Carlton defeated Hawthorn by 66 points at Princes Park.

Round 13, 1935

Venue: Princes ParkDate: Saturday July 20, 1935
Result: Win by 66 pointsUmpire: S.A.ScottCrowd: 12,000
Goalkickers: H.Vallence 7, K.Dunn 3, A.Clarke 2, C.Davey 2, A.De Luca 2, C.Denning 2, J.Hale 1, M.Johnson 1, C.Turner 1.
Best: G.Mackie, J.Francis, E.Huxtable, H.Vallence, C.Davey, K.Shea
Reports: Injuries: A.De Luca (arm) replaced by B.Butler late in the final quarter.

Game Review

Carlton continued its rich vein of form, recording a strong 66 point win over Hawthorn. The Blues were never extended by an error prone opposition, dominating in defence and in the rucks. Carlton looked a confident, organised and well drilled outfit.

Coach Frank Maher gave the team light work during the week’s training sessions. He considered that they were in top form and fitness and needed a break after a big last three weeks. All players were available, except for Mick Crisp (shoulder), Ted Pollock (flu) and Ron Cooper (suspended). Clen Denning came into the side following his seven goal haul in the reserves the week prior and Bernie Treweek made way for Bert Butler as 19th man. The team and committee were pleased that Charlie Davey had been named vice-captain of the Victorian team to play South Australia shortly and Mick Crisp was to be captain of a VFL side to visit Bendigo.

Scrambly play marked the first quarter. Hawthorn had the use of a strong wind but in the first minute, Carlton was on the scoreboard with Davey smartly handballing to De Luca who ran in and kicked the first goal. Each side had adopted their own tactics; Hawthorn playing a short passing game down the middle and Carlton forcing play to the wings and flanks. Mackie, Francis and Gilby played grandly against early Hawthorn attacks, forcing the Mayblooms into hasty play bringing only behinds. Into attack again, Turner punted a neat second goal. Then great play from Johnson resulted in Denning snapping the third goal. Hawthorn gradually worked the ball forward, snapping their first goal. Rallying, they combined well for another. Carlton’s defence was under pressure when ex-blue Jack Green scored the third goal. But Carlton steadied and a late goal gave a four point lead at quarter time.

In the first minutes of the quarter, Hawthorn regained the lead, after a good handball brought up a lovely drop kick goal. Stung into action, Carlton fought back. Showing their best form of the game, the Blues scored two quick goals; both to Vallence (playing at centre half forward) from 50 yards out. Carlton now began to dominate and had Hawthorn under much pressure. Hale, Huxtable and Francis continually sent Carlton forward and Vallence scored another brace of goals, one from at least 60 yards out. He should have had another moments later, but an obvious push in the back was missed by umpire Scott. Hawthorn was concentrating too much on the man and not the ball, and the Blues capitalised, extending their lead to 27 points at the long break.

Hawthorn made several changes on resumption but to no avail, as Carlton continued their control of the game. Shea and Green co-operated well for Clarke to snap truly and then Johnson assisted De Luca to score his second goal. Two errors in defence allowed the Mayblooms in for two goals. In response, the Blues, now dominant all over, but especially in defence, stepped up the pressure and kicked a further five goals, while Hawthorn could add only one. Vallence was on the receiving end of plenty of rough play and it was surprising that there wasn’t much Carlton retaliation. Hawthorn had had a good share of the play in the quarter, but simply couldn’t match Carlton and trailed by 50 points going into the last term.

For the first ten minutes both sides battled it out, with neither able to break through. It was Vallence who broke the impasse with a clever screw punt for his fifth goal. The result was now a foregone conclusion and there was little interest in the game by spectators, many of whom left early. Mackie and Anderson combined well and helped Vallence to his sixth goal. Hawthorn finally broke through Carlton’s stonewall defence for their eighth goal, but Dunn’s quick reply, after marking close to goal, brought up Carlton’s 18th goal. For the rest of the game, goals were scored alternatively by each team, but Carlton, never extended, were 66 points in front when the bell pealed.

At the end of this round Carlton were in 2nd spot on the ladder with a percentage of 143.8.


B: 6 Fred Gilby 26 Jim Park 1 Frank Anderson
HB: 9 Eric Huxtable 24 Gordon Mackie 10 Jim Francis
C: 27 Clete Turner 8 Keith Shea 32 Bob Green
HF: 15 Maurie Johnson 20 Alby De Luca 11 Jack Hale
F: 5 Keith Dunn 22 Harry Vallence 34 Clen Denning
Ruck: 17 Charlie Davey (c) 3 Wally Mutimer 31 Ansell Clarke
19th Man: 29 Bert Butler
Coach: Frank Maher


50 Games: Gordon Mackie
Debut: Bert Butler

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