1922 Reserves

Reserves Season 1922
Coach: TBD
Captain: Watson
Best & Fairest: TBD
Position: 7th
Premier: Collingwood

Note: Some players are wearing the regular Carlton guernsey. Harry Bell standing far right.
Rowley Faust seated third from right. Eric Humphrey standng second from left.

Reported as trying out with Carlton

Fraser, rover, (Mansfield) , McDonald, rover, (Wangaratta), Cruddon, rover, (Bunyip), Bolt (Brunswick Juniors captain), Deverall (Brunswick), Jack Cahill* (Brunswick), Grose, half back, (Maryborough), Bill/Bob? Green (brother of Jack Green Carlton captain), Leo, (St. Arnaud), Kemp, (Albion Juniors), Davis, follower, (Carlton Juniors), Grimblat, midfield, (Carlton Juniors), Inch, forward, (Carlton Juniors), Charlie Greenhill, ruck (Corryong), Humphery, forward, (Corryong), Clarrie Blackman (brother of Billy Blackman), Vernon Wright, (Brunswick), Nesbit, half forward, (Union Bank), Faust, halfback (Brunswick), Shaw, half back (Tasmania), Dillon, half forward, (Hawthorn Diggers), O'Shannesy, follower, (Sunbury), Holmes, rover, (Numurkah), Ern Cowley who played in 1919 resumed training - (Daily Herald (Adelaide) May 06 1922 p7)
E. G. Dingwell (Collingwood)

.* Jack Cahill decided to stay with Brunswick.


E. R. Baker (Collingwood, would be the 'Woods best senior player against Carlton, May 20)
Jobb cleared to Benalla (Benalla Standard June 02)

Practice Match, April 09

Due to the number of players engaged in cricket, on field numbers were reduced.
Blue v Blue & White
Blue team (15 named)
Johnson, Clowe, Truman, Wright, Bruce, Canet, Stephenson, Bickford, Clover, Wittman, Fisher, Downs, Martin, Hiskins, Sharp.
Blue & White team (15 named)
Welch, Die/Dee?, Blackman, Spendlove, J. Downs, Scanlon, Bromley, Dogkin/Daykin?, Duncan, Wyne, Morgan, Waterman, Dillon, Metcalfe, Soderbloom.
Half time; Blues 2.7.19 - 2.4.16
Final; Blues; 6.13.49 - 6.8.44
Goals: Blues; Fisher 2, Clover 2, Sharp, Bickford
Goals: B & W; Morgan 4, Bromley, Godkin

Practice Match, April 16

Blue v Blue & White
Blue team
Backs; Ewins, Fisher, kelly
Half backs; Clowe, Greenhill, Wright
Centres; Stephenson, Canet, Blackman
Half forwards; Bickford, Clover, Wittman
Forwards; Baker, Downes, Sharp
Followers; Martin, Crone
Rover; McLatchie

Blue & White team
Backs; Dee, Lockhart, Rogers
Half backs; Chappell, Blackman, Spendlove
Centres; Clowley, Scanlon, Waterman
Half forwards; O'Meara, Thorpe, Green
Forwards; Clark, Morgan, Daykin
Followers; Wizdell, Dillon
Rover; Duncan
Umpire; Antonio
Blue team won by 77points
Blue 17.15.117 - 5.10.40
Goals: Blues; Downes 7, Clover 5, McLatchie 3, Baker, Bickford
Goals: Blue & White; Daykin 2, Green 2, McIntyre

Practice Match, April 22

Crowd; 5,000
Teams captained by McLatchie and O'Brien
Some players were changed at half time.
Johnson, Jebb, Burke, Diverall, Dillon, Leo, Emerson, Kemp, Chandler, Wittman, Peterson were added to the teams in the second half.
Blue team;
Backs; O'Shannessy, Davis, Grose
Half backs; Wright, Duncan, Cahill
Centres; Bolt, W. Blackham, Raleigh
Half forwards; Smithson, Humphrey, Faust
Forwards; Fraser, Inch, McDonald
Followers; Boromeo, Toole
Rover; McLatchie (Capt)

