Adam Kennedy        

Adam Kennedy

Challenge Cup Competition - Victorian Football Association
DOB: 1849
Career: 1872-1877

Adam Kennedy, brother of George D. Kennedy and Kirk Kennedy and Thomas Kennedy
Adam was a twin brother of Thomas.

1872 September 7
A. Kennedy is named in the Carlton side that lost to Melbourne 0-1 at Melbourne.

1873 Played in the Carlton 2-1 victory over Melbourne at Melbourne 19th. July

1875 Good anywhere, a splendid mark, careful, and judicious in play.
(The Footballer 1875 p27)

1876 Keeps up his reputation as steady centre forward, does a lot of work in "little mark"*
(The Footballer 1876 p34)

1877. Did a fair share of work whenever he played, and always proved his usefulness.
(The Footballer 1877, p35

-* The "little mark" was kicking the ball a very short distance to another team mate, so to maintain possession.
The newly formed V.F.L. abolished the "little mark" in 1897.

Further information about the Kennedy family can be found here.
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