Carlton defeated Geelong by 16 points - Corio Oval.

Round 16, 1921

Carlton 3.6 24 3.6 24 5.12 42 8.15 63
Geelong 1.3 9 3.6 24 4.7 31 6.11 47
Venue: Corio Oval Date: Saturday September 3, 1921
Result: Won by 16 points Umpire: Rawle Crowd: 24,000
Goalkickers: H.Clover 3, E.Bickford 2, P.Daykin 1, G.Green 1, H.Toole 1.
Best: F.Johnson, P.O'Brien, F.Martin, J.Greenhill, J.Stephenson, B.Blackman, N.Chandler, H.Clover, E.Bickford, B.Boromeo, H.Toole, S.McLatchie
Reports: F.Martin for striking/charging Haggar. (suspended two weeks) Injuries:

Game Review

Four special trains and a boat (ferry) were hired to take Carlton supporters from Melbourne, with 4,300 people arriving by train. It was a record crowd at Corio Oval for the season. The Geelong Advertiser said most of the contingent of 4,300 took up a position to the right of the grandstand and produced a large blue and white flag whenever the Blues hit the front.
Geelong had not been defeated at home this year.
Carlton kicked with the wind in the first quarter and the match developed into a first class display of football. The Blues held an 11 point lead at the last turn. Geelong hit back and reduced the lead to two points with just six minutes remaining, however, the Blues steadied and kicked final two goals to run out 16 point winners. Carlton's strength and weight told out in the end, and were the first team to defeat Geelong at home this season.
At the end of this round Carlton were in 1st spot on the ladder with a percentage of 141.5.

Rough Play by Carlton

"So consistent were the attacks on two or three of the Geelong players by certain men in the Carlton ranks on Saturday that it was almost seemed as though unsportsmanlike tactics had been pre-arranged. Play had only been in progress a few minutes when it was apparent that Eason was a marked man and he was so roughly handled in the first fifteen minutes that his body ached all over. At later stages whenever he exhibited any of his customary brilliancy he was bumped, tripped, or elbowed, and it must have been a great relief to him when the game ended. In spite of the cowardly tactics of some of his opponents, Eason played gamely throughout.
Hagger, Geelong's half forward received even worse treatment than Eason. He was repeatedly on the ground, each time being borne down by an opponent from behind when going for the ball. Once when he was lying on the ground he was kicked on the face, but this, let it be hoped, was an accident. One incident came prominently under the notice of Umpire Rawle, who after the match reported Martin, of Carlton, for having struck Hagger. During the game the umpire received a blow which put him out of action for two or three minutes. He had an idea who the responsible player was, but he was not certain, so no one was reported.
To the credit of the Geelong players it was said that they played football throughout and not one unsportsmanlike incident on their part came under notice."
"Rawle the central umpire, and he handled a somewhat difficult game splendidly. At the outset it was thought that he was giving too many free kicks, but he had Carlton's measure and was apparently determined to check them in their unfair tactics from the jump. After the game Brigadier-General Smith, president of the Geelong Club, waited on Rawle and complimented him on his umpiring, which the president characterised as being the best he had seen."
(Geelong Advertiser, September 5 p4/3)


B: 19 Fred Johnson 4 Ernie Jamieson 25 Frank Martin
HB: 18 Wally Raleigh 10 Paddy O'Brien 6 Jack Greenhill (vc)
C: 3 Jack Stephenson 13 Billy Blackman 8 Newton Chandler
HF: 7 Charlie Fisher 1 Horrie Clover 17 Dan Whannell
F: 11 Edric Bickford 16 Gordon Green (c) 2 Percy Daykin
Ruck: 27 Bert Boromeo 22 Harry Toole 21 Stewart McLatchie
Coach: Norman Clark


Debut: Dan Whannell

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