2009 Pre-Season

The quiet confidence of Carlton's 2009 pre-season campaign was not so much shattered but startled two weeks before our first match when in a bizarre incident, Setanta Ó hAilpín struck and kicked team-mate Cameron Cloke in a simple intra-club match. With the incident being caught on film and telecast globally (witnessed as far away as China and London), Carlton suspended Setanta 'indefinitely'. With this lasting 2 weeks, and a 4 week AFL suspension handed out, attention soon turned to the real action....:

NAB Cup Round 1

Carlton 1.2.3 24 1.8.6 63 1.14.10 103 1.17.12 123
North Melb. 0.2.1 13 0.5.3 33 0.7.3 45 0.11.4 70
Venue: Dome (Night)
Date: Fri 20 February, 2009 Result: Won by 53 points
Umpires: C Bowen, R. Findlay, S. Jeffery, H. Kennedy Crowd: 24,711
Goalkickers: NINE POINT: B. Fevola 1
SIX POINT: B Fevola 5, C. Cloke 2, J. Garlett 2, G. Bentley 1, E. Betts 1, R. Houlihan 1, C. Johnson 1, C. Judd 1, M. Murphy 1, K. Simpson 1 and S. Wiggins 1
Reports: Nil Injuries: C. Yarran (rolled ankle)

Game Review

Carlton had a satisfying 53 point victory over one of our bogey teams of this era, North Melbourne. We were faster, better skilled, and continued to edge up the margin for most of the first three quarters in a nice start to the year. 7 New Blues lined up in what many fans took as a sign of the Young Blues emerging.

This was Carlton’s 100th game in the League’s Preseason/Night Series that started in 1956. Carlton has a winning ratio of 60% in their first 100th games. They have participated in 43 out of the 49 series. They played in 10 out of the 16 series that were played at the Lake Oval, Albert Park during the Final series between 1956 and 1971, when the final four didn’t participated (except for the 1957 season) and every series since 1977. Since 1977 when the series was re-introduced and played during the preseason and also during the season with the grand final being played at VFL Park, Waverley in July and early August, this changed in 1987 when the grand final was played at the end of April and from 1988 it became a Preseason Series.

Brendan Fevola with his 6 goals (including one ‘Super’ goal) has now taken his goal tally in the Preseason Series to 94 goals (including 2 ‘Super’ goals) from his 25 matches. Interesting both Fev's 'Super' goals have been against North Melbourne and scored in the 1st quarter.


B: 45 Aaron Joseph 40 Michael Jamison 32 Bret Thornton
HB: 24 Nick Stevens (vc) 30 Jarrad Waite 18 Paul Bower
C: 6 Kade Simpson 5 Chris Judd (c) 4 Bryce Gibbs
HF: 34 Simon Wiggins 28 Cameron Cloke 33 Ryan Houlihan
F: 12 Mitch Robinson 25 Brendan Fevola 19 Eddie Betts
Ruck: 39 Sam Jacobs 16 Shaun Grigg 3 Marc Murphy
Interchange: 2 Jordan Russell 8 Matthew Kreuzer 9 Chris Johnson
13 Chris Yarran 26 Joe Anderson 47 Greg Bentley
27 Dennis Armfield* 38 Jeffery Garlett* *Substitute Player
Coach: Brett Ratten


Senior Carlton 'Night' Debut: Greg Bentley, Jeffery Garlett, Sam Jacobs, Chris Johnson, Aaron Joseph, Mitch Robinson & Chris Yarran
Interesting Fact: Although the name change had yet to formally take place, this was the first game played at 'Telstra Dome' after the 'Etihad Stadium' sign had gone up (name change effective 1 March 2009), with Carlton referring to this venue as 'The Dome'.

NAB Pre-Season Cup Round 2 (Quarter Final)

Carlton 0.1.4 10 1.4.8 41 2.10.11 89 2.13.16 112
Hawthorn 0.5.5 35 0.7.8 50 2.9.10 82 2.10.10 88
Venue: Telstra Dome (Twilight)
Date: Sun 1 March, 2009 Result: Won by 24 points
Umpires: R. Chamberlain, J. Dalgleish, M. Jennings, S McLaren Crowd: 19,111
Goalkickers: NINE POINT: B. Fevola 1, M. Murphy 1
SIX POINT: B Fevola 3, C. Cloke 2, K. Simpson 2, E. Betts 1, S. Hampson 1, C. Judd 1, M. Murphy 1, M. Robinson 1 & J Waite 1
Reports: Nil Injuries: Nil

Match Review

Another satisfying win for the Blues, this time coming back from an early Hawthorn onslaught to not only stifle the Hawks but also kick an impressive score in a week otherwise known for tight, trudgy zoned football matches. While other Clubs were trying to emulate Hawthorn's rolling zone, we were defeating them.

So far during this season's Pre-season Carlton has defeated sides that defeated them by 51 and 78 points during Rounds 20 and 22 of last season at the Dome and will meet Geelong that had the 2nd highest scored against during last years season by 56 points in Round 10 also at the Dome.

