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Chris Syle

show_image.php?id=37109Victorian Football Association
Games: 5
Career: 1883 & 1891

Left: Chris Syle is pictured in the Richmond team of 1888.
Image: M.C.C. Library; Fifty Years History of Richmond Football Club 1885-1934

1883 Played 2 games and was an emergency a number of times, he also played 3 pre season games.

Syle C 1.jpg

The book "Origins of Australian Football" Vol. 2 by Mark Pennings, lists C. Syle being recruited to Carlton in 1883 from the Stanley club. The following year C. Syle departs for the Star of Carlton. In 1885 he leaves Star of Carlton and is amongst the group of inaugural players for the Richmond club.

Ex Richmond F. C. 1885 - 1890

1891 CFC Annual Report, Syle scored 2 goals for the season.

In 1883 the Australasian reported that Carlton had recruited Lyle from Richmond, maybe the same player.

The above photograph was taken in 1885 on completion of Richmond's first season in the V.F.A.

1891 Chris Syle returns to Carlton from Richmond and plays 3 games. No further information available.

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