Blue & White team;
Backs; Clowe, Martin, Tobie
Half backs; Hiskins, O'Brien (Capt), Shaw
Centres; Vicknall, Grimblatt, C. Blackman
Half forwards; Branden, Clover, Taylor
Forwards; Cruddon, Breen, Bayliss
Followers; Beasy, Greenhill
Rover; Diggle
Blue team won 10.14.74 - 7.11.53
Best recruits; Bolt (Brunswick Juniors), McDonald (Wangaratta), Grose (back), Cahill (half back Brunswick), Fraser, Greenhill, Shaw (half back Tasmania).
Old players; O'Brien, Boromeo, Duncan, Clover, Beasy

Carlton District v Brunswick, Practice match at Brunswick Park April 29

Carlton District team;
Backs; Exelby, J. Watson (Capt), L. Watson
Half backs; Henry, Gilbert, Hanbridge
Centre; Reid, Osborne, Soderbloom
Half forwards; Holbury, Hyde, Bozan
Forwards; Craig, Innis, Robertson
Followers; Fisher, Bond
Rover; Lyons
Carlton District lost; by 68 points
Carlton District 5.9.39 - 15.19. 107 (Half time 9.12 - 0.2.2)
Goals; Lewis 3, Rowe, Davis

Opening round of the season.

May 06
Carlton played Essendon
A close and exciting game.
Umpire; Porteous
Carlton lost by 12 points.
Carlton 10.6.66 - 11.12.78
Goals; Wilson 3, Ennis 2, Hill 2, Boyne, Robertson, Henry.

May 13
Carlton played Fitzroy
The result was in doubt right up until the final bell.
Carlton lost; 7.12.54 - 6.23.57
Goals; Ennis 5, Hill, Boyd
Best; Oak, Henry, Ennis, W. Nannell/Whannel?, Soderbloom, Chappel.
Ladder; Carlton ?, Played 2, Won 0, Lost 2, Drawn 0, Points 0

May 20
Carlton played Collingwood at Princes Park
Carlton lost; 8.9.57 - 13.16.94
Goals; Ennis 4, Hill 3, Redmond 1
Best: Watson, Doe, Robertson, Joyce
Ladder; Carlton ? Played 3, Won 0, Lost 3, Drawn 0, Points 0

May 27
Carlton played Melbourne on the MCG
The Blues were outplayed in all departments.
Carlton lost; 2.14.26 - 6.11.47 (Saturday's Herald had Carlton 3.4.26?)
Goals; unknown
Best; Davis, Watson, Redmond, Henry
Ladder; Carlton last (10th) Played 4, Won 0, Lost 4, Drawn 0, Points 0

June 03
Carlton played Leopold at Princes Park
Leopold held a 4 goal lead at quarter time. From then on, Carlton took control and never gave the opposition a look in.
Carlton won; 11.8.74 - 8.12.60
Goals; Hill 3, Davis 3, Ennis 2, Rowe 2, Chapple, Robertson
Best; Boyne, Soderbloom, Redmond, Faust, Oak
Ladder; Carlton ? Played 5, Won 1, Lost 4, Drawn 0, Points 4

June 10
Carlton District played St.Kilda District at St.Kilda (Junction Oval)
Both teams had a problem fielding 18 men.
Carlton took an early lead. The Saints played the better in the second half but were let down by their forwards.
Carlton won by 9 points
Carlton 8.5.53 - 5.14.44
Umpire Dwyer
Goals; Hill? 3, Rowe 2, Chapple, Robinson, Davis
Best; Faust, Oak, Dee, Davis, Chapple.

June 15 Thursday
The Argus (p11) reports Jimmy Goonan received a permit to transfer from Brunswick to Carlton.