Brendan Fevola with his 4 goals (including a ‘Super’ goal) has now taken his goal tally in the Preseason Series to 98 goals (including 3 ‘Super’ goals) from his 26 matches. He has now joined Callum Chambers with the most ‘Super’ goals scored by a Carlton player on 3 ‘Super’ goals. Marc Murphy with his ‘Super’ goal has now scored 2 ‘Super’ goals and has joined Nick Stevens and Digby Morrell also with 2 'Super' goals, his last 'Super' goal was also against Hawthorn, which was 2 days short of two years since his first 'Super' goal, that time it was during the 1st quarter and this time it was in the 3rd quarter. That was also Carlton’s first win against Hawthorn during the Preseason/Night competition and this is the second from their eight meetings.


B: 32 Bret Thornton 40 Michael Jamison 45 Aaron Joseph
HB: 24 Nick Stevens (vc) 30 Jarrad Waite 18 Paul Bower
C: 9 Chris Johnson 5 Chris Judd (c) 6 Kade Simpson
HF: 33 Ryan Houlihan 28 Cameron Cloke 16 Shaun Grigg
F: 19 Eddie Betts 25 Brendan Fevola 14 Brad Fisher
Ruck: 39 Sam Jacobs 4 Bryce Gibbs 3 Marc Murphy
Interchange: 2 Jordan Russell 12 Mitch Robinson 22 Shaun Hampson
26 Joe Anderson 27 Dennis Armfield 47 Greg Bentley
10 Richard Hadley* 38 Jeffery Garlett* *Substitute Player
Coach: Brett Ratten

Interesting Fact: This was the first game played at the newly named 'Etihad Stadium' (name change effective 1 March, 2009), Carlton refers to this venue as 'The Dome'.

NAB Pre-Season Cup Round 3 (Semi Final)

Carlton 0.1.2 8 0.3.7 25 0.7.7 49 0.9.13 67
Geelong 0.3.3 21 1.4.7 40 1.7.9 60 2.9.12 84
Venue: Telstra Dome (Night)
Date: Sat 7 March, 2009 Result: Lost by 17 points
Umpires: C. Donlon, S. Hay, M. Jennings, S McLaren Crowd: 15,305
Goalkickers: NINE POINT: Nil
SIX POINT: E. Betts 2, C. Cloke 2, S. Browne 1, S. Grigg 1, S. Hampson 1, S. Wiggins 1, C. Yarram 1,
Reports: Nil Injuries: Nil

Match Review

Well, the media certainly had this put away before the game as a Cat victory, particularly after Carlton rested a number of its stars, including Judd, Fevola, Simpson, Murphy and Gibbs.

But what we saw was a tenacious young Carlton team fight their way to a close loss to the Cats. Some would say Geelong never got out of third gear, others would say Carlton tackled hard enough to limit Geelong's game plan. A few missed set shots for goal in the last would be telling - Wiggins, Cloke and Garlett could have had us far closer.

In the end, Carlton lost and Geelong would go through to the Grand Final. But a number of young Blues, particularly Aaron Joseph, would demonstrate some football ability and provide even more hope for the upcoming year.


B: 45 Aaron Joseph 40 Michael Jamison 18 Paul Bower
HB: 9 Chris Johnson 32 Bret Thornton 27 Dennis Armfield
C: 24 Nick Stevens (a/c) 10 Richard Hadley 21 Mark Austin
HF: 13 Chris Yarran 28 Cameron Cloke 34 Simon Wiggins
F: 38 Jeffery Garlett 14 Brad Fisher 22 Shaun Hampson
Ruck: 8 Matthew Kreuzer 2 Jordan Russell 16 Shaun Grigg
Interchange:15 Steven Browne 20 Rhys O'Keeffe 26 Joe Anderson
39 Sam Jacobs 46 David Ellard 47 Greg Bentley
19 Eddie Betts* 41 Lachie Hill* *Substitute Player
Coach: Brett Ratten


Senior Carlton ‘Night’ Debut: Rhys O'Keeffe & Lachie Hill

NAB Challenge

Carlton 3.5 23 6.8 44 10.8 68 12.11 83
Fremantle 6.1 37 10.3 63 14.4 88 20.6 126
Venue: Bunbury, WA
Date: Saturday March 14, 2009 Result: Lost by 43 points
Umpires: Margetts, Schmitt, Keating Crowd: TBD
Goalkickers: Fevola 4, Yarran 2, Garlett, Betts, Murphy, Russell, Joseph, Fisher 1
Reports: Wiggins (rough conduct) Injuries: Grigg (hamstring)

Game Review

Carlton finished up the pre-season on a disappointing note by losing to the ever-hopeful-yet-hardly-ever-there Fremantle Dockers. The Blues travelled down to country Bunbury by private jet with a full squad, but were behind all game and lost by 43 points.

Now the focus would move to Round 1 against Richmond...

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