Round 17, 1911         Carlton lost to Collingwood by 15 points at Victoria Park.

Round 17, 1911

Carlton 1.5 11 2.10 22 3.12 30 4.17 41
Collingwood 3.0 18 4.2 26 8.7 55 8.8 56
Venue: Victoria Park Date: Saturday August 26, 1911
Result: Lost by 15 points Umpire: Tulloch Crowd: 20,000
Goalkickers: R.Johnson 2, M.Gotz 1, V.Valentine 1.
Reports: Injuries:

Game Review

This was the first time that Carlton scored a single goal in each quarter, the next case was Round 4, 2007and the most recent was some 98 seasons later in the same round and against the same side, but this time the Magpies' ex premiership captain was not the field umpire. Carlton had 5 more scoring shots, but lost by 15 points and in the lastest case had 3 players to score the 4 goals.

At the end of this round Carlton were in 3rd spot on the ladder with a percentage of 143.9.


B: Dick Harris Ernie Jamieson Alex Barningham
HB: Norman Clark Archie Wilson Billy Dick
C: Tom Clancy Rod McGregor George Bruce
HF: Arthur Ford Jim Marchbank Martin Gotz
F: Fred Elliott (cc) Vin Gardiner Roy Johnson
Ruck: Jack Wells Ned Bowen Viv Valentine
Coach: Fred Elliott

Image SLV/CFC: Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News (Melb) August 30


Interesting Fact: This was the first time in our long history that, in scoring 4 goals for the match, Carlton scored a single goal in each quarter. The next such incidence was some 96 years later and the most recent was Round 17, 2009 98 years later in the same round and against that very first side.

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