points.

Goalkickers: Leo Brereton 1, Clive Gordon 1, Cliff Stewart 1, Bruce Williams 1.

Best: Vasil Varlamos, Brian Holcombe, John Comben, Malcolm MacKinley, Bob O'Halloran, Martin Cross.

Round 13: 21st July 1962

Carlton 13.13.91
Richmond 9.10.64

Result: Won by 27 Points.

Goalkickers: Jim Carroll 3, Leo Brereton 3, John Goold 2, Brian Holcombe 2, Martin Cross 1, John Heathcote 1, Ron Carruthers 1.

Best: John Heathcote, John Reilly, Martin Cross, John Goold, Jim Carroll, Bill Pemberton.

Round 14: 28th July 1962

Nth Melb. 12.11.83
Carlton 9.06.60

Result: Lost by 23 Points.

Goalkickers: Leo Brereton 3, Ray Crockett 2, John Goold 1, Brian Holcombe 1, Jim Carroll 1, Martin Cross 1.

Best: John Comben, Brian Holcombe, John Reilly, Martin Cross, Brian Buckley, Ron Carruthers.

Round 15: 4th August 1962

Hawthorn 10.11.71
Carlton 9.13.67

Result: Lost by 4 Points.

Goalkickers: Ken Greenwood 2, Martin Cross 2, John Comben 2, Leo Brereton 2, Brian Holcombe 1.

Best: Vasil Varlamos, Ron Carruthers, John Comben, Ken Greenwood, Bob O'Halloran, John Benetti.

Round 17: 18th August 1962

Collingwood 13.16.94
Carlton 5.06.36

Result: Lost by 58 Points.

Goalkickers: Brian Holcombe 1, Dave Rogers 1, Leo Brereton 1, John Goold 1, Rod Holdsworth 1.

Best: Ken Greenwood, Ron Carruthers, Brian Holcombe, Vasil Varlamos, Bob O'Halloran, Malcolm MacKinley.

1962 Reserves - End of Home & Away Season Ladder

1Footscray1503 601508 952 158.4
2Geelong1305 521515 970156.2
3St Kilda1125 481151 1080 106.6
4Collingwood1017 421194 1114 107.2
5Hawthorn1008 40 1289 1269 101.6
6Sth Melbourne909 361425 1339 106.4
7Melbourne909 361387 1347 103.0
8Essendon8010 321341 1334 100.5
9Carlton7110 301182 1363 86.7
10Richmond6012 241247 1350 92.4
11Nth Melbourne6012 241220 1407 86.7
12Fitzroy2016 8990 1924 51.4

1962 Reserves Finals Series

1st Semi Final: St Kilda 104 d Collingwood 49.

2nd Semi Final: Footscray 82 d Geelong 75.

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