Carlton defeated the Swans by 34 points at Etihad, but it could have been by far more!

Round 13, 2011

Carlton 4.2 26 7.4 46 13.8 86 15.10 100
Sydney 3.1 19 4.3 27 4.4 28 10.6 66
Venue: The Dome
Date: June 19, 2011
Result: Won by 34 points
Crowd: 42,788
Goalkickers: Kreuzer 2, Murphy 2, Garlett 2, Walker 2, Ellard 2, Robinson, Henderson, Judd, Yarran, Gibbs
Reports: Nil
Umpires: J. Armstrong, M. Jennings, S. Ryan
Injuries: Shaun Hampson (knee), David Ellard (concussion)

Ladder: 3rd

Game Review

Another Sunday arvo, another trip to the roofed stadium. With our enlightened friends at the Bureau of Meteorology predicting a mere ten percent chance of rain the roof stayed open and the prospect of another slugfest in the wet against the Swans remained. We needn’t have worried. The rain held off and when the sun came out during the third quarter it shined for the Blues like days of old.

Illustration: http://www.samcrook.com
At selection, a familiar face returned to the Carlton line-up for his first run of the 2011 campaign, after finally overcoming a severe calf injury. Ryan Houlihan was welcomed back in his return match - his 196th - and there's no doubt that his return could be a real bonus to a team already performing at a high level. This week he came in at the expense of Paul Bower after a solitary game back in Blue.

With the match just 90 seconds old and Matthew Kreuzer streaming towards goal after crumbing like one of the mosquito fleet it could have been an ominous start for Carlton. His shot from 48m missed and for the next 15 minutes or so we were treated to some traditional Sydney stifling congestion. The game was played mostly on their terms and at their end. The Blues looked hurried, harassed and a little stunned while the Swans piled on three quick goals. Andrew Walker was covering plenty of territory, playing higher up the ground than previous weeks and he gave the Blues a target on numerous occasions, but it wasn’t until Kade Simpson spotted up Kreuzer straight in front 40m out that the Blues finally got on the board. Two more followed in quick succession as Marc Murphy goaled from a tight angle after receiving a free kick for high contact and then David Ellard gave the Blues the lead when he snapped truly after the footy ended with him following a chain of handballs. Arguably the highlight of the term came when Walker’s blistering speed left the Swans in his dust before he steadied and with poise and precision hit up Kreuzer about 20m out. His second goal followed completing a superb opening quarter for the big man and after a sluggish start the Blues took a seven point lead to the break.

The second term opened with Murphy out to prove Andrew Walker isn’t the only one with a bit of toe. His electric dash through traffic at centre half forward was matched for excellence by Heath Scotland’s perfectly timed, bullet like handball and Murphy’s precise finish brought up his second. The next party trick belonged to Mitch Robinson (who of late seems to specialise in creating something from nothing) this time swooping on the loose ball and snapping an opportunistic goal on his right. The seventh consecutive goal came from the unusually quiet Jeff Garlett, the beneficiary of a 50m penalty that put him in the goal square, before the Swans finally broke the run of goals to narrow the margin to 19 at the half.

The third term brought back memories of those notorious “premiership quarters” of the early eighties and the smooth sound of Peter Landy churning out another “champagne football” analogy. The Blues were at the top of their game during the period as the Swans were made to look flat-footed and lethargic. Post-match Brett Ratten was quoted saying “this is when we are at our finest” in reference to the third quarter romp. The beginning of the term certainly didn’t promise anything too startling, both sides struggling to deliver cleanly and neither side able to gain ascendency. The Carlton run started fortuitously enough when a shocking Kennelly clearance landed in Andrew Carrazzo’s lap. He promptly sent it back whence it came on a bee-line to the chest of Garlett for his second. Kreuzer’s pin-point palm gave Chris Judd a rare unimpeded run at the footy minus the usual posse of Swans hanging from his frame and he subsequently found Lachie Henderson dead in front on the 50m arc. Henderson’s late swinging conversion for goal was one of his few possessions for the day. Walker then piped up for a couple of his own after spending much of the first half presenting himself tirelessly on the wings. Judd surfaced again for a cameo of his own creating space with a deft handball for Ellard’s second. Mitch Robinson administered a bone-rattling tackle on the hapless Kennelly, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, before following up with the hit out to Judd at the next ball up. Judd showed a glimpse of the old magic as he broke through traffic after swallowing Robinson’s hit out and goaled on his left from close range in the dying seconds. Six goals for the term without reply gave the Blues a commanding 58 point lead at the final change.

