1980 Reserves

Reserves Season 1980
Coach: Serge Silvagni
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: Graeme Whitnall
Leading Goalkicker: Robert Dutton 47 goals (6th in the competition)
Position: 7th
Premier: Geelong

Round 1: 29th March 1980

Collingwood 17.23.125
Carlton 15.20.110

Goalkickers; Stan Gilday 5, Geoff Ironmonger 3, Denis Lenaghan 3, David Collins 2, Des English 2.

Best; Stan Gilday, Des English, Michael Jez, Shane Freeman, Geoff Ironmonger, Denis Lenaghan.

Reports; S.Hallas (Collingwood) by goal umpire I.Wheeler on a charge of striking Stephen Gibson to the throat in second quarter.

In a high scoring game at Victoria Park, Collingwood outstayed Carlton to win by 15 points. Leigh Carlson showed a welcome return to form, and was the key figure in many Collingwood moves up forward. Winger Alan Atkinson was best afield. Carlton always looked a threat, but couldn't get the break they needed. The all-out efforts of Stan Gilday, English and Jez were not enough to stop the persistant Magpies.

Round 2: 7th April 1980

Geelong 23.33.171
Carlton 13.13.91

Goalkickers; Alan Hamilton 3, David Collins 2, Scott Howell 2, Stephen Buckley 1, Denis Collins 1, Robert Dutton 1, Stan Gilday 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Denis Lenaghan 1.

Best; Graeme Whitnall, Geoff Hocking, Peter Fitzpatrick, David Whillas, Alan Hamilton, Stephen Buckley.

Reports; David Whillas (Carlton) and P.Neal (Geelong) by field umpire A.E.Bryant for striking each other in the fourth quarter.
Robert Hubbard (Carlton) and P.Welsh (Geelong) by field umpire A.E.Bryant for striking each other in the fourth quarter.

At Princes Park on Monday, Geelong thrashed Carlton by 80 points. At no stage did the floundering Blues look like getting close to the faster, ball-hungry Cats. Murray Witcombe was superb for the Cats kicking seven goals. Tempers flared in the last quarter resulting in four reports. Neal and Welsh of Geelong and David Whillas and Robert Hubbard of Carlton, all face the tribunal on striking charges.

Round 3: 12th April 1980

Footscray 21.19.145
Carlton 19.12.126

Goalkickers; David McKay 4, Robert Dutton 3, Stan Gilday 2, Peter Jones 2, Neil Robertson, Stephen Buckley 1, David Collins 1, Denis Collins 1.

Best; Graeme Whitnall, Peter Fitzpatrick, David McKay, Des English, David Collins, Stan Gilday.

Footscray beat Carlton by 19 points in the "Commodore Cup" match of the day at the lakeside Oval on Sunday. The Bulldogs were on top all day, with Perrin, Cordy, Davis and Hargraves all playing well. David McKay made a welcome comeback after injury for the Blues and found form as the game progressed.

Round 4: 19th April 1980

Carlton 14.19.103
Sth Melbourne 15.12.102

Goalkickers; Denis Lenaghan 4, Robert Dutton 3, Stan Gilday 2, Barry Armstrong 1, Peter Jones 1, David Glascott 1, Mark Hegarty 1, Neil Robertson 1.

Best; Denis Lenaghan, Robert Dutton, Shane Freeman, Graeme Whitnall, Geoff Hocking, Barry Armstrong.

Carlton won a thriller at Princes Park, defeating South Melbourne by a point. Both teams had outstanding players Denis Lenaghan, Geoff Hocking and Robert Dutton were Carlton's best while South had Eather, David Rhys-Jones and Plumb in fine form.

Round 5: 25th April 1980

Carlton 20.25.145
Melbourne 15.18.108

Goalkickers; Neil Robertson 4, Stephen Buckley 2, Peter Jones 2, Darren Linkins 2, Phillip McEvoy 2, Geoff Southby 2, David Glascott 1, Mark Hegarty 1, Geoff Hocking 1, Scott Howell 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Denis Lenaghan 1.

Best; Graeme Whitnall, Neil Robertson, Geoff Southby, Geoff Hocking, Stephen Buckley, Darren Linkins.

Carlton were always in control of the game from the opening bounce, with a good team effort by all, the goals were kicked by 12 different players.

Round 6: 3rd May 1980

Nth Melbourne 19.14.128
Carlton 14.18.102

Goalkickers; Peter Jones 4, Stan Gilday 3, Scott Howell 2, Stephen Buckley 1, Peter Fitzpatrick 1, Phillip McEvoy 1, Neil Robertson 1, Greg Sharp 1.

Best; Neil Robertson, Geoff Hocking, Greg Sharp, Peter Fitzpatrick, David Whillas, Robert Hubbard.

