1965 Reserves

Reserves Season 1965
Coach: Jack Carney
Captain: Brian Buckley
Best & Fairest: Denis O'Sullivan
Position: 11th
Premier: Collingwood

Final List

Old Players

G. Anderson, J. Benetti, J. Comben, I. Collins, G. Collis, B. Cox, G. Crane, A. Gallagher, B. Gill, J. Gill, J. Goold, K. Greenwood, Greg Hardie, K. Hall, R. Hoggett, J. Kemp, M. Kick, W. Lofts, Jim 'Frosty' Miller, I. Nankervis, J. Nicholls, J. Pleydell, J. Reilly, M. Sankey, B. Schmidt, C. Stewart, S. Silvagni.

New Players

Ron Barassi (capt. Melbourne), Terry Board (South Warrnambool), John Lloyd (Yarrawonga), Maurie Fowler (Kyabram), Tom Traill (Portland), Bryan Quirk (Morwell)


Ricky McLean, David Fox, Jeff Trotman, Bruce Bentley, Denis O'Sullivan, Stan Harrison, Malcolm Darroch, G. Riddell, Ron Stone, Daryl Christie.

On List When Available

C. Britt, R. Britt, K. Polkinghorne

Off List

Brian Buckley (Reserve Eighteen captain), Bruce Bentley (supplementary), Vasil Varlamos (Waverley), Dave Rogers, J. Shearer, Bob Crowe, Brian Henderson (Nathalia), Tony Truscott, Trevor Best (Penguin Tas), Tony Thiessen, Bruce McMaster-Smith (St. Kilda), J. Cockburn, Doug Ringholt (Claremont W.A.)

Round 1: 17th April 1965
Carlton played Hawthorn
Carlton team from; (29 named)
Bruce Bentley, Brian Buckley, Robert Cohen, Garry Crane, J.Cockburn, John Comben, Carney, Malcolm Darroch, Max Diepenau, Greg Hardie, Alan Hayes, Stan Harrison, John Lloyd, Gil Lockhart, Jim 'Frosty' Miller, Ian Nankervis, Denis O'Sullivan, Bill Pemberton, John Reilly, G.Riddell, Bryan Quirk, Barry Schmidt, John Somerville, Ron Stone, Jeff Trotman, Tony Truscott, Edwin Wilson, Maurie Fowler, P. Smith

Hawthorn 13.12.90
Carlton 9.22.76

Result: Lost by 14 Points.

Goalkickers: G.Riddell 3, Jeff Trotman 2, John Somerville 1, Jim 'Frosty' Miller 1, Robert Cohen 1, John Lloyd 1.

Best: Brian Buckley, Greg Hardie, Jeff Trotman, John Lloyd, G.Riddell, John Reilly.

Round 2: April 24
Carlton played Geelong at Princes Park
Carlton team;
Backs; John Benetti, John Reilly, Ricky McLean
Half backs; Barry Schmidt, Kevin Hall, Bruce Bentley
Centres; Malcolm Darroch, Jeff Trotman, Denis O'Sullivan
Half forwards; Tony Truscott, Ron Stone, Bryan Quirk
Forwards; Stan Harrison, Jim 'Frosty' Miller, John Somerville
Followers; Brian Buckley, G.Riddell
Rover; John Lloyd
Reserves; Max Diepenau, Robert Cohen
Emergencies; Edwin Wilson, Lickhard, Bill Pemberton
Umpire; Gaudion

Match drawn; 11.15.81 - 12.9.81

Goals; Jim 'Frosty' Miller 2, Bryan Quirk 2, G.Riddell 2, Kevin Hall 2, John Lloyd, Tony Truscott, Barry Schmidt 1.

Best; Bruce Bentley, Barry Schmidt, Kevin Hall, Brian Buckley, Jeff Trotman

Round 3: May 01
Carlton played South Melbourne
Carlton team;
Backs; Barry Schmidt, John Rielly, Stan Harrison
Half backs; Clark, Ron Stone, Bruce Bentley
Centres; Jim Pleydell, Denis O'Sullivan, John Lloyd
Half forwards; Malcolm Darroch, Tom Traill, John Kemp
Forwards; Ron Holdsworth, Jim 'Frosty' Miller, Ian Nankervis
Followers; Brian Buckley, G. Riddell
Rover; Greg Hardie
19th. Tony Truscott, 20th. John Somerville
Emerg; Max Diepenau, Cohen, Williamson, Lockhardt, Bill Pemberton.
Carlton won; 12.14.88 - 4.21.45

Goals; Jim 'Frosty' Miller 5, Rod Holdsworth 2, Ian Nankervis 2, John Kemp, Malcolm Darroch, G.Riddell 1.

