Carlton defeated Port Power by 66 points at the Telstra Dome

Round 19, 2008

Carlton4.7318.16 6412.229418.24132
Port Adelaide1.4102.5175.8 389.1266
Venue: Telstra Dome
Date: Sat 9 August 2008, 2:10pm Result: won by 66 points
Umpires: S. McInerney, J. Mollison, K.Nicholls Crowd: 29,696
Goalkickers: Fevola 4, Walker 3, Fisher , Kreuzer 2, Cloke, Gibbs, Grigg, Judd, Simpson, Stevens.
Reports: Nil Injuries: Betts (hamstring tightness) replaced in selected side by Hampson
Position: 10th

Game Review

Carlton routed Port Power by 66 points to get a percentage boost in the run to the finals. With our fellow top 8 aspirants floundering (Richmond got pumped, Essendon lost and St Kilda surprisingly lost to the Magpies), the Blues' big win put us 1 game from 7th place and within percentage striking distance of the teams above us.

The game itself was rather disappointing in hindsight, with many fans thinking we should have won by more. We killed them for Inside 50's, killed them around the ground and missed a number of very easy shots on goal. 42 shots to 21 says it all.

Despite that, there were actually a few little records from this game:

In terms of the stats, young star Bryce Gibbs continued a great year and was comfortably best on ground with 30 disposals at 87% efficiency, 10 contested possessions, 9 clearances, 7 tackles and a goal. Promising youngster Shaun Grigg played his best game to date, gathering 25 disposals, 7 inside 50s, 2 assists and a goal on his way to winning the Round 19 Rising Star Nomination . Marc Murphy was outstanding with 28 disposals at 86% efficiency, 5 clearances and 4 assists as was captain Chris Judd who had 24 disposals, 15 contested possessions, 8 clearances, 7 tackles, 2 assists and a goal. Jarrad Waite gathered a career-high 29 disposals at 90% efficiency, took 11 marks and laid 5 tackles while reigning best and fairest winner Andrew Carrazzo managed to gather 34 disposals at 84% efficiency.


B: 9 Jason Saddington 40 Michael Jamison 32 Bret Thornton
HB: 44 Andrew Carrazzo 30 Jarrad Waite 16 Shaun Grigg
C: 29 Heath Scotland 5 Chris Judd (c) 27 Dennis Armfield
HF: 34 Simon Wiggins 1 Andrew Walker 3 Marc Murphy
F: 6 Kade Simpson 25 Brendan Fevola 8 Matthew Kreuzer
Ruck: 28 Cameron Cloke 4 Bryce Gibbs 24 Nick Stevens (vc)
Interchange: 2 Jordan Russell 14 Brad Fisher 15 Steven Browne
22 Shaun Hampson*
Coach: Brett Ratten
Emg: 21 Mark Austin, 7 Adam Bentick, 19 Eddie Betts*

-*Shaun Hampson replaced Eddie Betts (hamstring tightness) in the selected side


Rising Star Nominees: Shaun Grigg
Goal kicking: Brendan Fevola equalled his best goals tally in a year with 84
Records: Carlton won successive games against Port for the first time
Biggest wins: This was our first 10 goal win since we knocked Adelaide out of the 2001 finals campaign, some 7 years beforehand

Interesting Fact

This was the largest crowd between these two clubs played in Melbourne, previous record was 29,678 in Round 11, 2007.

Brownlow Votes

3. Chris Judd, Carlton
2. Bryce Gibbs, Carlton
1. Marc Murphy, Carlton

Best and Fairest Votes

40 Shaun Grigg, 38 Bryce Gibbs, Jarrad Waite, 36 Andrew Walker, 34 Andrew Carrazzo, 16 Chris Judd, Marc Murphy, 11 Dennis Armfield, Matthew Kreuzer, Kade Simpson, Simon Wiggins, 6 Michael Jamison

Mike and Dan

Simon Wiggins: Play of the Week

Only a few boys down at Carlton can honestly say they were around the last time we had a 10 goal win – Fevola was actually the only player in both (in both Round 19, 2008 and the 2001 Elimination Final), and Houlihan and Wiggins were each on the list. And only one Blue can say he’s won Play of the Week in one of those matches…the Wiggler! We decided to award Simon Wiggins his second Play of the Week for the year after a ripper mark but also some fine form at half forward for the Blues…

Is that the best mark you've taken in your career? Walk us through it, what was going through your head at the time?

I didn’t think it was that good actually – it was a bit clumsy really. I just saw the bloke I was on at the time creeping up on my left hand side, I didn’t know what I was going to do until the last minute..and then just decided to jump. Then I hit the ground – a bit winded actually – and the mark was mine!

We saw you drift into the backline to take a couple of stupidly brave running-with-the-flight marks as well. Did you follow your man down there, or were you shifted back at one stage? Or just felt like putting your life on the line?

No, nothing like that – all I was doing was picking up midfielder to lock them down and the ball luckily came my way. You’ve got to make sure that players in that position are picked up or it’s an easy shot on goal.

Andrew Walker proved a really valuable forward option on the weekend. Was this something that Port's matchups allowed, or do you think we are likely to see much more of Andrew in the forward line from now on?

