Fred W. 'Paddy' Gunn

Victorian Football Association
DOB: 1856 Ireland
DOD: 29 July 1924 South Yarra
Games: 48 - 50
Goals: 17
Career: 1877 - 1881

A Carlton footballer from an old players match in October 1881
Could this be Paddy Gunn?

Frederick William Gunn.
Born in Ireland and came to Australia as a young lad. Paddy was schooled at Scotch College from 1870. He played with the Southern club in Albert Park along side team mate and fellow Blue George McGill.
Crossed from the East Melbourne club which became defunct at the end of the 1876 season.

1877 One of the most active little players in the metropolis, unique at dodging, and full of puzzling antics; very quick on his feet, and a good kick; au especial favorite.
(The Footballer 1877. p35)

F. Gunn is mentioned in the Carlton touring team of N.S.W. in 1877.

(The History of the Carlton Football Club. Brian Hansen. p37)

F. Gunn played in the Carlton-Waratah match at the M.C.G. 1 July 1878.

1878 F. Gunn scored 2 goals during the 1878 season.
(The Footballer, p75 1878)

1878 Has not played regularly owing to illness, but always gave evidence of skill in many departments of the game. Still retains his cunning.
(The Footballer 1878. p31)


"In 1879 it was suggested that Carlton was were neglecting their training. Thomas P. Power, treasurer of the Blues, wrote to F. W. "Paddy" Gunn in his best copperplate - and let me tell you it was copperplate of the highest quality - the following letter of protest.
Mr. Dear Gunn - At this interesting stage of the season when Melbourne and Geelong clubs have recourse to systematic training for approaching great events your committee in friendliness would suggest the desirability of adopting similar tactics to maintain the club's old established prestige.
Where two or three players live in the same locality, by meeting together morning or evening for kicking, marking, picking up and otherwise judging the ball when running, they would rapidly acquire a proficiency and familiarity in these essentials of the game which would prove invaluable to them when they meet in the actual field of play.
The question of diet and the observance of the golden rule "Early to bed, etc." your committee leave to your own good sense to judge the value of, and will heartily rejoice with you if any temporary act of self denial will promote success at this all important juncture.
With your committee's continued expressions of friendship and admirations of your efforts.
Yours etc.
(H. A. De Lacy - Sporting Globe April 29 1939 p5)

1879 As a dodger, is certainly unequalled; an adept at "little marks", and particulary dangerous when near his adversary's goal. Has fully shared the honors with his more stalwart companions.
(The Footballer 1879. p29)

1879 F. W. Gunn scored 12 goals during the season.
(The Footballer 1879. p71)

1880 One of the best players.

1881 F. W. Gunn played occasionally. (Carlton First Twenty)
(The Footballer 1881 p24)

And wee Paddy Gunn,

With a brilliant run,

Humbugging the players with lots of fun -

A broth of a boy is his mother's son!

What more exciting than Paddy's charge

On Sillet, of Melbourne, twice as large?

To celebrate the 1906 Premiership victory Carlton veterans Fred Gunn and O.T.L. "Lanty" O'Brien attended the President's Smoke Night held in the Manchester Unity Hall on November 29.

1923 July 6 (p4)
"Old Boy" of The Argus wrote about the best footballers to have played and mentions Paddy Gunn amongst the Carlton champions of the early 1880's.

1924 July 29
Paddy Gunn passed away in the Alfred Hospital, he was aged 68 years.

1924 July 31 Thursday
The Argus' "Old Boy" said of Paddy;
"Very small but as slippery as an eel, Gunn's cleverness with his feet and in dodging made him a champion. In business he was a commercial traveller, and his Irish wit and genial smile made him a most popular man 'on the road.' He retired many years ago. He had been in ill-health for some time, and died in the Alfred Hospital on Tuesday evening. He leaves a widow, two sons (both members of the A.I.F.) and two daughters. The funeral will take place today."

The funeral left Paddy's home at 33 Davis Ave South Yarra for the Boroondara Cemetery Kew.


DEATH OF F. W. GUNN By J. W. (Jack Worrall)

To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article140758179

1924 August 04


The Hobart Mercury reports on the death of "Paddy" Gunn.
To read the newspaper's excellent obituary, click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article23754353


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