Carlton defeated Footscray by 62 points at Princes Park. The legendary Bob Chitty debuted for the Blues.

Round 7, 1937

Venue: Princes ParkDate: Saturday June 5, 1937
Result: Win by 62 pointsUmpire: BattCrowd: 12,500
Goalkickers: J.Wrout 6.1, M.Price 4.1, H.Vallence 3.1, B.Butler 2.1, K.Shea 2.0, J.Hale 1.1, R.McLean 1.0, M. Crisp 0.3, K. Fox 0.3, A. Shields 0.1.
Best: J. Wrout, F. Gill, R. McLean, M. Crisp, J. Park, B. Butler
Reports: Injuries:

Game Review

Recording their third win of the season, Carlton were far too good for Footscray and led all day for a thumping 62 point win. In a nice return to form, the Blues were superior in every position except the ruck (where they were evenly matched). Skilful use of ball and body marked the win.

There was much discussion in the media through the week about Carlton’s injury problems and the effect that this might have on their tough run to the finals. Bob Green, with his shoulder injury, was unable to train at all and joined a growing list of injured players, including captain Ansell Clark (foot), Jack Carney (calf), Norm Cashin (ankle), Jack Hale (ankle), Gordon Mackie (hand) and Ted Pollock (thigh). In the end, five changes were made, with only one being forced. Green was out injured and Keith Dunn, Ron Cooper, Clem Neeson and Fred Ayers were omitted. Included were Will Kuhlken, Mick Price and first gamers Kevin Fox, a tall follower, and Bob Chitty, who would forge his mark on Carlton’s history. Eric Huxtable was in as 19th man. Hale and Cashin were cleared to play. In good news, Charlie Davey had recovered and was named in the seconds side.

Carlton had first use of a moderate breeze and attacked continuously for the first ten minutes. Play early was crowded and players were missing the flight of the ball. Park and Gill were notable for their early defensive play. The Blues got the first goal through a fine attack the length of the ground involving Gill and Chitty, and Wrout marked well. His shot seemed destined to be a behind but the ball bounced before the line and veered through for a goal. Vallence added the second goal but a series of chances went nowhere until Hale kicked the third goal, to give the Blues a 19 points to nil advantage. Carlton were dominating the game, through good position play, aerial work, pace and bustling straight through tactics. Crisp was providing great drive from the centre and Shea worked hard from a wing to shoot a pass to Wrout, who marked and kicked his second goal at the fifteen minute mark. Despite Carlton’s backline supremacy, Footscray doggedly persisted and finally broke through for their first goal. Another thrust was stopped by Park, who marked brilliantly and sent Carlton back into attack; however a scoring opportunity was wasted when Fox kicked poorly. The attacks continued and Price was held without the ball, gaining a free kick from which he added Carlton’s fifth goal. Another shot by Vallence fell short just before the bell rang with the Blues up by 26 points.

Footscray attacked early but Carlton’s defence was too strong; Park again taking a brilliant mark and relieving. The ball went to Fox who found Butler for the sixth goal. In a nice burst, Wrout took a fine one handed mark and added another. Carlton’s dominance was frustrating Footscray and they frequently gave away unnecessary free kicks. However a running goal brought them closer, but the Blues answered in a forceful manner; Hale bursting through a pack and snapping his second goal. Playing better, the Tricolours were unlucky to hit the post, but made up for that miss with their third goal. Another thrust was again stymied with a fine mark from Park, who forwarded to Wrout. He passed to Vallence who marked and kicked Carlton’s ninth goal from the forward pocket. Pressing forward, Footscray scored a much need goal, kicked off the ground from a scrum in the goal square. At half time, Carlton had a five goal lead, with Park, Crisp, Wrout, Gill and McLean the best in an all- round team display.

The Tricolours reorganized their forward line on resumption and the first ten minutes were very even. A blatant infringement against Wrout went unnoticed by the Umpire, before Price scored the tenth Carlton goal. Footscray answered with a goal following a fine mark. The game was still congested and Carlton had several quiet periods, seemingly content with their lead. Several chances were wasted through silly handballs and short passes and in a couple of instances, Carlton players competed against each other for marks! Suddenly waking from the torpor, Chitty and Hale worked the ball forward to Butler who goaled, and then Crisp opened up play with a good pass to McLean. His shot fell short, but he gathered well and kicked his first for the day. Footscray replied with a goal, through a smart forward staying down for the crumbs from a flying pack. The attacks continued and McLean, now playing in defence, was responsible for stopping three of them in a row. Footscray had now an advantage in the ruck and were at least matching Carlton around the ground. Shea was having a great battle on his wing and worked the ball forward, where he gained a free and goaled. The Tricolours kept up the pace but two free kicks in their forward line were wasted by poor play from their forwards. Overuse of handball cost Carlton a goal and Footscray kicked their seventh goal not long before the three quarter time bell to trail by 37 points at the last change.

A great mark by Gill stopped an early Footscray thrust. On the rebound, Shea kicked into the forward line and followed up well, sealing the game with his second, and Carlton’s fourteenth, goal. The Tricolours were trying hard, but were still making errors when in attack. Carlton was guilty too – Wrout and Vallence spoiling one attack by both going for the same mark. Shortly after, Vallence marked on his own and goaled to increase the lead. Despite good defence from Gill, Footscray goaled and, still fighting it out, gained another to edge closer. But in an emphatic finishing burst, Carlton kicked four goals, three to Wrout and one to Price, to record a resounding 62 point win and bring some confidence back to players and supporters alike.

Footnote – All of Wrout’s six goals came from fine marks.

The Age said of the debutants; "K. Fox, of Carlton, demonstrated on Saturday that he has sound football sense, and when in the ruck with McLean proved himself a capable follower." "R. Chitty, a young player at Carlton, displayed great dash when relieving the pressure on the Carlton defence lines. More should be heard of this young player, who marks and kicks well."

At the end of this round Carlton were in 6th spot on the ladder with a percentage of 111.0.


B: 2 Don McIntyre 21 Frank Gill 26 Jim Park
HB: 33 Bob Chitty 10 Jim Francis (acting capt.) 1 Frank Anderson
C: 8 Keith Shea 12 Creswell 'Mickey' Crisp 4 Norm Cashin
HF: 11 Jack Hale 28 Jack Wrout 25 Arch Shields
F: 20 Will Kuhlken 22 Harry Vallence 30 Mick Price
Ruck: 14 Rod McLean 27 Kevin Fox 29 Bert Butler
19th Man: 9 Eric Huxtable
Coach: Percy Rowe


Debut : Kevin Fox and Bob Chitty

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