Round 10, 2024

Carlton 5.3 33 5.6 36 7.9 51 9.11 65
Sydney Swans 3.6 24 7.8 50 14.12 96 17.15 117
Venue: SCG
Date: Friday 17th May 2024 (7.40 pm).
Result: Lost by 52 points.
Crowd: 44,047
Goalkickers: C. Curnow 2.2, H. McKay 1.2, Z. Williams 1.1, S. Walsh 1.0, M. Owies 1.0, M. Kennedy 1.0, M. McGovern 1.0, G. Hewett 1.0, O. Fantasia 0.1, P. Cripps 0.1, Rushed 0.4.
Reports: Chad Warner (Swans) was charged with striking Marc Pittonet with an elbow to the head. The match review officer graded the offence as careless conduct, low impact and high contact, resulting in a fine of $6250, or $3750 with an early plea.
Umpires: Mathew Nicholls, Simon Meredith, Andre Gianfagna, Martin Rodger.
Injuries: J. Weitering (thigh),
Ladder: 10th

Game Review

Blues outclassed by Swans

Carlton fell to top-of-the-table Sydney by 52 points at the SCG. - By Rose Zarucky, Carlton Media.

It wasn't to be at the SCG, with Carlton falling to Sydney by 52 points on Friday night. In the annual Marn Grook game, the Blues got off to a hot start, kicking the first four goals of the game. From there, they were playing catch up as the Swans put on a clinical and comprehensive performance in front of their home crowd. Nic Newman was strong in Carlton’s defence (32 disposals, 668 metres gained), whilst Marc Pittonet held his own against an explosive Brodie Grundy (21 disposals, 16 contested possessions). Charlie Curnow was the Blues' only multiple-goal scorer, breaking a record for consecutive games with a goal kicked with his first of the night. Patrick Cripps and Matthew Kennedy held the pressure for the away side in difficult conditions, Cripps finishing with 14 contested possessions and Kennedy seven tackles. It was the Swans' fast movement out of the middle that gave them the edge, scoring 31 points from centre bounces and ultimately taking home the four points.

Quarter one
It was all the Blues early as they burst out of the gate, slotting the first four goals of the game. Mitch McGovern kicked things off with an assist from Ollie Hollands, who was busy in the forward half early on. Charlie Curnow’s goal saw him breaking the ‘consecutive games with a goal’ record, registering a goal in 57 games in a row, overtaking Harry Vallence’s record of 56. Back-to-back goals came from Harry McKay and Matt Owies, putting the Blues on the front foot. When the Swans started to bite back, Jordan Boyd and Nic Newman were instrumental in getting the ball out of the defensive half, while the Blues showed clean and efficient movement down the field. An opportunistic goal from Sam Walsh came from a forward-half turnover, while Sydney ramped up the pressure and kicked the next two goals. Carlton had eight scores from 10 inside 50 entries, leading by nine at the first change.

Quarter two
Sydney truly owned the second quarter, carrying the momentum from late in the first term into the second. Keeping the Blues goalless, the Swans were firing on all cylinders, slotting five goals and smothering all movement with their tackles. Jacob Weitering and McGovern were doing their best to intercept in the back half but the fast ball movement down the middle from Sydney was hard to halt. Elijah Hollands and Blake Acres forced the ball from one end to the other for the Blues but they were unable to capitalise on their time inside 50. Patrick Cripps was putting his all into the contest, totalling 12 contested possessions and four clearances at half time. A lack of composure from the Blues started to result in undisciplined tackles and poor decision-making. Nic Newman continued his influence on the game, kicking at 100 per cent efficiency until the last minute of the term but the Swans went into the main break 14 points ahead.

Quarter three
The Blues bookended the quarter with goals but between that the Swans kicked seven goals in a row. Dominating in the middle, Sydney had all the answers as Carlton struggled to keep their hands on the ball. The home team used their speed to stream forward, finding open players ahead of the ball. With Brodie Grundy leading the charge, the Swans led centre bounce clearances 8-1 in the third term which then converted into 19-1 points. Newman and Boyd continued to toil in the back half while Matt Kennedy was the No.1 ranked Blue for pressure (up to three-quarter time). Newman launched down the field at any opportunity, leading metres gained for his side but Carlton’s forward-half game wasn’t up to scratch. Unable to stick tackles and hold marks, the Blues weren’t able to capitalise on their work behind the ball, heading into the last term 45 points down.

Quarter four
Carlton fought the game out, increasing their pressure and eventually able to get some reward on the scoreboard. Zac Williams slotted his first goal for the year, a small personal reward in Sir Doug Nicholls Round, while George Hewett kicked the Blues' only other goal for the term. Both Hollands’ brothers ran themselves ragged end to end, finishing in the top five for distance covered by the end of the game. Brodie Kemp put together a strong game down back, finishing with 19 disposals and nine intercept possessions, filling the hole left by Weitering. As the Swans kicked another three goals, they took home a 52-point victory in the Marn Grook game.

Best: N. Newman, P. Cripps, B. Acres, M. Kennedy, C. Curnow.

