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Further evidence has been gathered that disputes claim made in the 1933 Carlton Centenary Souvenir that Jacomb was a Carlton player.
This link lists him as playing for Melbourne against a combined Royal Park and Eastern Hills side on Saturday 2nd July 1864
This describes Jacomb breaking his leg on 2nd July while playing for Melbourne in the match against the combined side.
Some more details on Jacomb's injury
Description of a Melbourne intra-club game in early June 1864 where the 'reds' played the 'blues', Jacomb played for Harrison's Blues.
- This might be the source of the confusion for the 1933 publication (no other major Carlton publication since 1933 has claimed Jacomb as a Carlton player)

The information below remains on the Blueseum on the chance that evidence might emerge to confirm the 1933 claim. If you have any further evidence please contact the Blueseum. 

Melbourne Rules - Challenge Cup Competition
DOB: October 3 1841, New Town Tasmania
DOD: November 5, 1891, Walhalla Victoria.
Original Carlton Football Club player
Career: 1864

In April 2011, Blueseum was contacted by the family of John Newton Jacomb, we are awaiting further details of his football career.
2014, unfortunately the family have not been able to shed any further light on his football career.

John Newton Jacomb had been a student at the Melbourne Academy which was the forerunner to Scotch College, and most likely played cricket and football there.
Played cricket for Victoria against N.S.W. in Sydney February 1861.
The South Yarra team to play the Melbourne Football Club July 28 1860 had a player named Jacomb.

Pioneer player.

1864 Newton Jacomb has the unfortunate distinction of being the first Carlton Football Club player to break his leg.
(Centenary Souvenir of Carlton Football Club.p5)
So far, this is the only reference to him being at Carlton.

1864 "The unfortunate interuption to the amusements at the Richmond football game on Saturday afternoon, a young gentleman named Jacomb having had his leg broken".
(The Argus Monday July 4 p5.)

As the club was formed in July 1864 this could be Carlton's first game.
This would be July 2 1864.

In The Argus Wednesday 29 June 1864 p5,
Melbourne played a South Yarra/St.Kilda team at the South Yarra ground on Friday July 1.
The Melbourne team is listed, and one of it's players is named Jacomb.
Players in those days could play with multiple clubs. Games could have been completed in a short time as the first team to score two goals won the game. Players could then be looking to play another match.
A host of clubs played in Melbourne's major parks and many games could be played on a Saturday.

Is this the same player or a relation?

"Longstop" of the Australasian August 28 p12, reminiscing about the Richmond Cricket Club, writes about some Richmond cricketers and mentions that Newton Jacomb played with the club.

1891 November 5 Thursday
John Newton Jacomb passed away at his residence at the Criterion Hotel Walhalla (Vic) after a long illness, he was aged 48. (The Gippsland Times, Nov. 13)
Newton and his wife operated the hotel.
He was also a major shareholder of the Long Tunnel Gold Mine.

DOB/DOD details of John Newton Jacomb from Cricket Archive web site


Image Trove: Weekly Times November 20 p18 1897
John Newton Jacomb could be the gentleman on the left. Although this image appeared in the Weekly Times six years after his death, this photo appears to be a type of post card with the hotel's name professionally printed on it.

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