The procession looked set to continue early in the final term when Chris Yarran goaled after another of his trail-blazing runs to stretch Carlton’s lead to a whopping 64 points. The excitement Yarran induces in the crowd as he nears or receives the ball is palpable and fortunately this day for those present it was often. Sadly, Yarran’s goal signaled the shutting of the shop for the Blues. Their run slowed to a plod for the remainder of the term, perhaps attributable to the reduced number of interchange options after injuries to Shaun Hampson and David Ellard, but perhaps there was also a hint of self preservation creeping in with the sting gone from the game. The Swans outscored the Blues six goals to two in the last and made what should have been a hiding into a somewhat flattering 34 point defeat.

Substitute Ryan Houlihan replaced Shaun Hampson (knee) at the 15 minute mark of the third quarter.


B:4 Bryce Gibbs 40 Michael Jamison32 Bret Thornton
HB: 34 Nick Duigan 2 Jordan Russell 42 Zach Tuohy
C: 29 Heath Scotland 5 Chris Judd (C) 6 Kade Simpson
HF: 3 Marc Murphy 23 Lachie Henderson38 Jeffery Garlett
F: 19 Eddie Betts 1 Andrew Walker 8 Matthew Kreuzer
Ruck:22 Shaun Hampson12 Mitch Robinson 46 David Ellard
Interchange:13 Chris Yarran 35 Ed Curnow 44 Andrew Carrazzo
Substitute: 33 Ryan Houlihan
Coach: Brett Ratten
Emg: 18 Paul Bower , 21 Mark Austin, 27 Dennis Armfield


Winning Streaks: This was our fourth win in a row. It was only the second time that Carlton had achieved 4 wins in a row since 2001, with the last being near the end of Season 2009. Unfortunately the Blues were not able to make it 5 in a row the following week.

Brownlow Votes

3. Matthew Kreuzer, Carlton
2. Marc Murphy, Carlton
1. Bryce Gibbs, Carlton

Best & Fairest Votes

Matthew Kreuzer 39, Marc Murphy 37, Chris Yarran 34, Bryce Gibbs 33, Andrew Walker 28, Mitch Robinson 27, Michael Jamison 8, Chris Judd 8, Heath Scotland 6, Kade Simpson 5, Bret Thornton 5, Eddie Betts 3


  2011 Rd 13 P W D L Byes For Agn % Pts
1 Geelong 12 12 0 0 R6 R22 1226 858 142.89 48
2 Collingwood 11 10 0 1 R7 R13 1312 736 178.26 40
3 Carlton 12 9 1 2 R8 R23 1212 874 138.67 38
4 Hawthorn 12 9 0 3 R6 R17 1215 914 132.93 36
5 West Coast 12 8 0 4 R5 R15 1182 959 123.25 32
6 Sydney 12 7 1 4 R5 R19 991 950 104.32 30
7 Fremantle 12 6 0 6 R6 R16 1070 1171 91.37 24
8 Essendon 12 5 1 6 R10 R24 1214 1055 115.07 22
9 Melbourne 12 5 1 6 R5 R16 1109 1085 102.21 22
10 Richmond 12 5 1 6 R11 R19 1192 1275 93.49 22
11 North Melbourne 12 5 0 7 R3 R21 1141 1123 101.60 20
12 St Kilda 12 4 1 7 R4 R14 948 1035 91.59 18
13 Western Bulldogs 12 4 0 8 R4 R20 1014 1155 87.79 16
14 Adelaide 12 3 0 9 R2 R16 935 1197 78.11 12
15 Brisbane Lions 12 2 0 10 R4 R19 946 1223 77.35 8
16 Port Adelaide 12 2 0 10 R12 R18 940 1358 69.22 8
17 Gold Coast 11 2 0 9 R1 R9 792 1471 53.84 8

Agst Rich G.Cst Coll
Adel Sydney St.Kilda BYE Geel Melb P.Adel
% 123.8 202.2
135.0 129.5 124.4 124.8 124.8 120.6 126.0 132.6 137.6
Agst Sydney W.Cst Rich W.Bull Coll Ess N.Melb Melb Frem Haw BYE St.Kilda
. . . . . . . . . .  
% 138.6 . . . . . . . . . .  

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