Red-hot Swans fire on all cylinders to outclass fast-starting Blues

Sydney has overcome a slow start to defeat Carlton by 52 points. - By Martin Pegan at the SCG.

A thirteen-goal blitz has emphasised in no uncertain terms that Sydney is the team to beat, with the Swans' 52-point win leaving Carlton and a packed SCG stunned. The Swans gave up a four-goal headstart but it was all one-way traffic from there as the ladder leaders first chased down then surged past the Blues for a 17.15 (117) to 9.11 (65) victory on Friday night. After trailing by as much as 26 points halfway through the opening term, the Swans piled on 13 of the next 14 goals to blow the Blues away and move to 9-1 for their best start to a season since 1945.
The Swans are now two wins clear on top of the ladder while the banged-up Blues are on the brink of tumbling out of the top eight. Midfielder Chad Warner was devastating for the Swans as he gathered 28 disposals and booted three goals, while Isaac Heeney (24, three) continued his rich vein of form with another eye-catching display.

The explosive Swans duo was joined by James Rowbottom who helped limit the Blues’ strength around the stoppages with 19 disposals and 15 tackles. Errol Gulden overcome an unusually quiet start to finish with 28 disposals and 721m gained and stand out as a centrepiece of the Swans’ slick ball movement. While Sydney’s star midfielders ran riot, James Jordon was once again handed a critical run-with role and went straight to Carlton prime mover Sam Walsh from the first bounce. Walsh got off the leash as the Blues made a scintillating start but the Swans’ midfielder was able to limit his influence from there. Both Walsh and Jordon finished with a goal, while the Blues’ gun midfielder only edged ahead 20-16 in disposals in a critical one-on-one battle for the Swans. Nic Newman battled hard against his former side, adding run and carry from defence among 32 disposals, and Blues skipper Patrick Cripps (24) battled hard in the midfield. The injury-hit Blues might also have paid a hefty price with key defender Jacob Weitering copping a blow to the thigh in the opening term and later subbed out of the game. The Blues showed plenty of promise early with four early goals as their twin towers Charlie Curnow and Harry McKay threatened to tear the game apart against an undersized Swans defence. But the Swans tidied up their ball movement to turn the contest around and serve the Blues for a 17th defeat from their past 19 matches at the SCG.

Big Blue blows hot and cold in brisk start
Harry McKay was a key to the Blues’ fast start even while reminding his side how erratic he can be in the opening term. The tall forward outmuscled Aaron Francis outside 50m to set up a shot on goal that appeared to be beyond his range. That was until Dane Rampe and Hayden McLean spoiled each other instead of touching the ball, as the 60m set shot sailed through at head height. But just three minutes later, McKay showed that the good can come with the bad, when a set shot from the top of the goalsquare and directly in front hooked through for a behind.

Best: N. Newman, P. Cripps, B. Acres, M. Kennedy, C. Curnow.

Voss on Round 10 clash

Michael Voss breaks down the Round 10 loss. - By Carlton Media.

It was a disappointing outing for the Blues at the SCG on Friday night, as the Swans put on a clinical performance in front of their home crowd. Senior Coach Michael Voss admits that Sydney outclassed his side and that Carlton didn't bring the strengths that they pride themselves on. Here's what he had to say.

On Carlton's fast start:
"I certainly didn’t see where the game was going to go, that’s for sure, based on where it started. It felt like we started the game with most of the things that we’ve been planning and executing quite well. "Credit to Sydney, they were able to step up a few things in their game and probably started more around the contest and got the territory on the game and that put us under pressure and our inability to absorb it made us chase the game a fair bit."

On Sydney's game:
"I felt we were fairly consistent at the start but Sydney just dialled up the pressure. They started to dial up what they were doing around the ball and we weren’t able to absorb it and we couldn’t create our own. "It’s one thing for a team to turn it up, but you have to step it up yourselves and that’s the only answer. Their ability to retain the ball and be able to find a teammate and release to the outside, then get the game in transition left us chasing a fair bit. "The game really turned in the third quarter when the centre-square bounce dominance, they kicked three or four goals, five for the game. That’s something they clearly looked at our game and thought they needed to invest a bit of time in and they executed it extremely well."

On the midfield game and forward transition:
"I just felt like we lacked any drive through the middle part of the ground. When you lack that drive and being able to own territory, then the guys up the front are always going to struggle a little bit. It’s a lot easier to read the play, it’s probably easier to come off and support, it’s a bit more predictable where the ball is going. "It was pretty clear in terms of the game itself, it just wasn’t us and our identity, we just didn’t bring what we’ve brought to these contests over the last 12 months and we fell well and truly short. "We felt like we had the matchup a little bit on Heeney early, but then Warner got off the hook and then we tried to shift onto him and Heeney got off the hook but that’s what good midfields do: they cover for one another if one isn’t having their best day. "There’s some things in that that we’ll take away but there are a lot of things that we need to make sure we get back into our game ASAP."

