Round 9, 1920         Carlton had the bye.

Round 9, 1920

Saturday 26 June 1920

Carlton had the Bye in Round 9, 1920.

At the end of this round Carlton were in 7th spot on the ladder with a percentage of 98.1.

Carlton played the South Gippsland Association at Lang Lang. The match was moved from Wonthaggi.
A special train left Flinders Street at 10.10am Saturday and departed at 7.35pm from Lang Lang.
Return 2nd class train fare was 8/6 (85c)
Friday's Herald said Metcalf a Bendigo player would play for the Blues at Lang Lang.
Messrs. Rufus Ferguson, Eric Bickford, Fred Delver and others would travel with the team.
Crowd: 1,000 (town record)
Umpire; Osborne
Carlton won 18.12 .120 - 5.12.42

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