Bruce Doull Speaks

Extract from Footy Week, No 16, June 19, 1987.

'Flying Doormat'

Behind the Scenes with the Man Behind the Headband - Bruce Doull

Everyone knows what made Doull such a public figure during his football career was his reluctance to be just that.

But the day has come where he no longer blankets his feelings. For the first time in almost two decades he gives more detailed, analytical answers, rather than a simple yes or no.

"Going into the business wasn't just a spur of the moment thing," he said. "I had been looking around for quite a while and had some good info from John Vincent, who's involved with the Thirds at Carlton."

"I've also been in contact with Trevor Keogh. He's also involved in the game."

"I had actually been thinking about going into a newsagency about a year and a half ago."

Doull admits it's been a real learning experience.

"It's taking quite a while to get used to," he said. "The early morning starts, about four o'clock sometimes, 'are hard'."

It seems football so much a part of Doull's life for 35 years, is the farthest thing from his mind.

But the fact he hasn't seen a match this season is no indication his passion for Carlton has dwindled. He says it would simply be too difficult for him to sit and watch from the grandstand.

"Of course it is a bit hard now because of the agency," Doull said.

"But I felt I needed a bit of a break from it all. I haven't felt that keen on watching ... it's hard after being involved for so long."

Even Sandra couldn't persuade him to take her to the footy.

"She came to every game and she's missing it quite a bit," Doull said. "She was keen to go along a couple of times but at that stage I was playing golf on Saturday mornings. There were also things to do around the house and by the time it was all finished we'd be a bit tired."

That's not to say Doull has forgotten about the rigors of football and the amount of time and energy he put into it.

Who could blame him for spending quiet moments wondering what his old team were up to?

"You never stop thinking what the guys would be doing," he said. "Over summer I thought about it a lot. It was hard because I used to enjoy training - perhaps not the pre-season so much - and the comradeship with the rest of the boys."

"But in the years to come I'm sure I'll really enjoy going along to watch."

Doull is also missing his golf. He enjoyed a game with his sister and brother-in-law before moving into the agency. No doubt the question buring in most minds is how good Doull is on the fairways?

"I had an average score of about 85 or 90," Doull said. "I had intended to get a few lessons before the business tied me up."

Socially, life has been quiet for 'The Doormat' since leaving Princes Park. He says he rarely sees people linked with the club.

"I've had so many other things to do," he said. "I've been spending a lot more time at home with the family and most of the (Carlton) guys I used to see (away from the game) have left the club as well."

However, Doull's finger is still on the pulse of the game. He says he's excited about the idea of the national league though he's not sure if he'd be quite as interested if he was still playing.

"I'm not too sure how well I would have gone with all the travelling," he said. "But overall I think the move was good for the game."

So what does he think of the Blues chances this season?

"At the moment, they're doing very well," he said. "They have improved on last year and the depth at the club is as good as it's ever been."

Was Doull surprised when Carlton appointed Kernahan captain at the start of this season?

"Not at all," he said. "There would have been a couple of players disappointed that they missed out, but I thought Steve would definitely be in the group they choose from."

"Obviously, the match committee was looking for a long-term player so I think Steve was a terrific choice."

"The extra responsibility is probably helping him ... though I thought he played very well last year, too. I'm sure he'll continue to improve."

Despite the incredible depth at the club and comments it is the best placed to succeed in September, Doull says heads won't roll if that doesn't happen.

"They won't necessarily be facing problems if they can't pull it off this year," he said.

"I guess it's the ultimate aim of every club to win the premiership, but winning games consistantly and making the five is important too."

"Carlton will be a strong club for a long time, but it's too early to say whether they'll take it off this season. Hawthorn are playing well, the Swans are looking better and the Eagles should be up there somewhere."

"The important thing to remember now is that it's a long year and when the finals come around it simply gets down to who is the best side on the day."

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