1888 Charity Games        

1888 Charity Games

March 31 Easter Saturday
Carlton played Port Melbourne at the M.C.G.
This was a benefit match for English cricketer W. Bates who was injured and disabled during the England's team tour.
Crowd; 15,000.
Admission; 6d (5c) Stand, 1s (10c) extra.
The weather was perfect for football, and the ground was in good condition.
Carlton captained by Leydin and Port Melbourne by William 'Billy' Hannaysee
Goer returned from Sydney where he had been captain of the Sydney football team.
The Blues won the toss and kicked to the northern end.
At quarter time the Blues looked like the better side, but a sudden, decisive change to the game occurred at the start of the second quarter, and from then on Port played the better football.
After half time, The Blues were disadvantaged and played with 19 men as Smith was ill.
Games were played with 20 players per side on the ground, no subsitutes or interchange were allowed once the match commenced.
(A team could start the game with less than 20 on the ground and the numbers could be added if the players were late.)
Carlton team; (24 named)
Berry, Batters, Crapp, Cook, C. Coulson, Coles, Carroll, Goer, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Leydin, Moloney, Munro, McKechnie, McInerney, Newton, Robertson, Smith, Strickland, White, Worrall, Whelan.
Umpire; J. Welsford.
Carlton lost;
Quarter by quarter scores;
Carl. 2.4 2.6 3.9 3.11
Port. 0.0 4.2 4.5 5.12
Goals; White, Whelan, Gellatly.
Players mentioned; (11) Leydin, Whelan, Goer, Strickland, White, McInerney, Smith, Gellatly, Worrall, Jones, Maloney.
Best; Worroll, Leydin, White, Maloney, Jones.

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