John T. McInerney

Victorian Football League
Vice President: 1909
President: 1910, 1911

Little is known of John McInerney and his connections with Carlton. All of what we know is on this page. If anyone can shed some light on this gentleman, it would be appreciated.
At the 1909 AGM the Argus March 13 p15 reported T. J. McInerney was elected as vice president, surely J. T. McInerney?

Possible connection, former Carlton player Tim McInerney died in 1915 and The Tribune (Jan 14 1915) reported that Tim was the brother of Michael, Tom, and John T. McInerney.
Carlton did have a Jack McInerney who also played. Is this the same person who was Carlton president?

Throughout the summer of 1910-11 calls for reform of the VFL in regards to player payment reached a head.
The VFA had struck off the non payment rule, now there were calls from some sections for the VFL to do the same. Carlton president John McInerney got the ball rolling and called for a meeting. Carlton came out and openly said they had paid players in 1910 and will do so again this coming season. Most if not all VFL clubs were paying their players.
Player payment or inducements was not new, it had been around in football since the mid 1880's. It was certainly a divisive issue, especially with the press, but a farce when clubs hid their payments under "other expenses" at their AGM.
The VFL could not come to a satisfactory decision so this impasse continued.

1911 Open Professionalism Advocated


John T. McInerney was hon. treasurer of the St. Vincent Queen Carnival Competition committee,held in conjunction with the St.Vincents Hospital. Same person?
(Herald September 25 1916 p6)

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