Carlton defeated the Bulldogs by 2 points - Docklands.

Round 21, 2002

Western Bulldogs1.175.43412.67814.1397
Venue: Colonial Stadium - Docklands
Date: August 24, 2002 Result: Win by 2 points
Umpires: Quigley, Wenn, JeffreyCrowd: 22,938
Goalkickers: C.McKernan (4), S.Beaumont (2), A.Hickmott, T.Hotton, R.Houlihan, M.Mansfield, S.Cranage, T.Sporn, S.Wiggins, J.Doering, J.Murphy (1).
Reports: S.Fletcher (misconduct) - cleared Injuries: C.McKernan (knee).

Game Review

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An outstanding nine goal to one first quarter appeared to give the Blues a match winning lead. The previously struggling Blues suddenly played with confidence and passion and hardly looked like a bottom of the ladder side. They were winning the ball out of the middle into the forward line and scoring repeated goals. Corey McKernan dominated Darcy and kicked 4 goals in that quarter, before succumbing to a knee injury.

Darcy took control of the ruck after that and got the Bulldogs back into the match. The Blues could only manage six goals for the remainder of the game- 2 in each quarter. The Dogs, after being down by as much as 56 points early in the second quarter, gradually reduced the margin, with a 4 goal second quarter and a 7 goal third quarter, to be just 7 points down at 3/4 time. Fortunately for the Blues, the Dogs never quite managed to head them but did get as close as 2 points late in the match. The Blues responded with Ryan Houlihan calmly centering a pass from deep in the forward pocket to Jordan Doering, who was just 15 metres directly in front of goal. He had no trouble kicking a goal to increase the buffer to eight points. The Dogs goaled shortly after but the Blues were able to hold on to secure a 2 point victory, just their third for the year.

Scott Camporeale had 24 possessions. Houlihan returned to form with 23, in a new role- playing off half back for the first time. Justin Murphy had 22, while Matthew Lappin had 20. Simon Beaumont was shifted to full forward and kicked 2 goals.

It was a blow to Bulldogs coach Terry Wallace, who resigned a few days later and would not coach them again.


B: 34 Simon Wiggins 4 Luke Livingston 45 Anthony Franchina
HB: 33 Ryan Houlihan 32 Bret Thornton 39 Ang Christou
C: 12 Matthew Lappin 20 Andrew Eccles 9 Adrian Hickmott (a/c)
HF: 15 Sam Cranage 37 Trent Hotton 31 Simon Fletcher
F: 36 Trent Sporn 29 Simon Beaumont 28 Ian Prendergast
Ruck: 2 Corey McKernan 18 Justin Murphy 16 Scott Camporeale
Interchange: 10 Michael Mansfield 48 Jordan Doering 11 Lindsay Smith
40 Jim Plunkett
Coach: Wayne Brittain
Emg: Adam Pickering David Gallagher Andrew Merrington
In: Michael Mansfield, Lindsay Smith
Out: Glenn Manton (broken leg), Andrew Merrington


150 Games: Ang Christou

Brownlow Votes

3: Robert Murphy (WB)
2: Trent Sporn (CARL)
1: Luke Darcy (WB)

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