Carlton lost to Melbourne by 21 points at Princes Park.

Round 1, 1945

Carlton 3.2 20 3.4 22 8.6 54 13.9 87
Melbourne 1.4 10 6.13 49 12.14 86 15.18 108
Venue: Princes Park
Date: Saturday 21 April 1945
Result: Lost by 21 points
Crowd: 16,000
Goalkickers: R.Savage 4, C.Mann 2, A.Way 2, A.Hearn 2, K.Hopper 1, F.Rose 1, C.McInnes 1.
Umpire: Sawyer
Injuries: F.Fitzgibbon (leg) replaced by F.Rose at half time.
Best: A.Hearn, K.Hopper, R.Savage, R.Hines, A.Way, J.Bennett

Game Review

Carlton got away to a fast start. They were on top across the centre and scored two quick goals by Cyril Mann and Charlie McInnes. Melbourne were struggling for the first ten minutes when they received a free kick close in and scored their first goal. Then it was the Blues turn to obtain a free on the forward line and debutant Adrian Hearn kicked truly.
Melbourne's game in this quarter was in stark contrast to the first term. They dominated, quickly added 2.7 and then another three goals. The Blues could managed only 2 points for the term. The Blues were second to the ball, beaten in the air, and the forwards were being hustled at all times by the Demon defenders. Melbourne had turned a 10 point deficit to a 27 point lead. 3.4 - 6.13
Melbourne's goal spree continued unabated with 4 goals added with Demon Norm Smith in control in the centre. The run of goals was only broken when Cyril Mann kicked Carlton's fourth, but the visitors then added another two. The Blues were desperate and somehow, with reckless, non stop football, managed four goals in a row by Ken Hopper, Alec Wray and two to Ron Savage. From near on ten goals down they had reduced the margin to 32 points which gave the Blues fans a faint hope at three quarter time. 8.6 - 12.14
Carlton immediately attacked without any luck and what seems to always happen, Melbourne runs the ball down to their forward line and scores a goal. When they added their fourteenth goal much of the sting came out of the game and Melbourne were content with their large lead. Adrian Hearn scored the Blues ninth when he ran into an open goal. Then late goals to Fred Rose, Ron Savage (two), and Alec Way made Carlton's tally look a bit more respectable.
The Blues losing the opening match by 21 points. 13.9 - 15.18

The Blues began 1945 with a disappointing loss to the Redlegs, and sat in eighth position on the ladder.


B: 32 Bob Green (acting capt.) 22 Jim Jones 5 Hal Hanton
HB: 9 Wal Alexander 18 Arthur Sanger 26 Jim Clark
C: 11 Ron Hines 15 Vin Brown 12 Doug Williams
HF: 2 Ken Hopper 4 Alec Way 31 Charlie McInnes
F: 19 Adrian Hearn 27 Cyril Mann 8 Fred Fitzgibbon
Ruck: 24 Ron Savage 3 Jack Bennett 16 Jim Mooring
19th Man: 21 Fred Rose
Coach: Percy Bentley


Debuts: Fred Rose, Ken Hopper, Adrian Hearn, Hal Hanton and Wal Alexander


Wednesday's Sporting Globe (p14) complained about the difficulty of distinguishing between Collingwood and North Melbourne in the wet, muddy conditions that prevailed at Victoria Park.
"Surely when North and Collingwood meet something better in distinctive uniforms should be insisted on. A red sash would make all the difference."

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