June 17
Carlton played Geelong at Corio (Geelong) Oval
Crowd; 1,200
The ground was soft and the players had difficulty in handing the ball and keeping their feet.
Just after the first bounce Oke kicked the ball to Diverill who scored the first goal. At quarter time the Blues led 1.4 - 1.3
Geelong added 3 goals but the Blues responded by one to Chappell, Hill and then another by Chappell . The Blues scored a behind just before the bell. 4.4 - 4.5
Geelong had the better of the play during the third term but only adding 2 goals. Carlton's only goal for the quarter was the result of a beautiful kick by Oke. 5.6 - 6.11
The home side booted 4 goals, and ran Carlton off their feet, running out easy victors. 5.9 - 11.16
Carlton team;
Backs; Henry, Garvin, Bullen
Half backs; Dee, Redmond, Faust
Centre; Soderbloom, Watson (Capt), Whannell
Half forwards; Oke, Diverill, Bell
Forwards; Davis, Hill, Rowe
Followers; Murphy, Key
Rover; Chappell
Umpire; Connor
Carlton lost;
Carl; 1.4 4.4 5.6 5.9.39
Geel; 1.3 4.5 6.11 11.16.82
Goals; Chappell 2, Diverill, Hill, Oke
Best; Dee, Faust, Soderbloom, Diverill, Chappell, Bell, Oke
Players mentioned; Oke, Diverill, Rowe, Chappell, Bell, Murphy, Hill, Faust, Soderbloom.
(Match details Geelong Advert. June 19 p2)

June 24
Carlton played Richmond at Princes Park
A good crowd attended.
Shaw a champion half back from Tasmania plus Deverall and Credlin played.
The Argus said it was one of the best games of junior football played on the Carlton ground.
"Carlton opened with four goals but Richmond ran to within a few points at the third change.
Carlton again increased their lead, mainly to the good football of Wilson (following) and Shaw."
Richmond could not get past the Carlton half back line of Dee, Shaw, and Faust in the last term.
Umpire; Jury
Carlton won by 14 points
Carlton 9.13.67 - 7.11.53
Goals; Wilson 3, Hill 2, Key, Dee, Chapple, Watson
Best; Shaw (BOG), Wilson, Faust, Dee, Peterson, Hill, Haley.
Carlton seventh, Won 3, Lost 5, 12 points.

July 01
Carlton played Coburg
A large crowd attended.
The Blues fielded a weakened team with many players away with the senior team in Wangaratta.
Scores were almost even at half time. In the second half the game became very rough, along with a crowd invasion
Despite Coburg being one player short for part of the match they still won easily..
Carlton lost by 50 points.
Carlton 3.16.34 - 13.6.84
Goals; Watson 2, Craig, Hill.
Best; Haley, Davis, Hill, Dee, Faust, Watson, Rowe
Carlton seventh, 12 points

July 08
Carlton District and St.Kilda Juniors played the curtain raiser starting 12.45pm. to the State game Victoria v South Australia on the MCG.
After school matches during the week and this game, the ground was a quagmire for the Inter State contest.
St. Kilda was held goal-less after half time.
Carlton team;
Backs; Davis, Watson, Henry
Half backs; Dee (Capt), Shaw, Petersen
Centre; Soderbloom, Haly, Whannell
Half forwards; Bell, Humphries, Faust
Forwards; Bond, Hill, Rowe
Followers; Credlin, Pullin
Rover; Chappell
Umpire; Harvey
Carlton won by 47 points
Carlton 9.16.70 - 2.11.23
Goals; Hill 3, Chappell 2, Faust, Bell, Humphries, Credlin
Best; Hill, infact the whole team played well.