Best; Jim 'Frosty' Miller, Brian Buckley, Greg Hardie, John Kemp, Ian Nankervis, Denis O'Sullivan

Round 5: May 15
Carlton played Collingwood
Carlton team;
Backs; Barry Schmidt, Clark, Ron Stone
Half backs; John Benetti, Bruce Bentley, John Lloyd
Centres; Jim Pleydell, Denis O'Sullivan, John Comben
Half forwards; Greg Britt, John Kemp, Jeff Trotman
Forwards; Stan Harrison, Tom Traill, Barry Gill
Followers; Ken Greenwood, G.Riddell
Rover; Greg Hardie
Reserves; Daryl Christie, Malcolm Darroch
Emergencies; Rod Holdsworth, Max Diepenau, Tony Truscott, John Somerville

Carlton lost; 0.5.5 - 10.19.79
Best; Ken Greenwood, Barry Schmidt, Clark

Round 6: 22nd May 1965
Carlton played Richmond
Carlton team;
Backs;Jeff Trotman, Clark, Stone
Half backs; Benetti, Diependau, Lloyd
Centres; Pleydell, Cox, Comben
Half forwards; Schmidt, O'Sullivan, John Kemp
Fowards; Harrison, Darroch, Tom Traill
Followers; Holdsworth, B. Gill
Rover; Nankervis
Reserves; Somerville, Hayes
Emergencies; Truscott, Wilson, P. Smith
Carlton 12.16.88
Richmond 8.14.62

Result: Won by 26 Points.

Goalkickers: Malcolm Darroch 3, Ian Nankervis 2, John Comben 2, John Kemp 2, Denis O'Sullivan 1, Stan Harrison 1, Jeff Trotman 1.

Best: Berkley Cox, Denis O'Sullivan, Ian Nankervis, Barry Schmidt, Clark, Jim Pleydell.

May 29
Carlton played Essendon at Princes Park
Carlton team
Backs; Schmidt, Clark, Stone
Half backs; Benetti, Diepenau, Kick
Centre; Pleydell, O'Sullivan, Comben
Half forwards; B.Gill, Harrison, Kemp
Forwards; Lofts, Tom Traill, Trotman
Followers; Sankey, Holdsworth
Rover; Hardie
19th; Darroch, 20th; Somerville
Emergencies; Hayes, Wilson, Smith, Truscott
Carlton won by 33 points
Carlton 12.16.88 - Essendon 8.7.55
Goals; Tom Traill 4, Sankey 3, Lofts 2, O'Sullivan, Hardie, Kemp
Best; Sankey, Lofts, Hardie, Tom Traill, O'Sullivan, Diepenau

Round 8: 5th June
Carlton played Melbourne
Carlton team;
Backs; Schmidt, Clark, Stone
Half backs; Benetti, Diepenau, Kick
Centres; Pleydell, O'Sullivan, Comben
Half forwards; B.Gill, Harrison, Kemp
Forwards; Lofts, Tom Traill, Jeff Trotman
Followers; Sankey, Holdsworth
Rover; Greg Hardie
Reserves; Darroch, Somerville
Emergencies; Hayes, Wilson, Smith, Truscott

Melbourne 19.13.127
Carlton 14.10.94

Result: Lost by 33 Points.

Goalkickers: John Kemp 3, Rod Holdsworth 2, Jeff Trotman 2, Barry Gill 2, Wes Lofts 2, Tom Traill 1, Greg Hardie 1, Malcolm Darroch 1.

Best: Jim Pleydell, John Kemp, John Benetti, Max Diepenau, Denis O'Sullivan, Stan Harrison.

June 14 Monday Queen's Birthday Holiday
Carlton played Fitzroy at Fitzroy
Carlton team;
Backs; Diepeneau, Clark, Harrison
Half backs; Benetti, Stone, B.Gill
Centres; Kick, Tom Trail, John Kemp
Half forwards; Schmidt, Hayes, Darroch
Forwards; Cohen, Miller, Nankervis
Followers; Wilson, Holdsworth
Rover; Greg Hardie
Reserves; Truscott, P.Smith
Emergencies; Carney, Nichol, Constance, Russian

Result; Carlton won by 98 points
Carlton 25.10.160
Fitzroy 9.8.62
Goalkickers; Nankervis 7, Miller 6, Hardie 5, Schmidt 3, Fowler 2, Hayes, Darroch
Best; Nankervis, Wilson, Clark
Tuesday's Age had Fowler named as one of the goalkickers.