At Arden Street the Kangas set the pattern for the day with a comfortable 26 point win over Carlton. North's John Cassin, trying to regain his senior place, played a great game and another to come under notice was a slimmer Mick Nolan. Carlton had good players in Geoff Hocking, Neil Robertson and David Whillas, while the Kangas once again produced a top effort.

Round 7: 10th May 1980

Hawthorn 11.16.82
Carlton 9.23.77

Goalkickers; Brendan O'Sullivan 4, Geoff Ironmonger 3, Wayne Harmes 1, Robert Hubbard 1.

Best; Brendan O'Sullivan, Stephen Buckley, Graeme Whitnall, David Whillas, Scott Howell, Neil Robertson.

In a dull game at Princes Park Hawthorn hung on to beat Carlton by five points. The Blues kicked their way out of victory by their poor conversion rate in front of goals.

Round 8: 17th May 1980

Richmond 21.12.138
Carlton 16.12.108

Goalkickers; David Collins 2, Trevor Keogh 2, Mark Kerr 2, Phillip McEvoy 2, Brendan O'Sullivan 2, Peter Brown 1, Shane Freeman 1, Geoff Hocking 1, Geoff Ironmonger 1, Darren Linkins 1, Neil Robertson 1.

Best; Peter Fitzpatrick, Greg Sharp, Trevor Keogh, Neil Robertson, Stephen Buckley, Graeme Whitnall.

Richmond set the pattern for the day when they defeated Carlton by five goals at the MCG. Fiery Tiger full forward Mark Jackson booted seven goals and was once again the key figure in the Tigers big win. The Blues had good players in Peter Fitzpatrick, Greg Sharp and Trevor Keogh while Richmond had match winners in Jackson, Burmeister, Nugent, Heard and Baker.

Round 9: 24th May 1980

Carlton 17.22.124
Essendon 13.13.91

Goalkickers; Peter Brown 5, Geoff Hocking 3, Michael Lenaghan 2, David Collins 1, Peter Francis 1, Michael Jez 1, Peter Jones 1, Mark Hegarty 1, Mark Kerr 1, Brendan O'Sullivan 1.

Best; Peter Brown, Greg Sharp, Michael Young, Peter Jones, Geoff Ironmonger, Mark Hegarty.

Carlton reserves were too good for Essendon and came home by 33 points. Peter Brown was the main focal point kicking five goals with good support from Geoff Hocking and Michael Lenaghan.

This was Peter Jones last game for the Mighty Blues, it was played out at a lonely Windy Hill with the seniors playing the next day at the SCG in Sydney.

Round 10: 31st May 1980

Carlton 19.17.131
St Kilda 9.08.62

Goalkickers; Mark Kerr 6, Geoff Ironmonger 5, Stan Gilday 2, Neil Robertson, David Collins 1, Warren 'Wow' Jones 1, Phillip McEvoy 1, Greg Sharp 1.

Best; Mark Kerr, Geoff Ironmonger, David Whillas, Greg Sharp, Peter Fitzpatrick, Alan Hamilton.

Carlton thrashed St Kilda by 12 goals with major contributions in front of goals by Mark Kerr and Geoff Ironmonger.

Round 11: 8th June 1980

Carlton 26.10.156
Fitzroy 16.13.109

Goalkickers; Greg Sharp 4, Geoff Hocking 3, Warren 'Wow' Jones 3, Mark Kerr 3, David Whillas 3, Stephen Buckley 2, Stan Gilday 2, Denis Lenaghan 2, David Collins 1, Peter Francis 1, Alan Hamilton 1, Geoff Ironmonger 1.

Best; Stephen Buckley, Warren 'Wow' Jones, Geoff Hocking, Geoff Ironmonger, Mark Kerr, Graeme Whitnall.

The Commodore Cup match of the day at the Lake Oval on Sunday, saw Carlton break away from Fitzroy after half time and win by 57 points. At half time, the Blues led by only six points. From then on it was a Carlton procession, with the experience of Stephen Buckley and Kevin Heath outstanding. They continually drove the Blues forward. The Lions tried valiantly to bridge the gap, but the strain began to show as they continually fumbled the ball and kicked poorly. Fitzroy full forward Peter Johnston tried to win the game off his own boot by kicking eight goals. Best for Carlton was Stephen Buckley, Kevin Heath, Des English, Warren 'Wow' Jones and Geoff Hocking while the best for the Lions were Lewis, Richardson, Johnston and Glenn Coleman.

Greg Kazuro (Carlton) by field umpire P.Egan for allegedly striking R.Smith (Fitzroy) with a right open hand to the face in the third quarter.

R.Smith (Fitzroy) by field umpire P.Egan for alleged misconduct in that he deliberately head butted Greg Kazuro (Carlton) in the third quarter.

