~hs~1 Andrew Walker ~hs~- ~hs~56     ~hs~1 Marc Murphy ~hs~- 699     ~hs~1 Marc Murphy ~hs~- 391
~hs~2 Eddie Betts ~hs~- ~hs~50     ~hs~2 Chris Judd ~hs~- 633     ~hs~2 Bryce Gibbs ~hs~- 381
~hs~3 Jeffery Garlett ~hs~- ~hs~48     ~hs~3 Heath Scotland ~hs~- 617     ~hs~3 Kade Simpson ~hs~- 361
~hs~4 Marc Murphy ~hs~- ~hs~22     ~hs~4 Bryce Gibbs ~hs~- 548     ~hs~4 Heath Scotland ~hs~- 346
~hs~5 Bryce Gibbs ~hs~- ~hs~21     ~hs~5 Kade Simpson ~hs~- 536     ~hs~5 Mitch Robinson ~hs~- 304
~hs~6 Kade Simpson ~hs~- ~hs~17     ~hs~6 Mitch Robinson ~hs~- 517     ~hs~6 Chris Judd ~hs~- 301
~hs~7 Jarrad Waite ~hs~- ~hs~16     ~hs~7 Andrew Carrazzo ~hs~- 424     ~hs~7 Chris Yarran ~hs~-~hs~ 296
~hs~8 David Ellard ~hs~- ~hs~15     ~hs~8 Chris Yarran ~hs~- 409     ~hs~8 Andrew Walker ~hs~- 238
~hs~9 Chris Judd ~hs~- ~hs~14     ~hs~9 Nicholas Duigan ~hs~- 354     ~hs~9 Jeffery Garlett ~hs~- 216
10 Bret Thornton ~hs~- ~hs~13     10 Andrew Walker ~hs~- 349     10 Bret Thornton ~hs~- 215

~hs~1 Chris Judd ~hs~-~hs~ 332     ~hs~1 Bryce Gibbs ~hs~-~hs~ 174     ~hs~1 Chris Judd ~hs~-~hs~ 148
~hs~2 Marc Murphy ~hs~-~hs~ 308     ~hs~2 Heath Scotland ~hs~-~hs~ 163     ~hs~2 David Ellard ~hs~-~hs~ 115
~hs~3 Heath Scotland ~hs~-~hs~ 271     ~hs~3 Kade Simpson ~hs~-~hs~ 147     ~hs~3 Marc Murphy ~hs~-~hs~ 108
~hs~4 Andrew Carrazzo ~hs~-~hs~ 219     ~hs~4 Bret Thornton ~hs~-~hs~ 146     ~hs~4 Mitch Robinson ~hs~-~hs~ ~hs~97
~hs~5 Mitch Robinson ~hs~-~hs~ 213     ~hs~5 Nicholas Duigan ~hs~-~hs~ 131     ~hs~5 Jeffery Garlett ~hs~-~hs~ ~hs~96
~hs~6 Kade Simpson ~hs~-~hs~ 175     ~hs~6 Mitch Robinson ~hs~-~hs~ 121     ~hs~6 Andrew Carrazzo ~hs~-~hs~ ~hs~95
~hs~7 Bryce Gibbs ~hs~-~hs~ 167     ~hs~7 Andrew Walker ~hs~-~hs~ 111     ~hs~7 Eddie Betts ~hs~-~hs~ ~hs~84
~hs~8 Nicholas Duigan ~hs~-~hs~ 159     ~hs~8 Jeremy Laidler ~hs~-~hs~ 110     ~hs~8 Bryce Gibbs ~hs~-~hs~ ~hs~82
~hs~9 Robert Warnock ~hs~-~hs~ 143     ~hs~9 Marc Murphy ~hs~-~hs~ 108     ~hs~9 Kade Simpson ~hs~-~hs~ ~hs~79
10 Eddie Betts ~hs~-~hs~ 121     10 Eddie Betts ~hs~-~hs~ ~hs~90     10 Chris Yarran ~hs~-~hs~ ~hs~76

~hs~1 Robert Warnock ~hs~-~hs~   591
~hs~2 Shaun Hampson ~hs~-~hs~   185
~hs~3 Matthew Kreuzer ~hs~-~hs~   148
~hs~4 Setanta Ó hAilpín ~hs~-~hs~   ~hs~59
~hs~5 Mitch Robinson ~hs~-~hs~   ~hs~15

AVERAGES (per game) 

