Round 8, 1956         Carlton defeated Hawthorn by 34 points at Princes Park

Round 8, 1956

Venue: Princes ParkDate: Saturday June 2, 1956
Result: Win by 34 pointsUmpire: Nash.Crowd: 33,557
Goalkickers: B.Crowe 5, K.Hamilton 2, J.Chick 1, G.Donaldson 1, K.Hands 1.
Reports: Injuries: V.English (cramps) replaced in last quarter by J.Sullivan. B.Comben (cramps) replaced by V.Garra.

Game Review

After some good recent form Hawthorn put in a shocker. Although it was a comprehensive victory, the Blues could not handle the opposition ruckmen, fortunately the Hawthorn rovers were nearly non existent and the Carlton small men had a free run. The Blues also lacked strength in the air and need one or two big men for it to contest in September. "But this Carlton side is fast, dashing, and clever, and plays it hard." "As the game progressed, position play was forgotton, and most of the 36 players converged on the ball."

Carlton coach Jim Francis

"Our over-all strength and team work won it for us. We played the open game, and, with the centre a mud-heap, it paid dividends. Our rovers scouted well and made good use of the ball. But we were worried all day in the air by Hawthorn's 'high fliers.' However we are continuing on our winning way and it breeds confidence."

Best; James, Comben, English, Hands, Gilchrist, Crowe, Chick (first half).
Scorers; Crowe 5.2, Hamilton 2.2, Hands 1.0, Donaldson 1.0, Chick 1.1, Milroy 0.2, Beasy 0.2, Kerr 0.2, Mills 0.1, Clarke 0.1.
Kevan 'Icy' Hamilton marks strongly on the forward line


B: 15 Bruce Comben 25 George Ferry 14 Vin English
HB: 19 Denis Zeunert 3 Peter Webster 10 John James
C: 28 Graham Gilchrist 27 Colin Holt 23 John Chick
HF: 11 Laurie Kerr (vc) 2 Bill Milroy 17 Doug Beasy
F: 13 Graham Donaldson 34 Bob Crowe 9 Jack Mills
Ruck: 1 Ken Hands (c) 16 Kevin Clarke 5 Kevan Hamilton
Res: 24 Vic Garra 30 Jack Sullivan
Coach: Jim Francis

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