Round 12: 15th June 1980

Collingwood 17.17.119
Carlton 13.15.93

Goalkickers; Stan Gilday 2, Alan Hamilton 2, Denis Lenaghan 2, Warren 'Wow' Jones 2, Peter Francis 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Geoff Ironmonger 1, Greg Sharp 1, Graeme Whitnall 1.

Best; Graeme Whitnall, Geoff Hocking, Denis Lenaghan, Warren 'Wow' Jones, Alan Hamilton.

Equal top of the ladder Collingwood battled it out to win by 26 points. The Magpies led at all changes. The Blues were well served by Graeme Whitnall, Geoff Hocking, Warren 'Wow' Jones and youngsters in Denis Lenaghan and Alan Hamilton.

Round 13: 21st June 1980

Carlton 14.06.90
Geelong 9.18.72

Goalkickers; Denis Lenaghan 3, Geoff Ironmonger 2, Spiro Kourkoumelis 2, Robert Dutton 1, Stan Gilday 1, David Glascott 1, Alan Hamilton 1, Geoff Hocking 1, Scott Howell 1, Robert Hubbard 1.

Best; Robert Dutton, Denis Lenaghan, Robert Lawson, David Glascott, Spiro Kourkoumelis, Darren Linkins, Alan Hamilton.

Reports; Geoff Ironmonger (Carlton) by field umpire J.Wright for misconduct in using abusive language to the field umpire during the third quarter.

The Blues held on to be beat an inaccurate second placed Geelong. Robert Dutton provided a marking target up forward for the Blues to kick to. Carlton was well served by a young running midfield of Lenaghan, Glascott, Spiro Kourkoumelis and Alan Hamilton that set up the victory against the Cats.

Round 14: 28th June 1980

South Melbourne 13.11.89
Carlton 9.18.72

Goalkickers; Robert Dutton 2, Phillip McEvoy 2, Darren Linkins 2, Trevor Keogh 1, Peter Francis 1, Stan Gilday 1.

Best; Robert Dutton, Darren Linkins, Kevin Heath, Geoff Hocking, Scott Howell, Rohan Burke, Trevor Keogh, David Glascott.

This week inaccuracy was to cost the Blues victory against the top of the ladder South Melbourne after last week's win against the inaccurate Geelong. The Blues could only manage three players to kick more than one goal with two being the best effort by Robert Dutton, Phillip McEvoy and Darren Linkins.

Round 15: 12th July 1980

Melbourne 16.12.108
Carlton 15.13.103

Goalkickers; Neil Robertson 4, Michael Young 3, Scott Howell 2, Robert Dutton 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Stan Gilday 1, Trevor Keogh 1, Mark Maclure 1, David Whillas 1.

Best; Scott Howell, David Glascott, Trevor Keogh, Michael Young, Kevin Heath, Peter Francis.

The Blues went down in a five point thriller that could have gone either way with both sides fighting it out to the end.

Round 16: 19th July 1980

Carlton 32.15.207
Footscray 14.17.101

Goalkickers; Robert Dutton 5, David Collins 5, Mark Maclure 4, Robert Hubbard 3, Denis Lenaghan 3, Neil Robertson 3, Scott Howell 2, Geoff Ironmonger 2, Stan Gilday 1, Spiro Kourkoumelis 1, Graeme Whitnall 1.

Best; Robert Dutton, David Collins, Geoff Ironmonger, Scott Howell, Mark Maclure.

Carlton kept their finals hopes alive with a mammoth 106 point win over Footscray. After trailing by five points at quarter time, they booted 10 goals in the second term to take a handy lead. From then on it was a Blue procession as they ammassed their best ever score of 35.15.207 to 14.17.101. Demoted senior forward Mark Maclure was one of Carlton's best players. He kicked four goals and was responsible for many more and should regain his place in the firsts before long. Footscray had a few players who battled hard in Kennedy, Kelly and Walsh while Carlton never had a bad player and won the game because of a top team effort.

Round 17: 27th July 1980

Carlton 15.06.96
North Melbourne 10.18.78

Goalkickers; Robert Dutton 8, David Collins 2, Robert Hubbard 2, Denis Lenaghan 1, Neil Robertson 1, Graeme Whitnall 1.

Best; Geoff Hocking, Scott Howell, Robert Dutton, Wayne Harmes, Geoff Ironmonger, Darren Linkins.

Blues Good News
Carlton may have found a solution to their full-forward problem spot. Tasmanian recruit Robert Dutton booted eight goals at full-forward for the Blues in the Commodore Cup match against North Melbourne at the Lake Oval on Sunday, and played a major role in the Blues 18 point victory. Robert Dutton made a name for himself in Tasmania as a ruckman but in the past couple of weeks the Blues have tried him at full-forward in the Reserves. And the move has been a success. He took the North Melbourne defence apart on Sunday with strong marking and accurate kicking for goal. His top display must have pleased Carlton selectors and brought him close to senior selection.

