The 4ths and the 5ths


The Sporting Globe March 20 1937;
"The proposal by the Melbourne Boy's Club Association that teams under 16 compete in curtain-raisers to senior games, has been officially endorsed by the Victorian Football League.
South Melbourne will "sponsor" two teams, while North Melbourne, Hawthorn, Carlton, St.Kilda, and Richmond will each take charge of one. In the majority of a cases the League club will supply the juniors with guernseys of the senior club's colors.
A record entry is expected for the Boys' Clubs games, in which the following sections have been arranged:
Under 14 (schoolboys), under 15, under 16, under 17, under 19 and under 21."

When Jim Francis finished playing, he coached an under aged side before the VFL thirds (Under 19s) started in 1946 - Carlton sponsored a team in the Victorian Junior Football League and in 1945 they won the "B" Grade Premiership in the Northern District Football Association. Fred Lalor and Alan Streeter shared the Club’s B&F. Carlton also ‘lent assistance’ to East Brunswick in the Sub-District League and to Brunswick City FC in the VJFL.

The NJFL was formed in 1947 ‘to enable the youth of the Northern districts to play the League code and thereby have the opportunity of developing into senior players’ and was sponsored by Fitzroy, North Melbourne and Carlton, but after 1950 Fitzroy withdrew their sponsorships and the other two clubs picked up Fitzroy’s share. Carlton was represented by Carlton Colts in “A” Grade (Under 21s and played in the afternoon) and Princes Hill in “B” Grade (Under 17s and played in the morning) and both reached the Grand final only to be defeated by Fitzroy’s Police Boys’ Club and North Melbourne Colts in 1948 both of who also won in 1947.

In 1950 the “A” Grade had 7 teams with Carlton Colts (where future reserves player John Ryan won the "A" league best and fairest) finished 4th and East Brunswick (also a Carlton side, but not fully sponsored) finished 2nd to North United (a North Melb. side) and the “B” Grade had 8 teams where Carlton’s fully sponsored team of Princes Hill won the 1950 (as it did in 1949) from North Melbourne Colts (who had Alan Aylett* playing and won the K G Luke Cup for “B” Grades B&F from Princes Hill’s Frank Munro. *Aylett also won it again in 1951)

In 1952 the NJFL had trouble fielding sufficient number of teams in the Under 21 grade ("A" grade) to make the competition interesting and blamed it on the military call up and transferred these sides to the Northern District Football Association.

In 1955 Princes Hill F.C. again acted as Carlton's fourths and played in the Under 17s Section of the Northern Junior Football league (NJFL) and finished 3rd going down to another local side in Carlton Foundation Youth Club who lost the grand final to West Coburg. Max Miers was 2nd in Princes Hill B&F and there were 11 teams in 1955.

For 1957 there were now affiliated with the new Combined Northern Junior Football Association where Princes Hill lost the GF to West Coburg in the Under 17s (Now 3 grades - Under 21, Under 17 and Under 15, with West Coburg winning all three grades in 1957).

In 1960 the Fifth Eighteen was formed and finished 5th from 8 teams, and in 1961 Adrian Gallagher was 2nd in Carlton’s B&F for the 5ths).

In 1962 the Under 17s lost the GF to North Melbourne Colts with Adrian Gallagher winning Carlton’s Best in Grand Final Award, ‘Gags’ played 8 games from 18 games with the Under 17s during this season and Denis Pagan won the Most Serviceable Award (and played under 8 games), the Under 15s used 50 players during the season.

In 1963 Denis Pagan won the 4ths B&F for Carlton and also played games in the U19s and was an emergency in the 1963 U19s premiership side, the 5ths lost their semi final to North Melbourne 5ths.

By the 1970 Annual Report there was no mention of either in the 4ths or 5ths.

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