Pre-VFL (1870's) - George Coulthard

cgstn007-003_flynn.jpg cgwil002-030_grace.jpg

1900's - Jim Flynn / Mick Grace

1976 - Alex Jesaulenko. 1976 - Bruce Doull.

1970's (1976) - Alex Jesaulenko / Bruce Doull

Dennis Collins.jpg Save0067.jpg tcscn016-044_ashman.jpg

1970's Full Beards: Denis Collins / Robbert Klomp / Rod Ashman

1977 Rd 4 - Tony Southcombe spoils David Polkinghorne. Pic: Football Life. Pic: Football Life. Pic: Football Life.

Late 1970's - Mutton Chops: Tony Southcombe / Bryan Quirk / Adrian Gallagher / Alex Jesaulenko


1980's - An attempt at a beard....: Justin Madden

1983 - Injury woes for Fitzy (07/05/83). Warren Jones - 1980 Footy Card. 1987 2nd Semi - Ken Hunter sizing up options. Val-Perovic.jpg tcard001-005_bosustow.jpg

Early 1980's - The Moustache Era Mike Fitzpatrick / Warren 'Wow' Jones / Ken Hunter / Val Perovic / Peter Bosustow


And a wonderful 'red'-tache: - Phil Maylin

Brad Fisher. 2013. Early season training at the beach.
21st Century - Brad Fisher / Kade Simpson

Before we finished this guide to history, we could not leave the story as expressed through facial hair without also covering the greatest hairstyles in Carlton's history:

1986 Rd 10 - Stephen Kernahan.
Kernahan's mullet,

Image Required.jpg Pic: Football Record.

Alvin's mop, together with a nice comparison to that other great hairstyle of the 1980's - 1990's


V Catoggio
Catoggio's Curls

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