June 19
No senior or reserves matches
Victoria played South Australia on the MCG
The Vics won by 59 points

Round 13: July 24
Carlton played Geelong
Carlton team;
Umpire; Toohey
Carlton lost; 6.7.43 - 8.10.58

Goals; Jeff Trotman 3, Rod Holdsworth, John Kemp, David Fox.

Best; John Comben, Jeff Trotman, David Fox, Tom Traill, Alan Hayes, Jim Pleydell

Round 14: July 31
Carlton played South Melbourne
Carlton team;

Backs; Nichol, Clark, Edwin Wilson
Half backs; Max Diepenau, Bruce Bentley, John Lloyd
Centres; Jim Pleydell, John Somerville, Garry Crane
Half forwards; Malcolm Darroch, Denis O'Sullivan, David Fox
Forwards; Ricky McLean, Alan Hayes, Jeff Trotman
Followers; Rod Holdsworth, John Kemp
Rover; Greg Hardie
Reserves; Tom Traill, Robert Kirkman
Emergencies; Jim Long, Thompson, Denis Pagan, Thomas

Carlton lost; 11.6.72 - 12.12.84

Goals; Ricky McLean 4, Jeff Trotman 2, Tom Traill, David Fox, Rod Holdsworth, John Somerville, Malcolm Darroch 1.

Best; Garry Crane, Jim Pleydell, Robert Kirkman, Alan Hayes, Jeff Trotman, Bruce Bentley.

Round 15: 7th August 1965
Carlton team;
Backs; Schmidt, Bentley, Wilson
Half backs; Nicol, Long, Lloyd
Centre; Crane, Hayes, John Kemp
Half forwards; Tom Traill, O'Sullivan, Fox
Forwards; Holdsworth, McLean, Trotman
Followers; Harrison, Greenwood
Rover; Greg Hardie
Reserves; Clark, Darrock
Emergencies; Kirkman, Hagan, Dooley.

Nth Melb. 9.13.67
Carlton 8.13.61

Result: Lost by 6 Points.

Goalkickers: Jeff Trotman 3, Ricky McLean 1, Clark 1, Ken Greenwood 1, David Fox 1, Garry Crane 1.

Best: Garry Crane, Jeff Trotman, Barry Schmidt, Alan Hayes, Ken Greenwood, Denis O'Sullivan.

Round 16: 14th August 1965
Carlton team
Backs; Hogget, Clarke, Wilson
Half backs; Diepenau, Bentley, Lloyd
Centres; Kemp, Collins, Constance
Half forwards; Tom Traill, O'Sullivan, Fox
Forwards; Holdsworth, McLean, Trotman
Followers; Morrison, B.Gill
Rover; Hardie
19th. Somerville 20th. Darroch
Emergencies; Cohen, Long, Pagan, Dooley

Collingwood 9.13.67
Carlton 3.07.25

Result: Lost by 42 Points.

Goalkickers: Barry Gill 2, Denis O'Sullivan 1.

Best: John Lloyd, Barry Gill, Clark, Roger Hoggett, Denis O'Sullivan, Max Diepenau, John Kemp, Greg Hardie, Bruce Bentley, Paul Constance.

Round 17: 21 August 1965
Carlton played Richmond on the MCG.
Richmond 12.13.85
Carlton 11.10.76

Result: Lost by 9 points

Backs; Benetti, J. Long, Wilson
Half backs; Diepenau, Clark, Bentley
Centre; John Kemp, Hoggett, Kick
Half forwards; Gill, Harrison, Tom Traill
Forwards; Greenwood, O'Sullivan, Collins
Followers; Reilly, McLean
Rover; Greg Hardie
19th. Somerville 20th. Fox
Emergencies; Holdsworth, Darroch, Pagan, Constance.

Goals; Collins 4, Greenwood 3, Harrison 2, O'Sullivan, John Kemp
Best; Greenwood, Collins, Gill, John Kemp, Greg Hardie, O'Sullivan.

Final Round of the Season
Round 18 August 28
Carlton played Essendon at Princes Park.
Umpire; Grant
Carlton lost by 63 points
Carlton 11.8.74 - Essendon 20.17.137
Goals; Hardie 3, Nankervis 3, Kemp, McLean, Hoggett, O'Sullivan, Reilly
Best; Nankervis, Hardie, Clark, Wilson, McLean, Reilly

Carlton eleventh.
Played 18, Won 6, Lost 11, Drawn 1, For 1308, Against 1362, 95.9%, Points 26

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