Carlton lost to Fitzroy by an even ten goals, at Princes Park.

Round 5, 1983

Venue: Princes ParkDate: Saturday April 23, 1983
Result: Lose by 60 pointsUmpires: K.Smith & V.Vasilou Crowd: 25,971 Receipts: $53,052
Goalkickers: S.Kourkoumelis 2, P.Bosustow 1, R.Ditchburn 1, K.Hunter 1, S.Howell 1, B.Reid 1, P.Meldrum 1, W.Harmes 1
Best: S.Kourkoumelis, V.Perovic, K.Hunter, W.Harmes.
Reports: Nil Injuries: Nil

Game Review

This is the game many Fitzroy fans rate as the one that made them realise that they were a big show for the flag that year. As is well known now, their loss to Hawthorn by 4 points in the Qualifying Final was probably the reason they did not win that rare (and perhaps) last flag. Of course, history shows that it can now never be.

One lasting memory is of Fitzroy's Mick Conlon in one of his searching runs towards goal. At one stage he carried the ball from the edge of the centre square to the top of the goal square at the scoreboard end of Princes Park - a distance of approximately 45 metres - and while doing so, bounced the ball only once!!! Now I'm no mathematician, but.......


B: 27 Des English 20 Geoff Southby (a/c) 11 Bruce Doull
HB: 9 Ken Hunter 15 Val Perovic 33 Peter McConville
C: 37 Wayne Harmes 28 Spiro Kourkoumelis 32 David Glascott
HF: 21 Rod Austin 36 Mark Maclure 7 Wayne Johnston
F: 4 Peter Bosustow 8 Ross Ditchburn 5 Ken Sheldon
Ruck: 12 Scott Howell 13 Phil Maylin 14 Rod Ashman
Interchange: 23 Paul Meldrum 17 Bruce Reid
Coach: David Parkin


50 Games: Peter Bosustow


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