Carlton lost to Melbourne by 9 points at the MCG.

Semi Final, 1936

Venue: M.C.G.Date: Saturday September 12, 1936
Result: Lose by 9 pointsUmpire: BlackburnCrowd: 55,094
Goalkickers: H.Vallence 3, A.Clarke 3, R.Cooper 2, F.Anderson 1, K.Shea 1, J.Wrout 1.
Best: G. Mackie, R. Cooper, J. Carney, J. Hale, F. Anderson, A. Clarke
Reports: T.Pollock (Carl) reported by boundary umpire Lancaster for striking Lewis (Melb)Injuries: J. Wrout (knee) replaced by C. Denning in second quarter, F. Anderson (twisted ankle), K. Dunn (cut hand) .

Game Review

Carlton’s 1936 season came to an end after this nine point defeat against Melbourne. Appalling kicking at goal and lapses in concentration cost the Blues dearly, and despite numerous chances in the last few minutes, Carlton just couldn’t bridge the gap. At several times in the second half, it looked like Carlton would overrun the Redlegs, but they were let down by missed chances. Bad kicking is bad football as they say.

Frank Maher set a hard training session on Tuesday night. All drills were performed at top speed with the emphasis on match conditions. Horrie Bullen looked well and likely to play, Charlie Davey trained well and would be a test, but Micky Crisp’s thigh problem hadn’t responded to treatment. There was also some doubt as to whether Jim Park’s knee would allow him to play.
Thursday night’s session was the usual three quarter hour light workout. The club had almost a full list to choose from, except for Crisp. Bullen and Park did not train but were retained in the side and the only change made was Will Kuhlken omitted for Clen Denning as 19th man. Carlton had an extra reason for wanting to win this game, after learning that veteran ruckman Charlie Davey had undergone emergency appendix surgery in hospital on Friday.

The largest first semi-final crowd (54,693) since 1929 were on hand as Francis won the toss and kicked with a slight breeze to the Richmond end. Melbourne led off with two forward sorties which were repelled by Mackie and Huxtable respectively. Play was rough early and Mackie was downed heavily after a collision with a Melbourne player. The result was many free kicks being paid. Carlton opened the scoring with a hurried shot from Bullen, which swerved off line at the last moment for a behind. Attacking well, Mutimer found Vallence who marked strongly in the goal square, but his kick was poor for another behind. He followed with another, again after receiving from Mutimer, who was playing wide in attack. Melbourne was playing the man somewhat, to their own disadvantage. Shea and Anderson combined well and worked the ball forward to Carney, whose quick pass went to Wrout. After marking sensationally, he kicked the first goal. Melbourne now began to gain control, particularly in the ruck and across the centre, and a free on the wing saw the ball progress to their goal square, from where a kick along the ground brought up their first goal. Two behinds followed before one of their players broke his thumb and had to leave the field. Responding, Cooper outpaced three defenders on a 30 yard run but his long drop kick at goal was touched as it went through for Carlton’s fourth behind. Now playing very well, Melbourne swept forward for two behinds to level the scores at one goal four, and then snapped their second goal to take the lead. Hale and Mackie were good defenders at this stage but were under siege as the Redlegs started to dominate play. Carlton broke the spell after Carney marked over his taller opponent and passed to Wrout. He kicked forward for Shea to score Carlton’s second goal. Injury struck Carlton at this point. Wrout, limping badly, was quite hobbled and slow and Anderson had twisted his ankle. For the rest of the term, Melbourne had complete control and added three goals to lead by three goals straight at quarter time.

Wrout was moved to a forward pocket and Mutimer to centre half forward. Melbourne started well, continuing their balanced and cohesive play and scored a behind and a goal from two fine marks. Another attack hit the post. The gallant Carney, one of Carlton’s best, burst through a pack and his lovely pass was marked by Vallence. Again he kicked badly for yet another behind. Carlton supporters were not happy with several decisions made by Umpire Blackburn and were keenly voicing their displeasure. Cooper, another good player, had a chance but managed only a minor score. Carlton had rallied and as the quarter progressed played all over Melbourne. A Redleg attack was repulsed and the ball was kicked forward. Mutimer gained possession and passed to Cooper, who shot at goal to the square, where the ball came off the pack into Clarke’s hand. He made no mistake, kicking Carlton’s third goal. Carney again set up an attack, passing to Bullen who kicked to Vallence. This time, his long punt sailed through truly. Cooper, Clarke, Carney and Mackie were superb for Carlton as they swept forward again, but Clarke kicked another behind. As the quarter progressed, Carlton became the stronger side and it was only poor kicking by the Blues which prevented them from being in front. A great drive involving Park, Green, Cooper, Vallence and Carney deserved more but it was stopped by Melbourne with a timely goal square mark. Now Melbourne rallied and attacked quickly. Mackie, playing magnificently in defence, cleared but the Redlegs regained possession and kicked straight down the ground for their seventh goal from a lovely running shot. Desperate play brought Carlton forward to where Dunn after marking brilliantly, passed to Cooper, but yet again a behind resulted. Wrout’s knee injury had rendered him useless and he was replaced by Denning. Melbourne kept the pressure up and two goals (one into an unguarded goal) preceded an unlucky poster. Play was still fierce and for a time a melee on the wing looked like getting out of control. Carlton attacked and a lucky play-on call favoured Anderson, who kicked a lovely running goal, leaving Carlton 22 points down at the main break. Mackie, Carney, Cooper, Anderson and Hale had been Carlton’s best for the first half.