On the lack of connection between lines:
"We look at things holistically and there were things we could’ve done better, from the ruck to the ground level to the outside support and it just wasn’t connected. "So when you have that element of connection missing, that’s what happens and teams get on top of you. A game is made of mistakes, it’s never perfect, and teams have run-ons, but we also have some methods to be able to counter that should it happen. "We couldn’t get the game in a fight, we couldn’t get the ball on the floor and they were just too clean being able to take it away. It’s something we’ll have to go away and work on."

On returning players:
"We’re expecting Saad and Motlop back next week, they got through training quite well so we’ve got a few guys coming back. Some of those other guys we’re still getting that assessment as to where they’re at."

Blues sweat on Weitering scans, Voss rejects injury excuse

Carlton's injury woes are in danger of worsening, but coach Michael Voss is refusing to blame them for Friday's 52-point loss - By Martin Pegan at the SCG

Carlton is sweating on yet another injury concern for a key player after Jacob Weitering took a heavy knock to his leg and was subbed out in the Blues' 52-point defeat to Sydney on Friday night. Weitering copped a blow just above the right knee when jumping into the back of teammate Nic Newman in a marking contest in the opening term as the Blues made a scintillating start against the Swans. The key defender returned to the field with his leg heavily strapped but was restricted in his movement and eventually pulled from the game at the main break. "He's got a corky. With all these, it's just really about how bad it is, so it's a bit of a wait and see," Blues coach Michael Voss said. "In terms of how significant it is, it's a corky, but you're never too sure what the actual damage is until maybe 48 hours later."

The Blues were leading 4.3 to 0.1 when Weitering hurt his leg, but the Swans slammed on 14 of the next 16 goals to clinch a victory that takes them two wins clear at the top of the ladder. But Voss refused to blame the loss of Weitering or the Blues' lengthy injury list for their crushing defeat at the SCG. Adam Saad and Jesse Motlop are expected to return next week and reduce Carlton’s injury woes. "No, not going there, mate, not going there," Voss said when asked whether injuries could be used as an excuse for the Blues’ performance against the Swans. "We had a team out there that could get the job done. We've had some continuity with some important pieces with the guys out there. It presents some challenges but it's not insurmountable. "We could have got that job done and we didn't, so I don't want to go anywhere else."

Carlton's star mids need more support

Carlton made a blistering start against Sydney on Friday night as Patrick Cripps and Marc Pittonet fed Sam Walsh and their other runners to set up four early goals. But the Blues had few answers when the Swans' onballers responded and in ominous signs, trailed 22-5 for tackles at the first change. In the end, the Swans midfield ran too deep for the Blues, especially with James Jordon restricting Walsh to 20 disposals, his fewest in a full game since 2021. Cripps gathered 24 touches but wasn't able to have a huge impact and with Adam Cerra sidelined, the Blues' top-liners need more support from their next tier of midfielders if they are to match it with the premiership contenders. - Martin Pegan


B: 17 Brodie Kemp 23 Jacob Weitering 39 Alex Cincotta
HB: 22 Caleb Marchbank 11 Mitch McGovern 24 Nic Newman
C: 6 Zac Williams 9 Patrick Cripps (c) 13 Blake Acres
HF: 4 Ollie Hollands 12 Tom De Koning 20 Elijah Hollands
F: 10 Harry McKay 30 Charlie Curnow 44 Matt Owies
Ruck: 27 Marc Pittonet 18 Sam Walsh 7 Matt Kennedy
Interchange: 37 Jordan Boyd 29 George Hewett 14 Orazio Fantasia
19 Corey Durdin
Substitute: 16 Jack Carroll
Coach: Michael Voss
Emergencies: 2 Lachie Cowan 25 Jaxon Binns 33 Lewis Young

Substitute: Jack Carroll (replaced Jacob Weitering at half time).

In: Jack Carroll, Orazio Fantasia, Caleb Marchbank, Zac Williams
Out: Adam Cerra (hamstring), Matthew Cottrell (foot), Jack Martin (calf), Lachie Cowan (omitted).


Charlie Curnow broke legendary Carlton forward Harry "Soapy" Vallence's record of 56 consecutive games of kicking one goal or more, this was Charlie's 57th game in a row, hopefully with many more to come.

Interesting Facts

1. This was the Sir Doug Nicholls round and Carlton wore a jumper designed by an indigenous man Stewart James who is a cousin to Blues star Zac Williams.
2. This was the 57th game in a row that Charlie Curnow has kicked at least one goal during the match, the previous best by a Carlton player was 56 by the legendary Harry Vallence.
3. The final attendance of 44,047 was the equal-third highest home and away crowd at the venue, and the equal-fifth highest overall,

Front Runners

Oliver Hollands 15.6km
Blake Acres 15.2km
Elijah Hollands 15.1km
Brodie Kemp 14.6km


10 - Chad Warner (SYD)
8 - Isaac Heeney (SYD)
6 - Brodie Grundy (SYD)
4 - James Rowbottom (SYD)
1 - Errol Gulden (SYD)
1 - James Jordon (SYD)

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