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There were two 'Forgotten National Drafts' that are noted in the Victorian Football League Annual Reports of the time but elsewhere the drafts which were held by the VFL in 1981 and 1982 are almost never referred to, and for all purposes never took place, but they did and several players from other competitions took the opportunities presented to them as described below. Each season when the League publishes its "Season Guide" more than 150 pages are devoted to all details of the drafts held beginning in 1986. However ... Page 29 of the VFL Annual Report of season 1981 records that in November, 1980, the VFL Board of Directors resolved to adopt a totally new approach to the recruitment of interstate players. The Permit Regulations of the League were amended to provide that, in future, players could only be registered with VFL Clubs through being drafted at an Interstate Selection meeting. - Footy Almanac

1981 National Draft
Pick 12 - Ross Ditchburn - Claremont, WA.
Pick 24 - Chris Veide - Glenelg, SA.

Ross Ditchburn played two seasons at the Blues from 1982 to 1983 that included the 1982 premiership. before heading back home to the family farm in Western Australia.
Chris Veide stayed at home in SA and never ventured across to Victoria to play with the Blues.

1982 National Draft
Pick 12 - Jon Simpson - Woodville, SA.
Pick 24 - Chris Gray - Swansea / Sandy Bay, TAS.

Jon Simpson played a single season at Carlton in 1984 where he managed a night game and then headed back to SA.
Chris Gray played three practice matches with the Blues, but a clearance wrangle with Sandy Bay saw him head back home to stay in Tasmania.

Each of the drafts featured 24 selections, some of the players selected ended up playing in the VFL/AFL but not at the originally nominated club to the benefit of Carlton. This was due to the signing elapsing over time, these players were;

1981 National Draft
Pick 4 Sydney Swans - Mark Naley

1982 National Draft
Pick 6 Sydney Swans - Peter Motley

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