The Last Game at Princes Park

The final game at Princes Park on 21 May 2005 provided an outpouring of emotion for many Carlton fans. Despite the loss to Melbourne in this Round 9 encounter, the Past Player Cavalcade and the inspirational handing over of the ball from Nicholls to Koutoufides left barely a dry eye in the house.


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Farewell Princes Park

Damn football!
It’s just a game
and it’s just an oval;
dirt, grass and a few bumbling stands.

Oh and there is the ghost of dad
standing under the clock,
smiling, dancing his jig,
God love him, he loved his Bluebaggers.

Oh and Pop's over there too,
his scissors in his hand;
he's rushed across from Lygon Street again
to see the boys play.

Both, like the ground now,
gone for good -
never to be seen again
though their memories shine still.

And then there's me as a lad,
surrounded by men,
the cans wobbling beneath my feet,
my neck stretched up;
I can see, I can see Ragsy!!!!!!
and brave Gary Crane
and Quirky on the wing and….

and it’s just a ground,

just dirt
and grass
and the distant sound of trams.

And there I am as a young man
standing with my brothers,
all of us singing wildly this GF evening
as another flag is brought home!

And there I am with Keith standing,
always beer in hand,
and watching Kouta and SOS
and dear beloved Motley flying.

But it’s only a ground

just dirt

and grass
and late afternoon sun.

There I am now, older,
sitting beside me is my son,
he holds the record and marks the goals,
though these come far fewer nowadays.

But it is only a ground
and dirt
and grass
and memories that linger
and the taste of shared drinks
and the voices cheering in the outer.

But it is only a ground,
a ground whose moment has passed,
who’s time in the sun
is now time in shadow
and no more balls to be bounced on that dirt
nor football boots running across that grass,
for there will be no more games
played at Princes Park.

Never again the tram down Royal Parade,
never again a beer at The Rising Sun
or the sound of the fans
cheering madly in front of the Heatley Stand.

But it is only a ground
only dirt
and grass
and the memories,
the sum total of all of us.

I feel like a friend has passed......

Farewell Princes Park,
time makes memories
out all of us.

Contributed by Dannyboy

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