Melbourne went into attack early for a behind, which was followed by a snapped goal, putting the Redlegs up by 29 points. Carlton were kept in the game after some Shea brilliance and solid work from Clarke, which resulted in Vallence goaling with a clever kick from a tight angle. Melbourne attacked around the wing with some dazzling play, but Carlton rebounded well, with Shea getting a chance but his wild kick went out of bounds. He had another chance moments later but managed only a behind. Carlton had rallied well and using their weight to advantage stormed forward. The pace of Cooper, Carney and Clarke had rattled the Melbourne defence and Carlton was now displaying some brilliant football, exploiting their pace and playing directly down the middle. Clarke took full advantage of two Melbourne defenders falling over to kick a running goal, which preceded Carlton’s 11th behind. Keeping up the pressure, Carlton continued the attacks and Cooper’s fine goal made the difference just nine points. A chance to get closer was squandered after some great play involving McIntyre, Cooper and Carney ended with a poor kick from the usually reliable Clarke, which brought only a single. Melbourne now missed twice for two behinds, one hitting the post. Huxtable, playing well, sent the ball forward but Clarke shot yet another behind. Carney’s good flanking run ended disappointingly, with a Vallence behind after a fine mark. A Melbourne mark in front of their goal was disallowed which seemed to galvanise their side. A goal came after Hale fell in the goal square and another followed after a lucky pass came off. This seemed to demoralise the Blues and their earlier spark died out. Cooper, Clarke and Carney kept the Blues in the contest with their work rate but only two more behinds, from Clarke and Vallence, came before the three quarter time bell.

For the fifth game in a row, Carlton found themselves behind at the last change, and once again changes were made. Anderson, now limping badly, was placed in the forward pocket, Denning went into the centre and Green was moved into defence. Melbourne were the first into attack but Green saved well. Carlton brought the ball around the flank through Clarke, Francis and Anderson, but Melbourne defended well and counter attacked, with a long punt to post their 13th goal just beating the outstretched arms of the defence. A rushed behind followed, giving the Redlegs a 26 point lead. Once again, Carlton rallied and some brilliant play had the Melbourne defence under siege. Carney helped Shea to a behind, and he was involved again soon after, passing to Vallence who raced in, evaded a defender and snapped over his head for his 600th career goal. He was warmly applauded by all. Spurred on, Cooper dashed forward and fired in another, making the deficit only thirteen points. When Carney, Pollock, Cooper and Vallence combined, the ball found Clarke who kicked truly to cut the difference to seven points. It was all Carlton as Huxtable leapt high for a mark and Pollock gained the ball. He passed to Cooper, who narrowly missed for a behind to set up another thrilling finish. Carlton thrust forward again through the brilliant Carney, who picked out Clarke but he slipped at the wrong moment and Melbourne cleared. The Blues were only six points down at the fifteen minute mark when Huxtable passed to Denning, who forwarded to Cooper. He kicked terribly, allowing Melbourne to clear easily, driving through the centre for a handy single. Another swift move followed which resulted in a lovely snap for Melbourne’s 14th goal. A behind to the Redlegs followed. Desperately, Carlton tried but a great defensive mark by Melbourne stopped a promising shot at goal. Mackie, Cooper and Dunn worked the ball forward to Vallence who marked well. His first shot missed, but he was awarded another after the man on the mark overstepped. Again he missed for a behind, as did Clarke moments later. With just five minutes remaining, Carlton threw caution to the wind and attacked relentlessly. Cooper and Shea each had chances which were heroically saved on the goal line by the Melbourne full back. Huxtable courageously burst through a pack only to see another saving mark to Melbourne. Time was now Carlton’s enemy. With great determination, Hale and Francis smashed their ways through packs to get the ball to Cooper, but yet another behind was registered. Carlton came again; Mutimer kicking to Vallence who kicked the 22nd behind for Carlton. Mutimer again burst through, but Clarke’s hurried pass meant for Vallence went out of bounds. Mutimer, Huxtable and Green made one last despairing thrust but the final bell sounded, leaving Carlton nine points down in a disappointing end to their season.

Some interesting statistics from the game: Mackie and Vallence took ten marks each, Mutimer had nine and Dunn eight. Carlton had 48 shots at goal to Melbourne’s 36.

B: 2 Don McIntyre 26 Jim Park 10 Jim Francis (c)
HB: 9 Eric Huxtable 24 Gordon Mackie 11 Jack Hale
C: 7 Jack Carney 1 Frank Anderson 32 Bob Green
HF: 8 Keith Shea 28 Jack Wrout 3 Wally Mutimer
F: 5 Keith Dunn 22 Harry Vallence 19 Ron Cooper
Ruck: 16 Ted Pollock 15 Horrie Bullen 31 Ansell Clarke
19th Man: 34 Clen Denning
Coach: Frank Maher


Charlie Davey was unavailable for selection as he was rushed to hospital with appendicitis on the Friday morning.


Last Game (Carlton): Wally Mutimer
600th Goal: Harry Vallence with his third and last goal.

Round 18 | 1937
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