July 15
Carlton District played Essendon Juniors at Essendon
A good and exciting game, although Essendon held a three goal lead at three quarter time. The Blues had evened the score with five minutes to go.
Both teams attacked in the dying minutes but the back lines held firm.
Carlton drew the game.
Carlton 8.7.55 - 7.13.55
Umpire; Jury
Goals; Hill 2, Chappell 2, Bell 2, McDonald and Credlin
Best; Chappell, Key, Rowe and Faust.
Ladder; Carlton 7th of 10 team comp. with 20 points

Other matches this week, Fitzroy Jnrs v St.Kilda at St.Kilda, Richmond v Collingwood at Richmond, Leopold v Melbourne Jnrs at South Melbourne, and Coburg v Geelong at Coburg. (Herald Friday)
In light of the above and of a photograph of the 1922 Carlton District team (found Feb 2022) in which some players are seen wearing the Carlton mongramme and others the Carlton District's own, this seems to confirm the Carlton District is still the Carlton reserves team.

Age July 17 p5

July 22
Carlton played Fitzroy
"Carlton District played Fitzroy in the presence of a fair crowd. Carlton included Inch, Humphery and Metcalfe.
The team elected J. Dee captain prior to the match, and it was a popular selection." (Age July 24)
Carl; 5.?
Fitz; 0.1
Carlton won 9.4 - 6.11
Goals; Hill 2, Inch 2, Humphery 2, Chapple 2, Rowe.
Best; Keys following (who stood out from a very even side), Chapple roving.
Carlton sixth, 26 points

July 29
Carlton played Collingwood at Victoria Park?
Fast open game with plenty of high marking.
Only Carlton player mentioned in The Age is Searle
Carlton lost 7.11.53 - 13.14.92

August 05
Carlton played Melbourne at Carlton.
A fair crowd attended.
The Blues fielded a few new players.
Umpire; Harvey
Carlton won by 15 points
Carlton 8.10.58 - 6.7.43
Best; Henry, Bell, Keys, Rowe (BOG).
Goals; Bell 3, Dacey, Nolan, Craig, Deverall, Chapple.

Age August 07

August 12
No Carlton games. Only two games played.
Coburg played Fitzroy.
Leopold played Richmond on the MCG as a curtain raiser to the interstate match
Carlton seventh, 30 points

August 19
Carlton played Leopold at the Lake Oval
Leoplold got out to an early lead, led by two goals at half time, which it retained..
This loss put any hopes of reaching the final four out of the Blues' grasp.
Umpire; Jurry
Carlton District lost by 14 points
Carlton Dist -- 3.6 -- 7.8.50
Leopold -- 5.6 -- 9.10.64
Goals; Robinson 2, Wright, Chapple, Bond, Nolan, Key
Best; Nolan, Key Wright, Dacey
Carlton seventh, 26 points

August 26
No Carlton or St.Kilda details. There are ten clubs in the competition and there are details of four games.
Both teams had played the curtain raiser to the interstate match on July 08 when no other Reserves games were played.
The Ladder published in Monday's Age has all teams now having played 15 games,
Carlton won 7, Lost 7, Drawn 1, 30 points. The Blues are seventh,.

September 02
Carlton played Geelong
Carlton lost by 1 point virtually on the final bell..
Carlton 7.5.47 - 6.12.48
Goals; Bell 3, Rowe 3, Craig
Best; Faust, Watson, Bell, Henry, Wright, Dee, Humphreys
Carlton seventh, 30 points.

September 09
Carlton played Richmond
In front of a fair crowd, Richmond led throughout.
Carlton lost by 20 points
Carlton 7.9.51 -10.11.71
Goals; Keys 2, Chapple 2, Bell, Craig, Exelby
Best; Watson, Henry, Faust, Robertson, Keys, Exelby

September 16
Final match of the season.
Carlton played Coburg at Coburg
Umpire; Jury
Carlton won by 13 points
Carlton 7.11.53 - 5.10.40
Goals; Bell 5, Roberts, Keogh
Best; Watson, Bell, Faust, Dee, Keys

Carlton seventh. Played 18, Won 9, Lost 8, Drawn 1, 34 points

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