Note: Minimum of 5 Games !!!Goals

~hs~1 Andrew Walker ~hs~-~hs~ 2.33     ~hs~1 Marc Murphy ~hs~-~hs~ 29.13     ~hs~1 Bryce Gibbs ~hs~-~hs~ 16.57
~hs~2 Eddie Betts ~hs~-~hs~ 2.08     ~hs~2 Chris Judd ~hs~-~hs~ 26.38     ~hs~2 Marc Murphy ~hs~-~hs~ 16.29
~hs~3 Jeffery Garlett ~hs~-~hs~ 2.00     ~hs~3 Heath Scotland ~hs~-~hs~ 25.71     ~hs~3 Kade Simpson ~hs~-~hs~ 15.04
~hs~4 Setanta Ó hAilpín ~hs~-~hs~ 1.38     ~hs~4 Bryce Gibbs ~hs~-~hs~ 23.83     ~hs~4 Heath Scotland ~hs~-~hs~ 14.42
~hs~5 Jarrad Waite ~hs~-~hs~ 1.33     ~hs~5 Andrew Carrazzo ~hs~-~hs~ 23.56     ~hs~5 Mitch Robinson ~hs~-~hs~ 13.22
~hs~6 Marc Murphy ~hs~-~hs~ 0.92     ~hs~6 Mitch Robinson ~hs~-~hs~ 22.48     ~hs~6 Chris Yarran ~hs~-~hs~ 12.87
~hs~7 Bryce Gibbs ~hs~-~hs~ 0.91     ~hs~7 Kade Simpson ~hs~-~hs~ 22.33     ~hs~7 Chris Judd ~hs~-~hs~ 12.54
~hs~8 David Ellard ~hs~-~hs~ 0.79     ~hs~8 Ed Curnow ~hs~-~hs~ 17.92     ~hs~8 Andrew Carrazzo ~hs~-~hs~ 11.39
~hs~9 Kade Simpson ~hs~-~hs~ 0.71     ~hs~9 Chris Yarran ~hs~-~hs~ 17.78     ~hs~9 Bret Thornton ~hs~-~hs~ 10.75
10 Bret Thornton ~hs~-~hs~ 0.65     10 Jordan Russell ~hs~-~hs~ 16.69     10 Jeremy Laidler ~hs~-~hs~ 10.26

~hs~1 Chris Judd ~hs~-~hs~ 13.83     ~hs~1 Bryce Gibbs ~hs~-~hs~ 7.57     ~hs~1 Chris Judd ~hs~-~hs~ 6.17
~hs~2 Marc Murphy ~hs~-~hs~ 12.83     ~hs~2 Bret Thornton ~hs~-~hs~ 7.30     ~hs~2 David Ellard ~hs~-~hs~ 6.05
~hs~3 Andrew Carrazzo ~hs~-~hs~ 12.17     ~hs~3 Jarrad Waite ~hs~-~hs~ 6.92     ~hs~3 Andrew Carrazzo ~hs~-~hs~ 5.28
~hs~4 Heath Scotland ~hs~-~hs~ 11.29     ~hs~4 Heath Scotland ~hs~-~hs~ 6.79     ~hs~4 Ed Curnow ~hs~-~hs~ 4.58
~hs~5 Mitch Robinson ~hs~-~hs~ 9.26     ~hs~5 Kade Simpson ~hs~-~hs~ 6.13     ~hs~5 Marc Murphy ~hs~-~hs~ 4.50
~hs~6 Ed Curnow ~hs~-~hs~ 8.17     ~hs~6 Nicholas Duigan ~hs~-~hs~ 5.95     ~hs~6 Mitch Robinson ~hs~-~hs~ 4.22
~hs~7 Kade Simpson ~hs~-~hs~ 7.29     ~hs~7 Jeremy Laidler ~hs~-~hs~ 5.79     ~hs~7 Jeffery Garlett ~hs~-~hs~ 4.00
~hs~8 Bryce Gibbs ~hs~-~hs~ 7.26     ~hs~8 Mitch Robinson ~hs~-~hs~ 5.26     ~hs~8 Matthew Kreuzer ~hs~-~hs~ 3.67
~hs~9 Nicholas Duigan ~hs~-~hs~ 7.23     ~hs~9 Michael Jamison ~hs~-~hs~ 5.07     ~hs~9 Bryce Gibbs ~hs~-~hs~ 3.57
10 Robert Warnock ~hs~-~hs~ 7.15     10 Lachlan Henderson ~hs~-~hs~ 4.67     10 Eddie Betts ~hs~-~hs~ 3.50


~hs~1 Robert Warnock ~hs~-~hs~ 29.55
~hs~2 Shaun Hampson ~hs~-~hs~ 20.56
~hs~3 Matthew Kreuzer ~hs~-~hs~ 12.33
~hs~4 Setanta Ó hAilpín ~hs~-~hs~ ~hs~7.38
~hs~5 Mitch Robinson ~hs~-~hs~ ~hs~0.65

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