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The Blueseum was established in 2005 and over the years, gradually increased in content thanks to an ever-growing band of passionate volunteers. The intention of the Blueseum is clear for all to see on the HomePage, but the site has evolved over time.

Concept (2005): Jamie Sanderson
Set-up and ongoing design (2005): Jamie Sanderson and (Juzz)
Name and website banner creation: Liam Camilleri
Project Century (adding years data to the Blueseum): Jamie Sanderson, Steve Atkinson, Michael Olsen, Allison Olsen, Beau Zlatkovic, Tim Long, Dan Jago, Dean Davey
Player Biographies: Warren Tapner, Michael Olsen, Dan Jago, Nikki Bearzatto, (true blue24)
Games Data / Goalkickers: (sherb),
Pre-Seasons: Dan Jago, Rod Mitchell
Games Memories: (Danny), Charles King, Alex Gionfriddo (Tralby), Michael Olsen, Dan Jago, Rod Mitchell, Warren Tapner
Brownlow Medal data entry: Wayne D (aka kruddler)
State and Club / Time at Other Clubs sections: Stephen Williamson, Michael Olsen and Rod Mitchell.
Pre-V.F.L. Pete McLean (blueycarlton), S.L.V. research, online newspapers, and in putting Stephen Williamson's pre VFL data collection.
Season Galleries. Rod Mitchell
AFLW Rod Mitchell
Personal Photo's. Gerry "Bulker" Walsh (aka Gezza 1967).
Yearly stats and graphics Phil Ereaut (aka pblue)
Lower Grade Players: Rod Mitchell
Lower Grades (Northern Blues, Northern Bullants, Reserves, U/19's & Little League). Rod Mitchell,Max Dixon
Locker Room and Premierships page Jamie Sanderson with data supplied by Stephen Williamson

Overall a huge vote of thanks should also go to Stephen Williamson who has provided much of the 'backbone' to the site, including listing down all 110 years of teams for each game and the 'Carlton Bible' (which lists all Carlton players and stats since 1897).

Another huge vote of thanks goes to Carlton Historian, Tony De Bolfo who has been a direct and indirect supporter of the Blueseum since it's very first days. The strong connection the Blueseum has with the club is one of the factors in it's success.

Feel free to add your own name to this list as you add more & more to the Blueseum.

A big thank you to AFL historian, Rob Harris who has made a significant contribution to the search for 'missing heads' in 2019.

Past contributors
The Blueseum would like to formally recognise Phil Ereaut, who passed away on December 6, 2014 aged 76. His funeral was held at Fawkner Memorial Park on December 18. Phil had family ties to Carlton with his father T. Ereaut on the club's Social Committee in 1956 and his uncle Paul Cameron having played a few games in 1928.

Phil was a keen contributor, in particular he drove the development of the Index and a number of the table formats used on site.

He is a huge loss to us and we thank him again for his enormous contribution.

On behalf of the Blueseum.

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