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Round by Round Summaries

Revisiting the Rounds!

Historical Events

How the Blues become Blue
1868: Football's Earliest Image?
1870: A Football Match
1879: Classic Footy Prose...
1888: Carlton v England
1888: A Great Football Match
1890: Carlton on tour in NSW
1906-1908: Our Triple Premiers
1906: Our First VFL Premiership
1907: Our Second Premiership
1908: Three in a Row
1906-1908: Our Hat Trick Heroes
1909: The Big C of Carlton
Doug Fraser and the 1910 Bribery Scandal
1934: A Carlton Reunion
1938: Doug McIntyre Remembers…
1947: A Historic Brownlow Count
1947: Remembering THAT Goal
The 1970 Prelim Final
1980: George and Jezza depart
1987: Walls' Coaching Masterclass
1991: Trading for Williams
1995 – 1999: The ‘Hyundai’ Years
2002: If the Cap Fits
2002: The Horrible Slide
2003: The Great Turnover
2007: Youthful Blues
2008: Fevola’s Big Year
2011: Changing the Interchange
2015: X-Blues: Carlton reps playing finals elsewhere

Oh the Memories...

The ‘Old’ Blues
Lily of Laguna: An older version?
Every Picture tells a Story
When Cocky Marr was Carlton King
A Letter from Horrie
The Charlie Parsons Project
What’s in a Name?
The Nickname Game
Time to immortalise Jezza’s jump
Hello Bluebird!
Birth of the WOOF
Carlton's Greatest Mark
At the Ground: The Peanut Man


Pre-VFL: Tom Power Revealed
Pre-VFL: The 'Ivo' Crapp Story
Pre-VFL: The John Gardiner Story
Pre-VFL: Balharry comes through!
Dougall: Carlton War Hero Emerges
1897: Granddad Crane
Carlton's Curtis Brothers
Jack Massey: Carlton’s MBE Recipient
The Robert Heatley Story
Here's Wally - The first O'Cock Picture
Koochew - Celebrated on Canvas
The Peter Bevilacqua Story
Remembering the Gillespie Twins
Norman Clark: Carlton Legend
The Blues at War
Carlton's Little Big Man
Willie Rogers remembered
The Jack Worrall Story
The Harcourt Dowsley Story
Clen Denning’s Unique Record
Barbiere Ufficiale de CFC
Chitty plays Ned Kelly
The lost painting of Bert Deacon
Ken Hopper snaps Carlton’s history
The Bob Green Tragedy - but his family lives on
The Bob Crowe Story
Our First Father / Son
The Cyril Mann Story
The George Harris Story
Bob Lane: Blues honour Policeman
Finding Sankey
The Cottrell Lineage
Hands - Master Recruiter
Kekovich - the Goal Kicking Hero of 1968
The Max Dixon story
The Maurie Fowler Story
Alias Smith and Lukimitis
Alan Mangels: The Perfect Ten
Chris Pavlou: 50 years in Navy Blue
Living in the Seventies!
’Parko’: Coach of the Century
The Rod Waddell Story
Kouta’s Legacy
From Cork to Carlton
Glory with your first steps
The Shortest Route to Glory!
Our Greatest Flagless Greats
Murphy's Lore - 100 Game Grandson
Our Irishmen: When Zac followed Freddy
Simmo's Run - Most Consecutive Games
Jeff breaks Robbo's record - Guernsey #38
Gibbs & Judd related?
Den outdoes Ollie
Simmo moves in to Top 10 (games played)

A Splice of History

Waiting to play Finals Footy!
Big Name Recruits to the CFC
The 'Gun' Forwards - 3 goals a game
Barren Blues - Few Goals in Long Careers
Career Limiting Injuries:Pt.1; Pt.2
Top 10 Players of the 1980’s
Our 5 most popular games
Controversial Matches
Tragedies in Blue
Our Best Full Backs
The Carlton Smiths
Despised to Blues: - Pt.1; Pt.2
Carlton’s Top Ten Draft Picks
Our First Draft Picks Each Year
Our Top H&A Wins:
1980’s; 1990’s; 2000’s;
BIG Guernsey Numbers
The Best Teams by Guernsey Number
Carlton's Best Facial Hair!
Moving Guernsey Numbers UP
Triumphs and Tribulations on debut
Carlton Hyphens!
The History of Carlton Facial Hair!

Against the Competition

Carlton v Collingwood
Great Finals wins over the Bombers
Carlton and Collingwood as friends
Mutch Ado About Nothing

Blueseum Special Series

Articles by Teddy Hopkins
Our Memorable Game series
Footy Folklore Articles
Our From the Outer series
Carlton Obituaries
Carlton: 'Outside the Centre Square'
Carlton Poetry Archive

1888-1889 US Baseball Tour

10 Years of the Blueseum!

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