1970 Reserves

Reserves Season 1970
Coach: TBD
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: Mark Amos
Leading Goalkicker: Peter Smith 45 (2nd in the competition)
Position: 9th
Premier: Melbourne



B. Armstrong, D. Baird, Greg Boxall, N. Chandler, I. Collins, G. Crane, B. Crosswell, B. Doull, A. Gallagher, B. Gill, J. Goold, K. Hall, E. Hopkins, S. Jackson, A. Jesaulenko, P. Jones, W. Lofts (V.C.), D. McKay, Ricky McLean, Dennis Munari, J. Nicholls (Capt), I. Nicoll, P. Pinnell, B. Quirk, I. Robertson, Peter Smith, G. Thornley, V. Waite, R. Walls (D.V.C.)

On List When Available

S. Silvagni, N. Mewett, G. Smith (South Aust.)

To Be Considered When Available

Geoff Wickham

To Be Considered When Fit

Peter Kerr, David Routledge


Mark Amos, Graeme Clark, John Clements, Bob Edmond, Peter Fyffe, Trevor Keogh, Andy Lukimitis, John O'Connell, Stewart Pullyblank, Peter Purtell, Vin Slater, John Warden.


R. Auchettl (Castlemaine), N. Bishop, B. Kekovich (North Melbourne), R. Stone (Retired).

Round 1: April 04
Carlton 22.9.141
Essendon 11.22.88

Result; Won by 53 points

Goalkickers: Greg Boxall 6, Syd Jackson 5, Ricky McLean 3, John Clements 3, Doug Baird 2, Paul Ali, Trevor Keogh, Alex Simic 1.

Best: Syd Jackson, Andy Lukimitis, Greg Boxall, Paul Ali, Doug Baird, John Clements.

Round 5, May 02 Moorabbin
Carlton 11.16. 82
St.Kilda 7.16. 58

Goalkickers: Peter Purtell 4, Andy Lukimitis 2, Alex Simic 2, Bob Edmond, Adrian Gallagher, Dennis Munari.

Best: Peter Purtell, Adrian Gallagher, Dennis Munari, Peter Fyffe, Andy Lukimitis.

Result; Won by 24 points

Round 2: April 10 at Kardinia Park

Carlton team;
Backs; John O'Connell, Peter Smith, Geoff Wickham
Half backs; Peter Fyffe, Bob Edmond, Eric McLeod
Centres; Andy Lukimitis, Syd Jackson, David Routledge
Half forwards; Peter Kerr, Paul O'Brien, Trevor Keogh
Forwards; Doug Baird, Greg Boxall, John Clements
Followers; Mark Amos, Ricky McLean
Rover; Adrian Gallagher
Reserves; Stewart Pullyblank, Vin Slater
Emergencies; Paul Ali, F. McMahon, Scott, Alex Simic
Bus leaves ground at 9am.

Round 3 April 18 at the MCG
Carlton; 14.9.93
Richmond; 26.16.172
Lost by 79 points
Goals; Doug Baird 4, Trevor Keogh 2, Geoff Wickham 2, Paul O'Brien, Scott, David Routledge, Vin Slater, Peter Smith, John Clements
Best; Trevor Keogh, Paul Ali, Bob Edmond, Paul O'Brien, Doug Baird, Andy Lukimitis

Round 8: 30th May 1970

Hawthorn 17.9.111
Carlton 12.14.86

Result: Lost by 25 points.

Goalkickers; Peter Kerr 3, John Clements 2, David G. McKay 2, Alex Gellately 1, Peter Jones 1, Andy Lukimitis, Gary Lawson-Smith, Peter Smith.

Best: Peter Smith, Peter Jones, Garry Crane, Peter Kerr, Stewart Pullyblank, Peter Fyffe.

July 18
Carlton team
Backs; Paul Ali, Doug Baird, Daryl Dunlop
Half backs; Paul Hurst, John Warden, Peter Fyffe
Centre; Daryl Gutterson, Bruce Doull, Bryan Quirk
Half forwards; Barry Armstrong, Andy Lukimitis, John Clements
Forwards; Peter Smith, Paul O'Brien, Peter Purtell
Followers; Mark Amos, G. Smith
Rover; Ian Nicoll
Reserves; Ian McNaughton, Rod Austin

August 08 at Victoria Park
Carlton 14.19.103
Collingwood 19.11.125
Carlton lost by 22 points
Goals; G. Smith 4, Daryl Gutterson 2, Paul Hurst 2, Paul O'Brien 2, John Clements, Andy Lukimitis, Peter Jones, Peter Smith 1.
Best; Neil Chandler, Peter Jones, Robert White 2, Daryl Gutterson
Carlton team;
Backs; Paul Ali, Doug Baird, Stewart Pullyblank
Half backs; Peter Fyffe, John Warden, Paul Hurst
Centre; Daryl Gutterson, Thornely, Robert White 2
Half forwards; Peter Smith, Andy Lukimitis, John Clements
Forwards; G. Smith, Paul O'Brien, Peter Purtell
Followers; Peter Jones, Neil Chandler
Rover; Dennis Munari
Reserves; Ken Laker Graeme Clark
Emergencies; John Trueman, K. Pichler, Tim O'Malley

Round 19: 15th August 1970

Hawthorn 17.19.121
Carlton 9.17.71

Result: Lost by 50 points.

Goalkickers; Peter Smith, 6, Andy Lukimitis 1, Peter Purtell 1, Paul O'Brien 1.

Best; Robert White 2, Paul Ali, Paul Hurst, Andy Lukimitis, Peter Smith, John Warden.
Carlton team;
Backs; Andy Lukimitis, Doug Baird, Stewart Pullyblank
Half backs; Paul Ali, John Warden, Peter Fyffe
Centre; Daryl Gutterson, Paul Hurst, Robert White 2
Half forwards; John Clements, Bruce Doull, John O'Connell
Forwards; Daryl Dunlop, Paul O'Brien, Peter Purtell
Followers; Mark Amos, Peter Smith
Rover; Ian Nicoll
Reserves; David Routledge, Ken Laker
Emergencies; Rennie Duckett, Tim O'Malley

Round 22: 29th August 1970

Melbourne 11.17.83
Carlton 9.7.61

Result: Lost by 22 points.

Goalkickers: Peter Smith 3, John Clements 1, Bruce Doull 1, Paul Hurst 1, Ken Laker 1, Andy Lukimitis 1, Gary Lawson-Smith 1.

Best: Paul Ali, Paul Hurst, Robert White 2, Ted Hopkins, Paul O'Brien, Bruce Doull.

1970 Reserves - End of Home & Away Season Ladder

1Richmond1705 682298 1739 132.1
2Melbourne1705 682416 1885128.2
3Hawthorn1606 642087 1666 125.3
4Nth Melbourne1408 562111 2030 104.0
5Collingwood1309 52 2178 1946 111.9
6Essendon1219 502175 2212 98.3
7Sth Melbourne8113 341874 2198 85.3
8Carlton7015 281957 2148 91.1
9Footscray6214 281675 1993 84.0
10Geelong6115 261775 2097 84.6
11St Kilda5017 201557 2089 74.5
12Fitzroy3118 142093 2193 95.4

1970 Reserves Finals Series

1st Semi Final - Nth Melbourne 9.14.68 d Hawthorn 8.13.61

2nd Semi Final - Richmond 22.12.144 d Melbourne 13.24.102

Preliminary Final - Melbourne 12.18.90 d Nth Melbourne 9.9.63

Grand Final - Melbourne 16.10.106 d Richmond 16.8.104

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