Round 18: 2nd August 1980

Hawthorn 14.18.102
Carlton 13.17.95

Goalkickers; Robert Dutton 5, Neil Robertson 3, Rod Ashman 1, David Collins 1, Scott Howell 1, Trevor Keogh 1, Graeme Whitnall 1

Best; Kevin Heath, Graeme Whitnall, Robert Dutton, Scott Howell, David Whillas, Peter Francis.

Carlton went down in a close game to Hawthorn, Robert Dutton good form at full-forward continues with another bag of five goals.

Round 19: 9th August 1980

Richmond 26.12.168
Carlton 16.14.110

Goalkickers; Geoff Ironmonger 4, Trevor Keogh 3, David Glascott 2, Denis Lenaghan 2, Darren Linkins 2, Robert Dutton 1, Neil Robertson 1, Greg Sharp 1.

Best; Graeme Whitnall, Kevin Heath, Geoff Hocking, Geoff Ironmonger, Alan Hamilton, Darren Linkins.

The Blues were given the run around by the top of the ladder Richmond, with Mark "Jacko" Jackson bagging eight goals for the Tigers. Robert Dutton was well held for the Blues and only contributed a single goal to the Blues scoreline.

Round 20: 16th August 1980

Essendon 18.12.120
Carlton 16.15.111

Goalkickers; Robert Dutton 5, David Collins 3, Scott Howell 2, Geoff Ironmonger 2, Rod Ashman 1, Mark Hegarty 1, Trevor Keogh 1, Neil Robertson 1.

Best; Alan Hamilton, Trevor Keogh, Geoff Ironmonger, Neil Robertson, Mark Hegarty.

Essendon proved they are finals material with a gutsy nine point win over Carlton. The Blues were on top for most of the game with Robert Dutton in great form at full-forward. The Bombers never gave up hope and finally wore down the Blues. Valli, Light and the experienced Ken Fletcher really came to life in the last quarter and this proved to be the turning point which enabled the Bombers to snatch victory in the last minutes of the game.

Round 21: 23rd August 1980

Carlton 25.17.167
St Kilda 15.13.103

Goalkickers; Robert Dutton 6, Alan Hamilton 3, Neil Robertson 3, Stephen Buckley 2, Kevin Heath 2, Geoff Ironmonger 2, David Collins 1, David Glascott 1, Mark Hegarty 1, Denis Lenaghan 1, Phillip McEvoy 1, Greg Sharp 1, Michael Young 1.

Best; Stephen Buckley, Alan Hamilton, Geoff Ironmonger, Kevin Heath, Robert Dutton.

The Carlton side romped home to a comfortable 64 point win against the hapless Saints. Robert Dutton proved a worthy target up forward with another six goals with handy contributions from Alan Hamilton and Neil Robertson (3 goals apiece). The Blues were too strong around the midfield with Stephen Buckley and Alan Hamilton setting up a lot of offensive attacking play that resulted in Carlton goals.

Round 22: 30th August 1980

Carlton 20.23.143
Fitzroy 9.12.66

Goalkickers; Robert Dutton 4, Trevor Keogh 3, Neil Woods 3, Robert Hubbard 2, Geoff Ironmonger 2, Greg Sharp 2, Stephen Buckley 1, Denis Lenaghan 1, Neil Robertson 1, Michael Young 1.

Best; Michael Young, Graeme Whitnall, Trevor Keogh, Stephen Buckley, Neil Robertson, Denis Lenaghan.

Carlton thrashed Fitzroy by 77 points in a one-sided affair at Princes Park. Michael Young was best on ground as he continually drove the Blues into attack and set up many opportunities for the forwards.

1980 Reserves End of Home & Away Season Ladder

1Sth Melb1606 642518 1971 127.7
2Collingwood1606 642559 2266112.9
3Geelong1408 562788 2082 133.9
4Nth Melb1408 562432 2202 109.2
5Essendon1408 56 2454 2247 105.6
6Richmond1309 522919 2296 127.1
7Carlton10012 402570 2387 107.7
8Hawthorn10012 402471 2720 90.8
9Fitzroy8113 342302 2866 80.3
10Footscray7015 282230 2841 78.5
11St Kilda5116 222104 2487 81.6
12Melbourne4018 162134 3116 68.5

1980 Reserves Finals Series

Elimination Final
Essendon 16.19.115 d Nth Melbourne 11.8.74

Qualifying Final
Collingwood 18.13.121 d Geelong 15.12.102

1st Semi Final
Geelong 16.18.114 d Essendon 14.13.97

2nd Semi Final
South Melbourne 21.14.140 d Collingwood 13.12.90

Preliminary Final
Geelong 25.17.167 d Collingwood 12.12.84

Grand Final
Geelong 24.15.159 d. South Melbourne 19.12.126

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