Most Games without a Flag        

Most Games without a Flag

Player Carlton Games without a Flag
Kade Simpson*Check Bio*
Marc Murphy*Check Bio*
Bryce Gibbs231
Lance Whitnall216
Heath Scotland215
Andrew Walker202
Ryan Houlihan201
Matthew Lappin196
John James195
Andrew Carrazzo194
Bruce Comben188
Bret Thornton188
Brendan Fevola187
Eddie Betts184
Jarrad Waite184
Matthew Kreuzer*Check Bio*
Fred Gilby179
Ron Cooper157
Ed CurnowCheck Bio*
Simon Beaumont152
Michael Jamison150

Minimum 150 Games

For more on players who have played many games for the Blues before Flag success - or indeed - finished up without it, please click here.

NB * denotes current player. For up to date game information, check the player's Blueseum Bio.

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1986 - Maclure tipped to Captain Blues (20/02/86).
1990 - James Cook warns club to stay away (29/08/90).

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