Round 19, 1971         Carlton lost to Richmond by 43 pts at Princes Park, in Garry Crane's 100th game.

Round 19, 1971

Venue: Princes ParkDate: Saturday August 7, 1971
Result: Lost by 43 pointsUmpire: I.CoatesCrowd: 36,267
Goalkickers: A.Jesaulenko 3, J.Nicholls 1, C.Mitchell 1, B.Barrot 1, I.Robertson 1, R.Walls 1.
Best: J.Nicholls, I.Robertson, B.Doull, A.Gallagher, J.O'Connell, V.Waite.
Reports: NilInjuries: K.Hall (broken nose), B.Barrot (corked thigh).

Game Review

One of the crucial matches of the year and a bitter disappointment to all Carlton fans.

A spot in the finals could well have been up for grabs with the contenders sitting - Hawthorn 16-2; Collingwood 13-4-1; St Kilda13-5; Richmond 12-6 and Carlton 12-6. One was going to have to miss out.

After holding sway through the first half the Blues were overhauled in the third term and then overwhelmed in the last as a feeble performance saw us outscored by 10 goals to 1 after the main break. Tigers champion Royce Hart was unstoppable.


B: 50 John O'Connell 20 Geoff Southby 30 Vin Waite
HB: 21 Barry Gill 43 David McKay 3 Kevin Hall
C: 6 Garry Crane 24 Bill Barrot 15 Phil Pinnell
HF: 34 Ian Robertson 42 Robert Walls (vc) 4 Bruce Doull
F: 9 Chris Mitchell 25 Alex Jesaulenko 8 Trevor Keogh
Ruck: 2 John Nicholls (c) 1 Serge Silvagni 10 Adrian Gallagher
Res: 22 Neil Chandler 5 Syd Jackson
Coach: Ron Barassi

Bill Barrot & Ian Stewart
Age August 10


50 Games : David McKay
100 Games : Garry Crane
Last Game : Chris Mitchell

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