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Basically now that you are a registered user you can change the content of just about every page on the website.

How do you do that?

Firstly, in order to edit a page you need to be logged on, so logon using the login form on the right hand side of the page with your username and password.

Then once you are logged on go to a page you might be interested in changing.

Above the main text on each page you should see a little page picture with a pencil, this is the edit button, if you click on it you can edit the contents of that page.

The 'editing' page is similar to a word processor, you make your changes, add the appropriate formats and save the document. Whatever changes you make will be reflected in the new page.

To get a handle on how some of the formatting and editing works it can be useful to have a play in the sandbox tiki-editpage.php?page=SandBox which is a practise area where no actions are 'saved'.

If you see words with question marks after them on any particular page that means someone has marked that word/topic down as a possible stand-alone page. So if you want to create the new page for that topic just click on question mark and the new page will be created automatically.

Basically don't be afraid to try things, the beauty of this system is that everything is easily reversible.

Even more information can be found in the Blueseum Setup Forum which you are encouraged to participate in if you have any questions: tiki-view_forum.php?forumId=1

For those interested in helping out on some of the broader tasks in front of the Blueseum Contributors, please click here.

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