I knew before the game that Walks would be cherry-ripe for this match – he’s been improving his fitness and coming along really well. He was shifted forward, but he can play forward, as a key defender down back and even in midfield – he’s one of those in-between type players. The match-ups worked really well for us on the day, and we were able to have a midfielder out on the flank and at the end he kicked 3 or 4 and set up a few others.

Brad Fisher has been asked to shoulder a lot more work this year than previously, as a marking option. How do you judge his year to date?

Look half forward is getting harder and harder to play – it is very taxing on the body. Our High Performance Manager Justin Cordy recognised that and he’s arranged a lot of rotations and drills on this part of the game. By swapping in or off you can lose a bit of touch and maybe that’s what you mean. Fish had a ripper year last year, and his body is better this year than last year for sure – he’s in pretty good knick – but he’s still working hard and gives us a lot out there.

The team dominated PA, what was the feeling amongst the group after the game? Elation that you had a big win, or was there some disappointment that you didn't win by more?

Obviously percentage is important, and to kick 24 behinds was a little disappointing for us. But we’ve got bigger things to focus on over the next 3 weeks. As soon as the game was over we focussed on those matches and put this game to the side. Obviously it would have been great to win by more but we have a lot more work to do.

It is an exciting race to the finals. Do you discuss scenarios and results from other teams that would allow you to make the finals, or do you just try and win each game and let the ladder sort itself out?

Look as a player you have a bit of a look, and think about who’s doing what – like for example St Kilda didn’t do us any favours by losing over the weekend, and Brisbane are in there as well, but as a team we’re focussing on what we need to do, and that’s win 2 or 3 of the final matches.


Yes, we might still be able to make it if we only win the 2 – that’ll be 44 points and that might be enough, you never know.

Everyone is aware that Fev is near 100 goals for the season. Playing forward yourself, is it hard not to look for him in 50/50 situations to get him over the line?

The focus is on bringing everyone into the game, whoever it is, and making sure it’s a team effort. Obviously we’d love to get Fevvy up to some more of these milestones but its more about the team.

You are a pretty decent set shot for goal. Is there any tips you have for a couple of your teammates that are struggling?

Ha, look I’m more confident from 50 metres out than I am from 15! When you’re a long way out you can judge the wind and other things better, like your own swing, but if you’re closer….

For most of us it’s all above the shoulders. We do a lot of work on this at training and we’re all trying to help each other get it through. Fisher is normally one of our better kicks for goal, and Jordan has missed a few … but I’m 11 or 12 goals 2 so it’s good to be accurate. Jordan was helping me just the other week on this as I wasn’t following through right, so if we see something that’s going on we try to fix it up.

You've had a more consistent season than ever before. Is that because a better team puts less pressure on you? Are you concentrating on a specific role?

Actually I really like the position I’m in now. It’s more of a burst role and suits my running ability much better. With Fish and Russell and a few others we have pretty good cohesion up there.

Last time we spoke to you it was a bit before your 100th. Did you family and friends come over?

Yeah, I had 20 tickets to the game and a few friends and family came over from Tassie. My Mum, Dad, Brother and a few of my mates were there – it was all pretty exciting and I wanted to make sure it was a big game to be proud of. I was really pumped – it took me a long time to get to this milestone and I wanted to perform out there.

Now you've got the 100, are you getting into Loudy's ear about father-son possibilities?

Ahhh…not yet.

You've always been spoken about as a good clubman in the press. What does that mean? Other than yourself, who would you say is another great clubman on our list?

It’s all of our responsibilities to see who’s up, and who may not be – we all know each other very well and we know when the players are at the top of their game, and if they’re not you’ve got to gee them up. I tell you though these days it’s improved a lot – its much better out there for talking etc.

Were you able to watch the Opening Ceremony? Was it tough for Loudy?

Ohh…still a bit of a sore point really. I mean if it was 6 months out from a grand final and I strained my calf, would I be barred from not making it?

Juddy in this column a few weeks back labelled Aaron Joseph as one to watch. Are you providing him all the advise he needs as a fellow Taswegian in the big leagues?

He’s a good kid for sure, and he has played some important roles in the Bullants. A number of young kids come through and think they can rely on the tactics that got them here, but I tell you AJ has had a number of tight defensive roles and really come up well. It’s a good sign for him to be taking and accepting tasks like that at that level.

You're the type of bloke who loves a challenge. Will you be putting up your hand to play on Buddy in round 22?

  • Laughs * I think he’s 6 inches too tall for me and too fast. Probably be Waite, although Jamo and Thornton are in good form back there too.

Actually ‘Mike’ from Mike & Dan is Tasmanian and we’ve worked out before that we must be related. Are you in any way related to any other Tasmanian AFL player?

Well….my Dad is Royce Hart’s third cousin….and Max Walker’s Mum is a Wiggins!

And to finish up…A bit of quiz for you… you were only the 7th Tasmanian to play 100 games for Carlton. Can you name any of them?

Well I love my Carlton history, and Glenorchy history, and so Berkley Cox, E.Huxtable, Chick…Percy Jones…me…that’s 5. How many were there?

2 more….


We thanks Wiggins for his time and gave him the final two in Viv Valentine and Maurie Sankey, wishing him well for the final 3 weeks. Who knows, there’s 3 more Plays of the Week to go and if he keeps his year up he could get another one before we’re done (not that ‘Mike’ is biased at all).

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