Task List

If you're keen to help, the best place to touch base is via Get In Touch

For those with time to assist, please consider working on the following projects:

Task List
TaskPerson Details
Game Write-ups Position Vacant Write up a game review
Playing List updatemolsey Update stats post game
Player BiosBomba Sheldon Update games / goals and relevant bio commentary
Northern BluesBomba Sheldon Update games / goals / best players
AFLW / VFL WomensBomba Sheldon Update games / goals / best players
Locker RoomBomba Sheldon Update games played including Squad Guernsey
DebutsBomba Sheldon Update include State and Club sections

Special Projects

Brownlow Votes

  • Past Brownlow Votes are 'pure' fact - we should be able to add these to site to highlight the achievements of past Carlton Legends.

Linking to Galleries

  • The Blueseum has over 1000 photo galleries inside (find them under 'Image Galleries' in the main menu to the left) yet they are not all linked to the respective game or player's bio - this makes them hard to find. If you have time, please start trying to link biographies to player galleries.

Creative Tasks relying on your memory

  • Adding memories, facts and milestones to all games played.
  • Research a particular year in our history and try to add some content to some of the key games played.
  • Adding photos of your favourite Carlton players
  • Adding memories of certain players to their bio.
  • Adding scans of any memorabilia of players.

Stat Shots - 1981/1986

  • We added further detail to the playing lists of 1981 - 1986, but the respective Stat Leaders and player Stat Shots haven't been updated for the new information (Stat Leaders, Average Disposals).

Data Entry Tasks

Have a look in the 'File Galleries' section and you can find information to assist with the following:
  • Add Milestones information to Player's bios and the relevant games
  • Stat Shot pages could be replicated across all of our great players. UPDATE - this task has almost been completed for every single player by 'tmd1'!
  • You could perhaps link the Biographies of each player to their Image Gallery, if they have them? This is relatively easy...1) Check whether they have an Image Gallery, 2) Edit their Bio, 3) Add a Link at the bottom of their Bio (if they don't have one already) by Image Gallery.
  • Debuts - the Debuts section on its own, and within each year summary, often do not differentiate between Carlton Debuts and general Debuts. Some do, some don't - it would be good to tidy this up across the site.


  • Anyone with time can go through the site and fix up any mis-spellings or missing links.
  • We have tried to make all games across all years standard across the site. We have also tried to do this to the biographies. If something looks out of place, please edit it.

  • Check the links at the bottom of each Biography to make sure they still work. if they don't, report them to admin@blueseum.org. Recent changes to carltonfc.com.au have made most of those inactive. This can generally be fixed by changing the link to oldwebsite.carltonfc.com.au

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